Mobile apps for news reporting


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I gave this presentation Aug. 28, 2013, to Online Media Campus... a partnership of the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association, the Iowa Newspaper Foundation and press associations throughout the United States and Canada.

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Mobile apps for news reporting

  1. 1. Apps for News Reporting Chris Snider |
  2. 2. Word Processing
  3. 3. Quip What it does: Collaborative word processor and messaging system. Works on all devices. Use it for: Collaborating on articles or projects. Cost: Free ... Apple and Android
  4. 4. iA Writer Cost: $.99 for iPad/iPhone $4.99 for Mac ... Apple only What it does: Distraction-free writing for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Use it for: Writing.
  5. 5. Pages What it does: Powerful word processor. Use it for: Design and write and upload to the Cloud. Edit from any device. Cost: $9.99 ... Apple
  6. 6. Photography
  7. 7. Pro Camera What it does: Powerful camera for stills and video. Use it for: Fast photos, more control over focus, exposure. Cost: $4.99 ... Apple only
  8. 8. Camera Zoom FX What it does: Powerful camera for Android. Use it for: More control over focus, exposure, editing. Cost: $2.99 ... Android only
  9. 9. Camera+ / Awesome What they do: Give you more control over focus/exposure. Advanced editing tools Use it for: Photography, Video (Awesome). Cost: $1.99 (Plus) Free (Awesome) ... Apple only.
  10. 10. Fast Burst Camera What it does: Take fast photos (up to 30 photos per second). Use it for: Action. Cost: $1.99 ... Android
  11. 11. Panorama 360 What it does: Take 360-degree panorama photos. Use it for: Show wider area than camera will show. Cost: Free ... Android only.
  12. 12. Photo Editing
  13. 13. Snapseed What it does: Photo editor. Use it for: Crop, straighten, adjust your photos. Cost: Free ... Apple and Android
  14. 14. Filterstorm Pro What it does: Photo editor. Use it for: Layers, curves manipulation, color correction abilities, noise reduction, sharpening, black and white conversion fine-tuning. Cost: $14.99 or $3.99 ... iPad and iPhone
  15. 15. Photoshop Express What it does: Brings Photoshop tools from desktop to mobile. Use it for: Editing photos. Photoshop Touch is more advanced. Cost: Free to $9.99 ... Apple and Android
  16. 16. Adding text to photos • Over (Apple) $1.99 • PicLab (Apple) Free
  17. 17. Video
  18. 18. iMovie What it does: Edit your videos together on iPhone or iPad. Use it for: Creating stories from multiple videos, or adding text to videos. Cost: $4.99 ... Apple
  19. 19. Videolicious What it does: Adds voiceover to videos/photos. Use it for: Telling a story through your own voice using visuals. Cost: Free ... Apple
  20. 20. 1secondeveryday What it does: Puts together one-second videos. Use it for: Showing something changing over time, or a snapshot into your job/life over time. Cost: $.99 ... Apple and Android
  21. 21. MixBit What it does: Powerful video editor from YouTube founders - allows you to share videos with others. Use it for: Collaborating on videos, or just creating nice videos. Cost: Free ... Apple and Android (coming soon)
  22. 22. Voddio What it does: Professional grade video and audio editor. Use it for: All-in-one editing. Cost: Free ... Apple
  23. 23. Audio
  24. 24. Audio Memos What it does: Records audio. Use it for: Longer audio recording than Voice Memo. Cost: $.99 ... Apple
  25. 25. AudioBoo What it does: Records and uploads audio to be shared, embedded on website. Use it for: All-in-one audio gathering/editing and listening. Cost: Free ... Apple and Android
  26. 26. Heard What it does: Constantly records and saves last 12 seconds to 5 minutes of audio. Use it for: If you don’t want to record everything, but might be something worthwhile. Cost: Free - $1.99 ... Apple now, Android coming
  27. 27. Productivity
  28. 28. Productivity • Jotnot - PDFs of receipts, fax, password protect ($.99) • Asana - collaborative To Do lists (Free) • Fantastical calendar for iPhone ($4.99) • Agenda Calendar for Android ($1.99) • Flipboard - All your streams (news/social media) in one place (Free)
  29. 29. Productivity • Evernote (capture anything, access anywhere) • Google Drive • To do lists (both) • Remember the milk (limited version free) • Clear ($.99) • Checkmark ($4.99)
  30. 30. Misc. • Police Scanner 5.0 (both; free) • Dropbox (both, free) • Amazon Cloud (both, free) • My Analytics (Apple, free) • AP Style Book (Apple, $24.99) • Prey Anti-theft (both, free)
  31. 31. Social Media • Banjo - see what’s being shared around you (both, free) • Facebook Pages app (both, free) • Hootsuite (both, free) • Wordpress (both, free) • Twitter app (both, free)
  32. 32. Thank You Chris Snider |