Bronto Summit Presentation 2012


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Bronto Summit 2012 Presentation by Chris Reighley. April 11, 2012

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Bronto Summit Presentation 2012

  1. 1. Integrated ConsumerBehavior ExperiencePutting all the pieces together
  2. 2. Introductions and ObjectiveObjective:Demonstrate how weintegrate technology toprovide intelligentrelevancy during the pathto purchase to influenceconsumer behavior.Chris ReighleyDirector of eCommerce @chrisreighley #BSum12
  3. 3. Path to Purchase
  4. 4. Path to Purchase AssumptionsWe make the following assumptions when it comes topath to purchase:• Consumers go through a decision process when making a purchase.• Before a consumer gets to our site, there is a high likelihood that their purchasing intent is decided.• The consumer has gone through multiple touchpoints before arriving at the purchasing decision.
  5. 5. Consumer Decision Making ProcessCONSUMER BEHAVIORLars Perner, Ph.D.
  6. 6. “Findings indicate that 80% of consumers’ shopping decisions are made before entering the store…”Merchant Mechanics, Inc.
  7. 7. What is happening……CONSUMER BEHAVIORLars Perner, Ph.D.
  8. 8. Touchpoints are important
  9. 9. Multiple TouchpointsThe Purchase Path Of Online BuyersSucharita MulpuruForrester Research, Inc.
  10. 10. How did consumers find deals The Purchase Path Of Online Buyers Sucharita Mulpuru Forrester Research, Inc.
  11. 11. Email vs. SearchThe Purchase Path Of Online BuyersSucharita MulpuruForrester Research, Inc.
  12. 12. Touchpoints through the path to purchase The Purchase Path Of Online Buyers Sucharita Mulpuru Forrester Research, Inc.
  13. 13. Intelligent Relevancy
  14. 14. Intelligent RelevancyUnderstand your consumer & their behavior Segment your consumerLeverage your technology tobe in the consumers mind atthe right time with the rightmessage.
  15. 15. Understanding Your Consumers What we have learned• When it RAINS people need an UMBRELLA • Message Testing when Rain is in the forecast: • Current Day • 3 Day Forecast • 5 Day Forecast • 7 Day Forecast
  16. 16. Customer Flow • Some one that has visited Non- our site but has not Purchaser purchase online from us. • Someone that has Purchaser purchased online from us. Brand • A brand junkie and Loyalist proud of it.
  17. 17. High Level Segmentation Brand Other Segments: Consumers:Purchasers Product • Geo-Location Products: Frequency • Rain • Cold Weather • Not Rain or Cold Brand Engaged Product (Lookers) Non-Purchasers Non- Frequency Engaged
  18. 18. The Pieces
  19. 19. Step 1 – Capture Customer SegmentOur primary “lists” or segmentations are build inMarketLive and flow down to Bronto. In Bronto this flows in as a List
  20. 20. Step 2 – Provide Intelligent RelevancyThe next step is, we send targeted emails via Bronto.We add MyBuys Recommendations to our Brontoemails.
  21. 21. Step 3 – Pin Point RemarketingThe next step is actively remarket based on thecustomer behavior with the email messaging ANDwhat the do on the website using Omniture Genesis. Three Segments: • Product Views • Cart Abandon • Conversion
  23. 23. Case StudyOK – now for the serious stuff
  24. 24. So, Does it Work…First, we validated the MyBuys Recommendations.We ran a multi-variant email test via Bronto.Test Messaging Scenarios:• Version A: No MyBuys recommendations• Version B: Our product recommendations• Version C: MyBuy Recommendations
  25. 25. How to do it in Bronto
  26. 26. Results – Part 1
  27. 27. Results – % of total Revenue Version C Version A 38% 30% Version B18.9% lift in revenue 32%
  28. 28. Results - AOV10.5% lift in AOV Version A Version B Version C
  29. 29. Results – Value Per Visit21.4% lift in visit value Version A Version B Version C
  30. 30. So, Does it Really Work…Second, we validate remarketing using OmnitureGenesis Segmentation.Using Product View Omniture Genesissegmentation, we sent a remarketing email for ourAcorn Spring Collections Launch.
  31. 31. What it looks like in Bronto
  32. 32. Results Part 2
  33. 33. Key Take Always• Consumers go through a decision making process during their Path to Purchase.• Studies show that 80% of consumers have made a purchasing intent decision before they arrive at your site.• 53% of consumers had multiple touchpoints on the path to purchase. (Oh BTW – EMAIL IS BIG!)• Intelligent relevancy is not an option.• Use technology to tightly integrate your touchpoints to provide  Customer Satisfaction & Revenue.