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Food for thought presentation with Chrissi Nerantzi, #OER13 #abs15


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conference presentation for #OER13

Food for thought series on YouTube

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Food for thought presentation with Chrissi Nerantzi, #OER13 #abs15

  1. 1. OER video series Food for thought: Food for thought… CPD on-the-go by and for teachers in Higher Education Chrissi Nerantzi 26-27 March 2013 #OER13 “Tim’s question has inspired me to question everything! Slideshare YouTubeFood for thought series offered by Academic DevelopmentUniversity of Salford
  2. 2. first things first! If you have a smart phone or tablet with you, please download the free Socrative app now! Available for Apple and Android devices ;) Student version!!!
  3. 3. Chrissi Nerantzi Academic DeveloperPGCAP Programme Leader, University of Salford Twitter: @chrissinerantzi
  4. 4. We asked Chrissi Nerantzi 3 questions…
  5. 5. What isthe Food for Thought Series? 1 of 3
  6. 6. video“Content is not education. It is interaction” Darco Jansen , OER13
  7. 7. video
  8. 8. teachers and users asDIY students as producers producers
  9. 9. How is it used? 2 of 3
  10. 10. University of Salford•Postgraduate Certificate inAcademic Practice video http://learningandteac weeks/week-2/•Teaching EssentialsProgramme for GTAs•Research Students TeachingEvidence also of global usevia YouTube•academic developmentactivities, face-to-face andonline•self-study resources views: 140 9 Jan 13
  11. 11. How is the Food for thought series received? 3 of 3
  12. 12. video “It makes me think differently, and often question, my “I especially like the assumptions about different informal and short topics in education.” format and the structure of "asking 3 “I think this approach questions as well as would work very well in being asked one. As “I will consider using many of raising awareness amongst such the clips are easy the clips in our on-line course staff and students, withto access and to "digest" (Basic Higher Education messages tailored to both and can really give Pedagogy) for teachers at my groups.” "food for thought" and institution. Most of the clips perspectives.” would fit in well with the different themes we have.” “What I like most are the speakers! Its great to hear people with genuine passion “short summative & and expertise in a topic share discursive resources their thoughts and that can be used in experiences.” various ways”
  13. 13. video format • 3 Q&A + 1Q duration • short, 5 minutes interviewees • passionate topics • useful appropriateness • versatilemethod•10 individual interviews•survey with open-ended questions (2012/13)
  14. 14. video engaging more students students as producers link to formative/summative assessment OER mobile app for production partners intervieweesplans for further development
  15. 15. Chrissi Nerantziasks you a question…
  16. 16. Let’s try this Access your (brand new) socrative app and type in room: chrissitogether! Now reply to my question: How could you use this OER approach in your practice (with your students)?
  17. 17. Join the discussionby adding your comments.Thank you for engaging ;o)
  18. 18. Credits A big thank you to Chrissi Nerantzi for being so generous with her time and for sharing her thoughts with us.Music: “Double Dig” from “Straight out of the Garden” by On the Spot Trio, mp3 downloaded free with artists’ permission from Food for Though series photograph: Chrissi Nerantzi Photograph: Chrissi Nerantzi video: Chrissi Nerantzi Video production: Chrissi Nerantzi
  19. 19. Food for thought series Idea and concept: Chrissi Nerantzi Developed and offered by Academic Development Get in touch if you would like to get involved, provide feedback and/or make a suggestionChrissi Nerantzi email: / twitter: @chrissinerantzi