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Proposal of music magazine

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  1. 1. Proposal Genre The genre of my music magazine will be indie/alternative. The magazine will focus on new artists as well as some popular artists to attract a wider audience. I will also feature interviews, music and gig reviews, upcoming music events as well as a glimpse of what is going on in the music industry and a chance to see photos of favoured artists. The sell lines will be based solely around the traditional indie magazine. The magazine will also feature a radio station as it will allow the audience to interact with the brand more frequently and on a more personal level as they have the chance to appear live on the show, win competitions to go to gigs and festivals as well as many other great opportunities. These features will also be guest edited by the main front page artist. Gig listings as well as new and upcoming music will be very significant in my magazine as the readership expects it due to the genre. Frequency The frequency of my magazine will be monthly, as this will be a big franchise and we want the content to be professional, sophisticated and stylish – we want people to keep the magazines instead of throwing it away. This also means that more content can be added to the magazine and we can go into great depth and take advantage of how big we want the magazine to be. The price of the magazine will be greater than normal, as it will be of a higher quality; around £3.70 The frequency is an important factor of any magazine, as it is crucial to try to keep the cost quite low and reasonable for the magazine to be able to gain a high profit. The magazine will consist of around 200 pages (compared to a merely 100 pages of a typical weekly magazine). Due to the frequency of my magazine being availably monthly, online interactivity is vital as it will still update our audience and keep them in the loop whilst providing them with the chance to interact with the magazine. The website and social networking websites for my magazine will typically include my exclusive features than inside the magazine, for example behind the scenes clips, MP3 downloads and competitions. I believe that this will enhance the magazine as we, as well as the audience, will be getting the best of both worlds. Likewise, the website will follow the same house style of the magazine and will be aimed to a higher end market whilst looking sleek, proficient and very chic. Target audience My target audience will be aimed to a large audience of 16-34. I believe that people within this age range are more engaged with music, especially upcoming artists opposed to older generations who seem to lean more towards popular and well known musicians. Also, the younger generation are heavily influenced by the social media, and tend to spend the majority of their time online using social networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. The use of social media is mandatory for my magazine as it will help to develop the magazine further. My target audience varies from young adults to mature adults within the social class of B/A so it caters to a lot of people. The typical individual of this audience tends to follow the latest trends and keep up with new styles and upcoming artists as well as popular artists too, which are all big features that I would like to highlight in my magazine. Content Ideas of possible content o 100 most shocking moments in music history o 10 best new artists o Free MP3 downloads available online o Festivals: what to expect o Top 10 albums and singles of the month o Best music video of the month o Social media updates – your tweets
  2. 2. o Reviews o Question and answer session with favoured artists o Bands splitting up and/or reunions o The greatest song writers of all time Mood The mood of the magazine will be very relaxed, friendly and laid back; my target audience generally are at the age where many stressful changes in life occur, whether it be university, work or family changes. This will engage the reader and give them a place to shut down and fully submerge themselves and zone out, as the magazine will be on a personal level with the audience. The mood is very significant because it can completely change how the audience interpret the magazine and we want to create an environment where the audience can rely on the magazine. Unique selling point One of my many unique selling points is the fact that I will have celebrity guest editors, publishing a feature each month on their chosen topic; an article or a review. Special editions will also be available, with several different covers (be it a band) and so on. I am also going to integrate the social networking websites into the articles and embed the posts so that the audience can keep up to date with the articles and comment on them. This will help increase the readership as it has a sense of the new media.