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Altura Brand Presentation


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A powerpoint presentation on altura and what it does, who it does it for.

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Altura Brand Presentation

  1. 1. How do you get everyone in thecompany to pull together?
  2. 2. By taking control of yourcorporate and brand identity
  3. 3. The goal is clear• Define, visually express and communicate: who you are, what you do, how you do it, where you are going, why you are different.
  4. 4. Corporate identity can help you:• Support a complete turnaround strategy• Rejuvenate and get everyone to pull together• Increase cross selling opportunities• Add value to the company and up the share price• Integrate newly acquire companies• Change culture following acquisition• Integrate acquired companies quickly• Respond to competitive pressures and market change• Prepare for social change in the future
  5. 5. Why companies use us• Our clients are undergoing change such as:• growth through acquisition, de-merger, culture change or new product and service development.• our corporate and brand identity techniques help to make change positive.• by a powerful combination of strategy and visual expression,• we help clients navigate through the challenges of change and transform the way that customers and other stakeholders see their businesses• we help clients minimise threats & maximise new opportunities.
  6. 6. Who we work for• mainly B2B businesses• aerospace, industry, manufacturing, building supplies engineering, finance, service sectors• young specialists like Umeco plc• global names like Sodexo & Saint-Gobain• mix of national, global & start ups• proven record of managing and implementing identity programmes for world leading companies.
  7. 7. The difference we make• how you look, feel & behave and communicate to all stakeholders is made consistent• we look at every point of contact with your audiences:• from stationery to literature• from websites to advertising to presentations• from displays to signage to livery• from packaging to products
  8. 8. Stages of work• The basic stages of an identity programme are:• Stage 1: Investigation, analysis & recommendations• Stage 2: Developing the identity - vision • values • architecture • design• Stage 3: Launch and introduction – communicating the vision • values • the identity• Stage 4: Implementation – making it happen• Stage 5: Ongoing communications
  9. 9. FeesActivity Daily rateStrategy £1,500.00Corporate design £1,000.00General design £850.00All bought in costs are subject to the industry standardhandling charge of 17.5%.Market research and all other outside agency costswill be quoted on a project basis.
  10. 10. • BPB plc• identity not keeping pace with the strategy• portfolio full of disparate brands• global identity developed
  11. 11. • Post acquisition by Saint-Gobain• Regional brand strategy• Future: one global brand Gyproc
  12. 12. Umeco plcThe old disparatebrand identity:groupdivisionssubsidiary companiesservicesUmeco plcCase study
  13. 13. Communicating strategy In the words of the Chief Executive, the new brand identity which we created “is a really finely judged way of saying that what we do is about Innovation and stretching performance. But there’s a restraint in it too - nothing flamboyant. I believe it’s superb. Unmistakable. World class”Umeco plcCase study
  14. 14. Communicating strategy There is now a unifying theme for the group as a whole, focusing on Umeco and its 3 divisions, but Allowing the flexibility to retain existing brand names. The divisions carry the divisional descriptor and the subsidiary companies carry the group and divisional descriptor - raising the profile of the group.Umeco plcCase study
  15. 15. Communicating strategy The unified group brand identity. Only one subsidiary, for commercial reasons, has retained their existing brand colours.Umeco plcCase study
  16. 16. Communicating strategy The rollout of the identity was fast-track - we designed an online guidelines manual and downloads site for instant access to logotypes, artwork and templates. “These have proved to be enormously practical tools that have helped the companies make the transition with minimum pain”.Umeco plcCase study
  17. 17. Communicating strategy In addition to the guidelines and downloads we also provided support in the form of a hotline for the initial implementation stage, as well as designing brochures, advertisements, website, presentations and other materials for the launch.Umeco plcCase study
  18. 18. Strategic repositioning of a division Soon after the introduction of the new group brand identity Umeco sold it’s Repair and Overhaul division to focus on supply-chain management and advanced composite materials. This led to a review of the components division which specialised in supply-chain management.Umeco plcCase study
  19. 19. Strategic repositioning of a division By creating many different options for service branding including the name of the division and the service brands we were able to contribute to the strategic thinking process. The result led to a restructuring of the companies in the Umeco Components division into one global brand, Pattonair, with three distinct service brands.Umeco plcCase study
  20. 20. Umeco plcCase study
  21. 21. • Map Airports investment in Copenhagen & Brussels• airports bought by Ontario Teachers’ pension plan,• name and identity created for launch at point of completion• of acquisition
  22. 22. • aerospace and defence sector• new: management, vision and strategy• new values, name and identity
  23. 23. • BBA Aviation plc• Demerger of non-core business• New name and brand identity
  24. 24. • a Sodexo/Labco joint venture company• joint venture corporate brand positioning• new name and brand identity
  25. 25. • a Sodexo company• brand repositioning• new name and brand identity
  26. 26. • international business• international corporate identity
  27. 27. • Danish brand now part of Hunter Douglas• blind manufacturer• brand repositioning
  28. 28. • management consultancy - Healthcare sector• new brand identity
  29. 29. • management buy-out from Rathbone Trust• new name and corporate brand identity• now focused on the logotype Hawksford
  30. 30. • fast growing bakery• new brand identity• new range of product brands
  31. 31. • one of the UKs leading financial brands• old fashioned image• new name and brand identity
  32. 32. • management buyout from ICI• new name and brand identity
  33. 33. • Italian law firm based in Rome and Milan• new brand identity
  34. 34. • division of Morgan Crucible plc• disparate divisional group identity• new name and international brand identity
  35. 35. • Management consultancy• new brand identity
  36. 36. Contact• Chris Smosarski••• +44 (0)7768 927 427