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Altura Corporate Identity Transform Your Thinking


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The first issue of "Transform Your Thinking" on the subject of Corporate Identity and Values.

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Altura Corporate Identity Transform Your Thinking

  1. 1. NSFOR altura corporate and brand identity RAyour M Most of the work undertaken is driven by change such as growth through T acquisition, de-merger, repositioning, new culture, new products and thinking! services. Clients are in the aerospace, industrial, manufacturing, financial and service sectors. Transform your thinking brings together thought provoking articles on corporate identity. e: A well managed Corporate identity programme is not just about the design of a logo or symbol. Before you can begin to visually express the Corporate identity you will need to build the right Foundations - at the heart of these are: Core values, Customer value proposition, Substantiators (for the customer value proposition), Personality, Essence, identity architecture. o n ssi Corporate Identity: pre ex • ensures an image consistent with the organisation’s defining ethos, character and values, DRIVEvisual VALUES • provides the visual cohesion to ensure that all corporate communications are coherent with each other, address and be relevant to all • presents a sense of individuality that stakeholders. Realism should guide can help to differentiate the Why? your judgment in writing a statement of organisation within its competitive values. To base the statement on what environment, Values are specific and unambiguous. we are currently confidently capable • is a powerful means of integrating the They are: of is the wiser starting point. To allow many disciplines and activities • fundamental - the DNA of an values to be hijacked by hyperbole will essential to an organisation’s success. organisation, devalue them. Any values that are • helps an organisation to build • with the organisation for the long term, written to inspire us to reach new understanding and commitment • the guiding principles that cause heights should have committed among its diverse stakeholders, people, who represent the resources behind them. • is a powerful means of integrating the organisation, to think and behave in many disciplines and activities certain ways, For values to stick and become essential to an organization’s success. • not the same as vision or mission as actionable and to make a difference, • attracts, retains customers and they enable vision, mission and goals they must be translated into specific employees to be achieved. responses to known issues and • helps achieve strategic alliances, requirements in your business. Clarity gains the support of financial markets If Values are the DNA then they should in this translation from the principle to and generates a sense of direction absolutely drive the visual expression in the actionable is vital to success with and purpose. part or as a whole. values. If, for example, a company states that a key value is to always If Values are the DNA that drives the Values are not internal or external - they deliver on its promises, then it must organisation and Corporate identity are relevant to everyone who has a go on to clarify what qualities in people, ensures an image consistent with the relationship with the business. A set of what policies, processes, disciplines organisation’s defining ethos, character values should cover all stakeholders. and skills ensure that promises are and values, it is clear that the Visual Not each value must do this, but the set made very carefully and that delivery expression of the Corporate identity of values taken as a whole, should will be reliable every time. must reflect the values wholly or in part. ...Corporate identity ensures an image consistent with the organisation’s Chris Smosarski, creative partner ,alturadefining ethos, character Chris is an independent corporate and brand identity designer. Most of the work undertaken is driven by change such as growth through acquisition, de-merger, and values, ... repositioning, new culture, new products and services. altura builds brands through corporate and brand identity programmes. Clients are in the aerospace, industrial, manufacturing, financial and service sectors. published by altura corporate and brand identity © 36 sebright road, high barnet, herts en5 4hl
  2. 2. NSFOR RAyour VALUES M T thinking! In a world where companies are changing their nature faster than ever, through take over’s, mergers and sell outs; in a world where a mother company can have several businesses that have little or no connection with each other, simply held together by a holding; how can a company keep its employees aligned, motivated, clear about their roles and about their future? The answer is: Values also give rise to Value both For Values to work there are a few by Common Values. internally and externally. More and more simple rules: stakeholders are only willing to work Values must be seen to be a priority Values are the glue and the umbrella with or invest in companies that have for Leaders. under which employees can find their values and principles that are both The workforce must be part of the place and where they can test their acceptable and shared. An informed discussion. comfort in belonging to a company. public when presented with a choice Values must be seen as having a of products will buy a product from a higher purpose as opposed to current People need: company it respects before a company tasks • to believe in what they are doing, that it doesn’t trust. Values are part of the Company’s to do it well. brand • to “belong” to be “disciples“ A company that has strong Values is a Values must be clear simple and of a common cause. company that is strong and unified. It is explicit; milestones that people can turn a company that is better able to accept to when difficulties or controversy hit In a world where States are becoming the violent changes from outside and the company. less important than Corporations, to remain strong in addressing these They act as a control system against adhering to the principles of that problems. violations, excesses or veering off corporation becomes essential to the course. wellbeing of the employees. Where Values are driven by the Values should be tested regularly in the leaders of companies and discussed light of change. Values are not soft issues. and shared with employees, these Values are aspirational, signaling long The understanding and acceptance companies are the ones where the term intentions that guide thinking about of Corporate Values gives rise to employees feel part of and where trust the future. clarity, efficiency, speed and reactivity in top management is stronger. The Values are “The” key cornerstone to to change. Change is easier to accept application of these values enhance a company’s long term success. They if you have confidence in the accountability, collaboration and give a shared purpose, reinforce organization and its beliefs. If I have initiative of employees. Common Vision teamwork and collaboration, help faith, I will accept the unknown. If I don’t and common Processes are easier to people decide and to do the right things, I will look for security and guarantees have in companies that have common speed up the decisional process, take before committing myself. Values. out fear and unlock creative potential. ...Values are “The” key cornerstone to John Purcell O’Dwyer: Transformation specialist FIOS INternationala company’s long BL. FRSA is a Specialist in the area of “Transformation” and a Senior Coach. He has 30 years experience with leading International companies, American, term success... Anglo‐Saxon, French, Italian and Asian, in the areas of Change management, Culture, Innovation, Leadership and Quality. He has worked with companies in FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Chemistry, AG‐Chemicals and Natural Resources. For 20 years he has worked at Management committee and Board level. He is multi lingual, multi cultural and has a passion for all things human with a belief that this is the last frontier to tap into profit not yet attained. published by altura corporate and brand identity © 36 sebright road, high barnet, herts en5 4hl
  3. 3. NSFOR ...values should form the RAyour M common thread T for all yourdecision making processes. thinking!If you spoke to anyone and asked them what they valued in life, they’d probably be able to reeloff a number of items that were important to them. And if you delved deeper, you’d find thatit was their values they held close to their heart that drove their decision making and helpedthem be the person they were. And this is exactly the same in business. XWhen an organisation takes time to NOT JUST A everyone is clear of how the values VALUESdefine its values it’s making a will drive expectations of attitudes andstatement of what it holds important and behaviours, outlining any T ICKhow it wants to be perceived in the way consequencesit does business. I remember having to coach a memberBut some organisations see the creation of a senior team as they were continuallyof values as a tick box exercise. They providing mixed messages to their ownhave an away day and sit around thetable deciding what feels right and then IN THE BOX team – they were passionate about the values, but the way they acted wasn’t inhave a launch back into the business to crystal clear about how you want to any way congruentintroduce them. The words get be perceived as an organisation both 6 Monitor and communicate quick winsscattered into internal and external internally and externally – find case studies of people doingliterature without any real process to 2 Involve a cross section of people from the right things as sometimes we needembed them which ends up with the business who can become examples of what good looks like.everyone having their own interpretation champions and role model the values,of what they mean. 3 Test the values with rigor so that you On a final note, when you introduce understand how other people interpret values to your organisation they shouldAnd when individuals are challenged them – this should be done with internal form the common thread for all yourby either their manager or a customer and external customers decision making processes.that they’re not living the values of the 4 Map out how the values will link intoorganisation, they don’t really know business processes to ensure If you’ve thought about your values longhow to react. So don’t let that be your congruency in everything you do, and hard before introducing them, thenorganisation. If you’re serious about especially internal and external it will feel entirely right to have them atcreating values that will make sure customer facing ones such as the centre of all your’ve done your homework. The list performance management andbelow provides you with a guide of what complaint handling If you find you’re making exceptionsyou need to do: 5 Roll out to the business with from time to time, you may find that one1 It’s vitally important that you are awareness sessions so that of your values needs rethinking! Jane Hirst - People specialist Jane Hirst has a real energy and enthusiasm for working with people and truly believes that a business achieves its potential through its staff. Having led Operational areas as well as Learning and Development, Culture and Internal Communications, Jane has not only experienced what makes people tick, but has used this knowledge to enable them to become more self aware fostering their own resourcefulness and resilience throughout the process. When not in consultancy mode, she writes and facilitates bespoke workshops to help develop your people achieve results in an interactive, energetic and fun way using tools and techniques that can be used as soon as they get back to the work place. When people work with Jane, they know what it is to live the brand .... they get to understand what the customer expects of them and find their own special way to bring it to life. published by altura corporate and brand identity © 36 sebright road, high barnet, herts en5 4hl
  4. 4. IDENTITY lu e, NSFOR RAyour should add va M T notcos thinking! t e: m: +44 (0)7768 927 427 For leading companies around the world, expansion comes generally through a combination of organic growth and multiple acquisitions? Whilst the expansion strategy can be extremely successful, lack of attention to the global structure and unchecked growth in isolationism and silo mentality can lead to regionalisation, with smaller and less well established operations unable to leverage the success of their bigger and better established brothers. This was the case for BPB, the world’s developed throughout the group adopted and supported by local leading gypsum company. BPB had operations in 50-plus countries. There personnel around the world, who grown by acquisition, over a period was no unifying theme – customers, welcomed the professional imagery and of several decades, to become UK even in the same country, would have feeling of belonging to a global ’family’. market leader, European market leader no idea of the global infrastructure It also helped to build presence for the and eventually global market leader and expertise supporting their local newer operations in emerging countries, in its sector. The company remained, supplier(s). enabling them to maximise their however, highly regionalised, and whilst advertising and promotional budgets it was enjoying success in its traditional Global identity set the stage through joint initiatives, and to leverage markets, companies in the strategically With the launch of the Group’s new group strength in other markets. important emerging markets were global identity in 1996, all of that finding it hard to leverage the success changed. But it was not simply in the Perhaps more importantly, the new of their established counterparts. company’s external image that benefits imagery was introduced into key areas, were felt. Before Altura even began to such as literature and packaging, Major change needed consider designs, worldwide enabling products from different In an increasingly global industry, with presentations and discussions took countries to sit comfortably alongside competition growing, particularly from place, with each individual company each other on supplier shelves, and Europe and the USA, it had become buying in to the global concept. This set giving greater supply chain flexibility clear that major change was necessary the stage for a new era of conversation and price stability, in what were to keep the organisation on track. In the and co-operation that was to eventually previously competitive markets. late 1990’s therefore, the board ordered lead to the concept of a single global a review of global corporate identity as brand – albeit following the Group’s At the end of the day, the new identity the first stage in a programme designed acquisition by Saint-Gobain. was not just a whim; it was part of a to unify and strengthen the global carefully researched and executed organisation. Altura’s new global identity cleverly strategy that added value and helped combined the BPB identity with that of to facilitate the move to a truly global With no defined global structure or the local company, retaining local links structure and enabled BPB to retain its identity guidelines for new acquisitions, and company names within a much market leading position in the face of a mish-mash of individual identities had more powerful global imagery. It was strong competition. ...carefully researched and executed strategy Paul Smith - founder Smith PRthat added value... Paul has more than 35 years experience managing advertising and communications within major international companies in the construction products and electrical components industries. He has a very wide experience at every level, from supporting new business launches to handling major corporate events and crises. He has also been responsible for developing and managing corporate dentity in an FT 100 company, including roll-out in more than 60 countries. He has run his own PR Company for a number of years, working for clients in the UK, UAE, Switzerland, France, Spain and Germany. published by altura corporate and brand identity © 36 sebright road, high barnet, herts en5 4hl