5 tips for great photos


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5 tips for great photography. Photos in this presentation are copyright and used here for educational purposes.

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5 tips for great photos

  1. 1. 5 basics of taking great photos JMC59 | Fall 2008 | Chris Snider All photos are copyright and used here for educational purposes only
  2. 2. 5 tools all great photographers use •Light •Composition •Portraiture •Action •Moment
  3. 3. Light • Light has four properties: quantity, quality, direction and color. • A successful photographer can discern between front light and back light. • Shoot in the first and last two hours of daylight because of the direction and warmth of the sunlight. • Cloudy days allow you to shoot during all daylight hours, because the clouds diffuse the light. • Color of light is controlled by the source: daylight, incandescent and fluorescent are the three main sources (flash is basically the color of the sun). You likely can compensate for these on your camera.
  4. 4. Front light