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Altura Add Value Through Corporate And Brand Identity


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An article on corporate and brand identity including comments from Gareth Kaminski-Cook on BPBplc to Saint-Gobain

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Altura Add Value Through Corporate And Brand Identity

  1. 1. corporate and brand identity The International Corporate Identity Group’s (ICIG) statement on corporate identity: The Strathclyde Statement Every organization has an identity. It articulates the corporate ethos, aims and values and presents a sense of individuality that can help to differentiate the organization within its competitive environment. When well managed, corporate identity can be a powerful means of integrating the many disciplines and activities essential to an organization’s success. It can also provide the visual cohesion necessary to ensure that all corporate communications are coherent with each other and result in an image consistent with the organization’s defining ethos and character. By effectively managing its corporate identity an organization can build understanding and commitment among its diverse stakeholders. This can be manifested in an ability to attract and retain customers and employees, achieve strategic alliances, gain the support of financial markets and generate a sense of direction and purpose. Corporate identity is a strategic issue. Corporate identity differs from traditional brand marketing since it is concerned with all of an organization’s stakeholders and the multi-faceted way in which an organization communicates. Published by the European Journal of Marketing: From the article Corporate identity: the concept, its measurement andt +44 (0)7768 927427 management by Cees B.M. van Riel, Graduate School of Management, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, ande John M.T. Balmer Department of Marketing, University of Strathclyde Business School.
  2. 2. t +44 (0)7768 927427 e corporate and brand identity Control your corporate identity: add value to the business and reduce costs BPB plc to Many executives worry about introducing a new corporate identity for a range of Saint-Gobain to Gyproc reasons such as: Gareth Kaminski-Cook • it costs too much! Former Marketing Director Saint-Gobain Gyproc • the timing is not right! now European Sales and Marketing Director GVR • subsidiaries have strong brands and we let them get on with it!What’s the ‘big idea’?The strategic objective of BPB plc was to • still to this day the companies we acquired have the same people in charge when asbecome a global corporate brand and theywere heading that way until they were we bought them!acquired by Saint-Gobain in a hostile takeover. • divisions are at different stages in their business strategy!The BPB plc company identity had movedfrom a group with disparate brands But if these questions were asked what would the answers be: You need to build the right strategy for to a unified global corporate brand identity LIT Y • SUBST Awhilst maintaining the integrity of the local brands. • what is your current company identity? A the company brand identity to ensure N ON TI • what don’t you do today to deliver your company promise? you create value. altura, with the help ATO PERSDisparate brands BRAND • what is stopping you from getting you there? of clients, has developed a model RS • CORE ESSENCE • • how do you get everyone in the company to pull together? called “Brand Foundations©” to ensure IO N you develop the right strategy for the S IT VA UE PO However, the challenge remains in communicating: L S• VALUE PRO company brand identity. • who you are,Unified global corporate brand identity • where you’re going, Using the “Brand Foundations©” model within the overallpre-acquisition • what makes you different. company brand identity process has many benefits such as: • you save valuable time and money in the pre-design phase By taking control of the company identity you will see the • the design phase is given more focus and guarantees following key benefits: appropriate outcomes saving time and money in getting to the • increased awareness and understanding by customers, end solution • internal alignment and buy-in from all employees, • you develop a communications strategy to ensure all • people feeling and behaving in the same way. stakeholders are communicated to using the most appropriate How do you take control? communication channels. Company identity is not just about the design of the logo! Start • better understanding by employees across cultures with a review of the existing identity and establish where you • guidelines creates consistency and efficiency in thecontinued overleaf are. This can be achieved by running a series of workshops. implementation phase and saves money in the long term.
  3. 3. t +44 (0)7768 927427 e Some altura clients who have taken control of their corporate identityFollowing the acquisition by Saint-Gobain it Our clients are predominantly B2B companies in industry, engineering, manufacturing and the servicewas imperative to maintain that focus albeitunder new ownership and within a new brand sectors. Some are young specialists like Umeco plc which provides services to the aerospace & defencearchitecture. What we needed was to bring industries. Others are global names like Sodexo and Saint-Gobain. Our clients are a mix of national, global,clarity to the brand portfolio. This was achieved world leaders or developing the regional brand strategywhich will ultimately lead to one global brandfor the Gyproc business within Saint-Gobain. performance drivenDid it work?The first insight you can gain into a brandchange effectiveness project is by monitor-ing the level of employees performance andunderstanding. The market, your customers,are generally very accepting of change as Clive Snowdon, Chief Executive Jason Crabtree, Chief Executive Gareth Kaminski-Cook, Former Marketinglong as your staff convey a feeling of comfort Umeco plc now Executive Chairman Apollo Aerospace Components Director Saint-Gobain Gyproc nowwith the change. If your staff say ‘’this is crazy, Shimtech Industries European Sales and Marketing Director GVReverything has changed, I don’t know whowe are anymore’’ then customers will lose ‘We were determined to add shareholder value ‘altura evolved our global corporate brand “altura built the right foundations for the corporateconfidence. through the Umeco corporate identity. identity using their “Brand Foundations” model. This Identity to reflect the new regional brand enabled us to get to a design solution very quickly. strategy. We found a team that lived up to that same standard. They understood our strategy, gave us We are extremely pleased with the way altura Their proposed new designs and online guidelines,In Gyproc we monitored our staff good advice and helped our senior management created a brand identity that reflected the new vision produced to a tight timescale, were approved firstsatisfaction levels and conduct structured team to work through the issues that arise in and strategy of the company. time by the Executive Board and all Country MDs.customer satisfaction/brand surveys on an defining core values across an international group. It has also enabled our people to pull together The achievement is a tribute to altura’s experience18 month frequency. 3 years into this change They demonstrated strong creativity in the design as a stronger team.” and its understanding of the company’s history, itswe have maintained levels of loyalty through people and the new strategic direction.’ process and implemented the whole programmestrong communication and focusing on with care. We have a brand identity and values ofdelivering our promise – our Gyproc brand. which we are proud as a result.’altura • 36 sebright road • high barnet • herts en5 4hl • e: • t: +44 (0)7768 927 427