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Altura Corporate Identity Presentation


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Powerpoint version of the Altura presentation including process and examples of work

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Altura Corporate Identity Presentation

  1. 1. altura corporate and brand identityHow do you get everyone in thecompany to pull together?
  2. 2. altura corporate and brand identityTake control of yourcorporate identityor brand identity
  3. 3. The goal is clearestablish:• who you are,• where you are going,• what makes you different,then communicate and visually express with consistency
  4. 4. By taking control you will see• increased awareness and understanding by customers• internal alignment and buy-in from employees• people feeling and behaving in the same way
  5. 5. Corporate identity can• support a complete turnaround strategy• rejuvenate and increase cross selling opportunities• add value and up the share price• integrate acquired companies quickly & change culture• respond to competitive pressures & marketplace changes• prepare for social change in the future
  6. 6. Why companies use usbecause of change & because we deliver• acquisition, demerger,• re-organisation, culture, IPO, buy-out• new product/service development• repositioning & because we deliver
  7. 7. Who we work for• aerospace, industry, manufacturing, building supplies, engineering, finance, service sectors• young specialists like Umeco plc• global names like Sodexo & Saint-Gobain• mix of national, global & start ups
  8. 8. The difference we make• how you look, feel & behave to all stakeholders is made consistent• we look at every point of customer contact:• from stationery to signage, from print to digital channels• from packaging to livery• to help differentiate you from the competition
  9. 9. Our process• Phase 1: research, audit and architecture• Phase 2: design concepts• Phase 3: design development• Phase 4: master artwork• Phase 5: implementation• Phase 6: launch and ongoing communications• Phase 7: post launch evaluation
  10. 10. Our processPhase 1 Research, audit, brand foundations, architecture• research – internal and external• visual audit• Brand Foundations© Core values• what are the principles that guide• your attitudes and behaviour? Customer value proposition• customers?• their needs and problems?• what can you offer them?• costs and benefits?• is your offer different/unique?
  11. 11. Our processSubstantiators• what do you need to support the value proposition?• structure, skills, technologies, assets, know how, geographyPersonality• what is your style, ethos, way of seeing and doing things?• what are the feelings people get from their relationship with you?Brand essence• what are the one or two words that capture the key benefit that the brand promises to deliverBrand architecture• design the brand architecture
  12. 12. Our processPhase 2 Design concepts• create a variety of visual concepts for the brand identity• Illustrate how the concepts would work with a division, subsidiary company, strapline/descriptor• Illustrate how these concepts work on a selected range of applications• test concepts if appropriatePhase 3 Design development• following selection of one concept we will fine tune the selected option• produce final detailed designs of the brand identity• illustrate how the final detailed design of the brand identity works on a selected range of applicationsPhase 4 Master artwork of the brand identity• convert the visuals to artwork and prepare master artwork• produce the relevant files
  13. 13. Our processPhase 5 Implementation• design all applications for the guidelines• printed or on-line guidelines or both• manage help desk if requiredPhase 6 Launch and communications• create all launch collateral• communications campaignPhase 7: Post launch evaluation• internal and external• undertake research to establish the impact of the new identity• evaluate the implementation of the new identity
  14. 14. Our experience Industry/Manufacturing Ashland Inc BPB plc including British Gypsum
Faber Blinds
Fenner plc
Gypsum Recycling International
Low & Bonar plc
Lucy Lighting
Staveley Industries plc
 Services Action Consulting
Flour Power City Bakery
Broughton Healthcare
Business Co- Pilot
Tillery Valley
iPP - In tegrated Pathology PartnershipsAerospace & DefenceApollo Aerospace Components
BBA TelecommunicationsAviation plc
Ontario Airports Nortel
BT plcInvestments
Umeco plcFinancialEagle Star
Gulf Bank Kuwait
National Commercial Bank,Saudi Arabia
Scottish Widows
  15. 15. Ontario Airports Investments• to create a new brand identity for the point of completion of the acquisition• to develop concepts and artwork for the new brand identity in 10 days• to produce business cards and letterhead for day 1 of business trading
  16. 16. • Terreal were bought by a Private equity company• New strategy for major growth• Existing identity lacked clarity in hardworking merchant environments
  17. 17. Umeco plcThe old disparatebrand identity:groupdivisionssubsidiary companiesservices
  18. 18. Chief Executive, Clive SnowdonUmeco plc “the new corporate identity which we created is a really finely judged way of saying that what we do is about Innovation and stretching performance. But there’s a restraint in it too – nothing flamboyant. I believe it’s Superb. Unmistakable. World class”.Communicating strategyThere is now a unifying theme for thegroup as a whole, focusing on Umecoand its 3 divisions, but allowing theflexibility to retain existing brand names.The divisions carry the divisionaldescriptor and the subsidiarycompanies carry the group anddivisional descriptor - raising the profileof the group.
  19. 19. Umeco plcCommunicating strategyThe unified group corporate identity. Onlyone subsidiary, for commercial reasons, hasretained their existing identity colours.
  20. 20. Umeco plcCommunicating strategyThe rollout of the identity wasfast-track - we designed anonline guidelines manual anddownloads site for instant accessto logotypes, artwork andtemplates.“These have proved to beenormously practical tools thathave helped the companiesmake the transition withminimum pain”.
  21. 21. Umeco plcCommunicating strategyIn addition to the guidelines anddownloads we also providedsupport in the form of a hotlinefor the initial implementationstage, as well as designingbrochures, advertisements,website, presentations andother materials for the launch.
  22. 22. Umeco plcComponents divisionStrategic repositioning of adivision – Umeco componentsSoon after the introduction of thenew group brand identity Umecosold it’s Repair and Overhauldivision to focus on supply-chainmanagement and advancedcomposite materials. This led to areview of the components divisionwhich specialised in supply-chainmanagement.
  23. 23. Umeco plcComponents divisionStrategic repositioningof a divisionBy creating many different options forservice branding including the name ofthe division and the service brands wewere able to contribute to the strategicthinking process. The result led to arestructuring of the companies in theUmeco Components division into oneglobal brand, Pattonair, with threedistinct service brands.
  24. 24. BPB plcTheir corporate identity not keepingpace with the strategy.BPB has a portfolio full of disparatesubsidiary company identitities.Global identity developed to reflectvision to become a global leader
  25. 25. BPB plcacquired by Saint-GobainBPB plc were acquired in a hostiletakeover by Saint-Gobain. Postacquisition a regional brand strategywas created with a vision to developone global brand. Gyproc
  26. 26. Apollo Aerospace ComponentsThe old apollo visual identityRe-positioning to align to new visionand business strategy
apollo was an established company inthe aerospace and defence markets.New senior executive managementundertook a major change programmewith a focused vision and businessstrategy.
  27. 27. Apollo Aerospace ComponentsSupporting international expansion
The new positioning and corporateidentity was highly successful insignaling major change at apollo.The next phase is expansion into Polandand India.
  28. 28. Tillery Valley Foods• a Sodexo company• brand repositioning• new name and brand identity
  29. 29. • a Sodexo/Labco joint venture company• brand positioning and customer value proposition• new name and brand identity
  30. 30. BBA Aviation plc• BBA Aviation plc• Demerger of non-core business• New name and brand identity
  31. 31. Scottish WidowsIn 1986, the world of financial services was changing and becoming more competitive.Our response was to review every aspect of our business, including how our company waspromoted and our values maintained.This strategy was, at the time, probably the boldest marketing move the financial market hadever seen. The Scottish Widow was created as an icon that confronted all the negative valuesassociated with the word ‘widow’ and presented the positive values – strength, reliability,integrity, innovation and heritage.
  32. 32. Chris Smosarski• An independent corporate and brand identity designer.• BA Hons in Communication design and a distinction in Advanced typography from the London College of Communication (Printing).• Chris studied the highly disciplined and structured Swiss School of typography under the guidance of Brian Grimley.• Most of the work undertaken by Chris is driven by change such as growth through acquisition, de-merger, repositioning, rationalisation, new culture, new products and services. Chris helps companies build their brands by developing brand design strategies. Clients are mainly b2b and operate in the aerospace, industrial, manufacturing, financial and service sectors.• A huge rugby fan who supports his beloved country Wales with a huge passion, runs, does Iyengar yoga and his favourate typographer was Jan Tschichold and painter is Bridget Riley.
  33. 33. Partners• Fios International change management & transformation specialists - Ireland, Spain, France, China, Canada, USA• Circle Research market research• Smith PR copywriting and all things PR• Lang Communications copywriting/tone-of-voice• Peter Parker website build
  34. 34. Fees and costsStrategy• £1,250 per dayDesign• £1,000 per dayBought-in costs• All bought-in costs subject to industry standard 17.5% handling charge