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CISSA Lightning Talk - Building a Malware Analysis Lab on a Budget


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This presentation was originally given as a lightning talk for a Charleston ISSA meeting. I talk briefly about malware analysis, and how to get started with malware analysis on a budget using virtualization.

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CISSA Lightning Talk - Building a Malware Analysis Lab on a Budget

  1. 1. Building a Malware Analysis Lab on a Budget Chris Sanders Charleston ISSA January 2015
  2. 2. Chris Sanders • Christian & Husband • Mandiant • Kentuckian and South Carolinian • MS, GSE, et al. • Non-Profit Director • BBQ Pit Master
  3. 3. Chris Sanders “[Practical Packet Analysis] gives you everything you need, step by step, to become proficient in packet analysis. I could not find a better book.” “[Applied NSM] should be required reading for all intrusion analysts and those looking to develop a security monitoring program.” – Amazon Reviewers
  4. 4. Outline Objectives:  Intro to Malware Analysis  Lab Networking  Lab Hardware  Lab Software  Other Resources “How can I build a malware analysis lab without spending much money? What are some best practices?”
  5. 5. ***Disclaimer*** • You cannot be reckless while performing malware analysis. • Malware can – Erase your hard drive – Permanently encrypt your data – Highjack your social networking identity – Highjack your real identity
  6. 6. Why Analyze Malware? • It’s critical as a function of intelligence. • It’s useful for understanding how systems work. • It’s a desirable skill. If you can analyze malware well and enjoy it, we’ll hire you.
  7. 7. Malware Analysis Processes • Behavioral Analysis – Executing malware to observe behaviors – Requires network knowledge and communication manipulation • Code Analysis – Reverse engineering malware by examining code – Much harder, requires assembly and system level knowledge
  8. 8. Malware Analysis Network
  9. 9. Virtualization is a Must • Free / Cheap – VirtualBox, VMWare ESXi, VMWare Workstation • Configurable Networking – Instant setup of virtual networks • Snapshots – Create and restore points in time
  10. 10. Virtualization is a Must Source: content/uploads/2012/06/snapshots_jpeg.jpg
  11. 11. Networking • Isolated virtual networks • Multiple guests can exists in these networks and communicate with each other • Guests should not be able to communicate with the host • Be EXTREMELY careful not to connect infected devices to the Internet
  12. 12. Hardware • System Specs (2 Running Infected Machines) – 4 GB RAM – 50 GB Storage • Scale from here!
  13. 13. Software • Windows Operating Systems – MSDN Accounts – Leverage 30 Day Trials – Windows 7 • Remnux – Free malware analysis distro from Lenny Zeltser (SANS) – Pre-built tools
  14. 14. Pro Tips™ • Color code your Virtual Machines • Leave a terminal window with your IP open • Snapshot early, snapshot often • Don’t leave an infected machine unwatched • Always encrypt + password protect malware during transmission – Password: “infected”
  15. 15. Learning Resources • Practical Malware Analysis - By Mike Sikorski • SANS FOR610 (GREM) w/ Lenny Zeltser
  16. 16. Conclusion • Malware analysis is an important security skill even if it isn’t your primary focus • If you can do it well, you can find a job • You can practice analyzing malware right now! • The best way to learn is to do the real thing.
  17. 17. Thank You! E-Mail: Twitter: @chrissanders88 Blog: Book Blog: