EIC Minutes 9/23/13


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EIC Minutes 9/23/13

  1. 1. EIC Minutes September 23, 2013 PDC 4:00 PM Members: Joe Ader, Heather Amick, Shelley Anthony, Michele Barber, Sharon Betty, Kimberly Bock, Rebecca Chandler, Sabrina Crosland, Rajashri Damle, Jacob Eckber, Barry Fox, Marce Gomez’, Stephanie Halberstadt, Pam Henderson, Teresa Hudson, Beth Hughes, Sarah Jones, Tammy Klir, Heather Klos, Penny Lockhart, Tommie Lyons, Lori Mabry, Mike Mattingly, Brandon McCleskey, Ernie McGee, Kim Mills, John Milmo, Aleisha Moore, Eldrige Moore, Katherine Myers, Evelyn Nunez-Crespo, Cherie Perry, Rebecca Persons, Joan Phillips, Alana Presley, Angela Ricks, Eydie Schneider, Chris Shade, Stephen Shade, Jane Smith, Molly Swindle, Travis Turek, Yazmin Vazquez, Tracy Wahbeh, Suan Watson, Robin Webb, Jonita Widmer, Patty Wilt, Spencer Wolf, Jennifer Wyman, (Names in bold were in attendance.) 1. Welcome to the Educational Improvement Council: • Chris Shade welcomed everyone to EIC. He expressed appreciation for all the hard work EIC members contributed to the development of the new Denton ISD Mission Statement and logo. 2. EIC Training Presentation: • Shade explained EIC is acronym for Educational Improvement Council, which is the Denton ISD district site-based decision making committee consisting of representatives from across the district including a teacher from every campus as well as districtwide representatives for central office administrators, counselors, librarians, and principals in addition to parents, community, and business members. The purpose of the EIC is to advise the Board in establishing and reviewing the District’s educational goals, objectives, and major districtwide classroom instructional programs. • See the handout from the training. 3. Review of Area Districts’ Improvement Plans: • As a group activity, Shade asked EIC members to split in groups to discuss other area districts’ improvement plans and groups were asked to give feedback on what they noted and liked and disliked about the plans. Feedback included: o Southlake Carroll ISD: missing values; not reader friendly, did not have comprehensive needs assessment. o Keller ISD: table of contents too long; too many acronyms; sounds “corporate” (school board and/or administrators would be more likely to read); lagging indicator sounded negative (Note: It was discussed that “lagging indicator” is a business term that measures something that has already happened; in education, STAAR results would be an example of a lagging indicator.) o Carrolton-Farmers Branch ISD: it appears that belief statements were not reflected goals; the plan stated who was responsible o Irving ISD: liked the organization of the table of contents and needs assessment; goals were clear; evidence demonstrating success visible; liked the periodic checks of progress; data driven o Grand Prairie ISD: plan seemed to serve as a compliance document and include what they are already doing o Birdville ISD: the 2012-13 plan could not be found on the district website; the only plan found was the 2011-12 plan; plan hard to read; plan appears compliance-driven 4. What OUR District Improvement Plan Will Look Like: • Shade told members the district would completely overhaul its district improvement plan and reconstruct it based upon the recommendations of the EIC.
  2. 2. • When Shade took over as the chairman of the EIC, the plan was 492 pages and compiled goals from every department without specific district goals. Shade noted the district had board goals, but not district goals. Shade explained the ideal flow of planning is as follows: Mission: Denton ISD: Empowering lifelong learners to be engaged citizens who positively impact their local and global community. ↓ Vision ↓ Values ↓ Goals: Board Goals: Denton ISD Board Goals ↓ District Goals: To be developed ↓ Campus Goals: Submitted in Document Tracking online template ↓ Teacher Goals ↓ Student Goals o Shade stated that the DIP will include goals as well as the requirements of DIPs as cited in law. 5. Focus of the Future Work of the EIC in District Improvement Planning • Shade explained the future work of the EIC will emphasize either all keywords/phrases or 1 keyword/phrase from the mission statement in 2013-14. o The keyword(s)/phrase(s) will be voted upon by the members of the EIC (via Poll Everywhere survey) and the district administrators including principals and assistant principals (via Schoolwires survey) o Shade identified the following keywords/phrases and phrases from the Denton ISD mission statement to be considered:  empowering (empower)  lifelong learners (lifelong learning)  engaged (engagement)  citizens;  positively impact (positive impact)  local and global community Shade explained the plan was to choose 1 of the keywords/phrases from the mission statement and let it drive the discussions, work, and plans, etc. of the EIC in future meetings. o Shade said to consider a keyword that could provide measurable evidence of the keyword on our campuses and in our district departments.  As an example, if the keyword/phrase selected was “local and global community,” at the October EIC Meeting, the topic, “curriculum and staff development,” won’t simply focus on what we’ve “done” or “will do” (i.e. “What staff development do we offer in Denton ISD?”), it will be shared and discussed through the lens of how curriculum and staff development prepare students for the “local and global community” at both the district and campus levels. o The EIC cast its votes using cell phone feedback through Poll Everywhere.  In additional to all keywords/phrases, the vote identified 3 keywords/phrases at a rate much higher than the other words. Leading vote getters were as follows: • empowering (empower) • lifelong learners (lifelong learning) • engaged (engagement)
  3. 3.  District administrators were subsequently asked to vote from the top 3 identified by the EIC via a Schoolwires survey. • Administrators selected “engaged (engagement).” • Based upon the feedback provided from both parties, the district will focus upon “engaged (engagement)” as its keyword in 2013-14. o Principals will work to identify engagement practices in its Campus Improvement Plans and will address engagement in the CIP presentation to the school board on Tuesday, October 8, 2013. 6. The next EIC meeting will be Monday, October 21, 2013