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Tempest characters


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Published in: Education
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Tempest characters

  1. 1. The Tempest Artistic Images from the PlayReview the pages of this PowerPoint to see artistic depictionsof Shakespeare’s characters. Is this how you imagined them?
  2. 2. Image by Henry Fuseli of "Ariel." Image source: Fuseli.Ariel.html
  3. 3. Image of Miranda by Frederick Goodall. Image source - Illustrated/Goodall.Miranda.html
  4. 4. Image of Ariel by F. Miller. Image source: Illustrated
  5. 5. This painting depicts Act II, Scene i, of The Tempest when Ariel prevents the murder of Alonso, the King of Naples, and his advisor Gonzalo by Antonio and Sebastian. Image source:
  6. 6. This image by William Hogarth depicts a scene from The Tempest. Image Source: Illustrated
  7. 7. This scene, with its impressive seascape and wind-whippedwaters, we never witness in the The Tempest; the play opens onboard the sinking ship, and we learn that Miranda has witnessed the sinking in Act I, scene ii. Image Source:
  8. 8. Interesting depiction of Caliban. Image source: =3077
  9. 9. James Henry Nixon: The Tempest. Image source: