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Academic summary

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Academic summary

  1. 1. Principles of an Academic SummaryThanks to Dr. Zerwin of Fairview High for these tips!
  2. 2. An academic summary should: Summarize key ideas, as opposed to specific events
  3. 3. An academic summary should: State the name of the author and the title of his/her work early in the summary.
  4. 4. An academic summary should: Use author tags throughout to clearly establish that you are referring to the author’s ideas (as opposed to your own. Example: “McCarthy suggests that…” or “Botstein argues that…” or “According to Nehrenberg…”
  5. 5. An academic summary should: Remain objective throughout.
  6. 6. An academic summary should: Be written in your own words (except for example given on next slide!)
  7. 7. An academic summary should: Use brief quotes, where appropriate (a well-stated phrase that refers to the text’s main point, key words or phrases that you might refer to frequently). Don’t just drop in a quote – be sure to introduce and analyze!