Learn, Unlearn, Relearn


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Above is a talk I made for the Integrated Marketing Conference in Cape Town, entitled Learn, Unlearn, Relearn.

The talk takes you through a brief history of advertising showing what has changed, what is new, and what has fundamentally remained the same.
It then shares some tips and advice on how to help make sure your work remains relevant in today’s ever evolving world.

I gave the talk with Chris Gotz and Luca Gallarelli, both from Ogilvy Cape Town.

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  • Now more than ever its important to adapt and keep up with the changes – particularity if your in tv/media/advertising
  • Interesting they use Persuade , Manipulate, and Encourage… three words that elicit a similar outcome but are accomplished by very different means(I would say when advertising was invented it was passive and helpful, then it became Persuasive, that quickly turned to manipulation, now it is turning more toward encouraging through participation)
  • Advertising and is a type of communication could say it all started a long time ago
  • Behind the paintings is a simple message: food location, method of hunting... We can consider that, as Pierre Clastres said for others societies, that this sort of society or community is subsistence society. So the paintings at this moment in time, is as useful / important as a map indicating the next McDonald or the trendy and new Burger King.
  • A study in France shows that cave in which animals appear to have multiple limbs, heads...found that these cave paintings were actually primitive attempts at animation from around 30,000 years ago (the first Pixar) - When the images are viewed under moving flames, the images appear to move. Amazing!
  • The Egyptians had a fine eye for carving, in around 2000 BC Egyptian invent outdoor adverting, carving public notices in steel
  • Greek ladies of the night tap nails into their shoes to produce “come hither” sound effects
  • Took over 400 years to get the first newspaper - La Gazette 1631, first French newspaper
  • 1661 First product branding is developed for an early form of toothpaste
  • 3 important shifts happened
  • First agency founded, about 14 years later London agency James 'Jem' White was started in Fleet Street, London, 1800, eventually evolved into White Bull Holmes, a recruitment advertising agency, that went out of business in the late 1980s.
  • Took 5 years to get from the first tv broadcast to the first commercial - First tv broadcast by the BBC in 1936
  • 21 years after vw entered the us market they created this – brilliant ad and only told in 10 seconds
  • If you look at the different mediums and their popularity over time you will see we are in an ever more complex spaceThe timeline on this graph is not linear though
  • If you look at these sources of info over time though you see a very interesting story, we are going though a media revolution, I think large companies have 2 year from now to get it right or become irrelevant
  • Steve Job, Bill Gates, and Sir Tim Berners Lee invented the www in October 1994 It was founded at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Laboratory for Computer Science (MIT/LCS) with support from the European Commission and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).
  • Revolution has happened fast – potentially this is the biggest shift in culture and society since the industrial revolution.
  • Its all a bit too much (think of all the more reasons to procrastinate )Information used to be a commodity, now attention is
  • Too much data , people have fundamentally changed.Humans have adapted really well, we just have evolved create filters (favourite sites/ aggregators /social influencers-tribe leaders)
  • People used to just dance and live the experience, now we try and capture and share the experience and later re-live it
  • In 2006 Time declared You as the person of the year
  • We wish davidogilvy had said this – but he didn’t, we did it anyway though.
  • Every day is a school day – this is our intervention – all staff are trained in mobile/web/ and integrated marketing + we have constant learning courses with how to Fridays and more
  • Because things have changed – brands / agencies behave differently because people behave differently
  • Think about what you put out there, just because you can doesn’t mean you should
  • Onion video
  • ask what words spring to mind
  • WTF Big Data is for making peoples life's easier – its essentially really smart media planning Track behavior, see what people browse/search and optimize as you go aheadAgencies are hiring anylistsGoogle track everything but make your life easierBe transparent and open with the info you hold – allow people to do allow / disallow what they do with their data.Technology works best when people don’t realise it’s there. Use big data to help this happen easier.
  • When you interact with people that’s when real magic happens. Do things with and for people
  • An interesting way to test new work - Google don’t make a product unless it looks good as a case study first – Google Glass is an example.
  • Concentrating on the small things can have a hugely disproportionate results – In NY city the sharpest drop in crime came from cleaning the streets and tackeling litter. Putting a fly on urinals reduced spills by 80% saving on cleaning.
  • Be consistent with your story across all mediums
  • Stories are still stories, ideas are still ideas – You don’t need to throw the baby out with the bathwater, great messaging can still be told with a simple story.
  • Remember everything is going to be ok,
  • Learn, Unlearn, Relearn

    1. @OgilvyCTLearn, Unlearn, Relearn
    2. @OgilvyCT“The illiterates of the 21st centurywill not be those who cannot readand write, but those who cannotlearn, unlearn, and relearn”Alvin Toffler
    4. @OgilvyCT“Advertising is a form of communication for marketingand used to encourage, persuade, or manipulate anaudience to continue or take some new action.”Wikipedia
    5. @OgilvyCTLEARN
    6. @OgilvyCT40,000BCArtA history of advertising in 5 minutes
    7. @OgilvyCT40,000BC - Chauvet Cave Painting
    8. @OgilvyCT40,000BCArt30,000BCAnimationThe beginning of advertising
    9. @OgilvyCT30,000 BC - Animation(See http://tinyurl.com/caveanimation )
    10. @OgilvyCT40,000BCArt30,000BCAnimation2000BCOutdoorThe beginning of advertising
    11. @OgilvyCT2000 BC – Outdoor ads from Egypt
    12. @OgilvyCT40,000BCArt30,000BCAnimation2000BCOutdoor750 BCSoundThe beginning of advertising
    13. @OgilvyCT750BC – Audio messagesGreek ladies of the night tap nails into their shoes to produce “come hither” sound effects
    14. @OgilvyCTNot much happened for a while in ad land
    15. @OgilvyCT1140Printing PressA brief history of advertising as we know it
    16. @OgilvyCT1140 - Gutenberg Printing Press
    17. @OgilvyCT1140Printing Press1661BrandingA brief history of advertising as we know it
    18. @OgilvyCT1661 – 1st Branding (for a very early Toothpaste)
    19. @OgilvyCT1140Printing Press1661BrandingA brief history of advertising as we know itIndustrial Revolution
    20. @OgilvyCT1750-1850 - Industrial Revolution3 key Shifts• Physical Link between buyer and sellerbreaks• Manufactures market products longdistances from their factories• Advertising needed
    21. @OgilvyCT1140Printing Press1661Branding1786First AgencyA brief history of advertising as we know itIndustrial Revolution
    22. @OgilvyCT1786 1st Agency Born - William Taylor
    23. @OgilvyCT1140Printing Press1661Branding1786First Agency1941First TVCA brief history of advertising as we know itIndustrial Revolution
    24. @OgilvyCT1941 – TV advertising
    25. @OgilvyCT1140Printing Press1661Branding1786First Agency1941First TVCA brief history of advertising as we know itIndustrial Revolution1st CreativeRevolution1950’s &60’s
    26. @OgilvyCT50s & 60s Mad MenBill Bernbach David Ogilvy
    27. @OgilvyCT1961 - Lemon
    28. @OgilvyCT1964 - SnowploughVolkswagen Snowplough
    29. @OgilvyCT1970 - RabbitsVolkswagen Two Bunnies(How to tell a story in 10 seconds)
    30. @OgilvyCTNothing much changed for the next 40 years
    31. @OgilvyCTUNLEARN
    32. @OgilvyCT Source: http://www.baekdal.com/analysis/market-of-informationInformation sources over time
    33. @OgilvyCT Source: http://www.baekdal.com/analysis/market-of-informationInformation sources over time (linear)
    34. @OgilvyCTThought Leaders – The RebelsSir Tim Berners Lee invented the www
    35. @OgilvyCTThe rise of the digital brandSeptember 4, 1998May 27, 2003February 2005February 2004March 2006
    36. @OgilvyCTExponential growth in content / data
    37. @OgilvyCT
    38. @OgilvyCTDanceHave funLive the experienceCheck inTweetShareCapture the experience
    39. @OgilvyCTThings have changed forever
    40. @OgilvyCTRELEARN
    41. @OgilvyCT“Every day is a School day”
    42. @OgilvyCTTo gear Ogilvy for anincreasingly digital futureby inspiring, educating andupskilling our staff in theways of the social web.
    43. @OgilvyCTOLD NEWAdvertise to many Intervene with a few.Amplify to many.Positioning Take a positionMarketers have power Consumers have powerNotional persuasion New news, Fun, Utility or die.Competing with brands Competing with contentBrands have structure Brands as Cloud
    44. @OgilvyCTBe Interesting, People are just not that into you.
    45. @OgilvyCTBe Interesting, People are just not that into you.No one is waiting for your brand post. If you want it to work be interestingParody of content marketing from The Onion (NSFW Language) http://tinyurl.com/Onioncontent
    46. @OgilvyCTWTF is big data?
    47. @OgilvyCTData is the new oil
    48. @OgilvyCTActs Not Ads
    49. @OgilvyCTWrite the press release not the ad
    50. @OgilvyCTSmall moments matter
    51. @OgilvyCTContext is everything“Contextual marketing is about deliveringthe right message to the right person,via the right medium at the right time.”
    52. @OgilvyCTCreate ecosystems, not campaigns
    53. @OgilvyCTStories are still stories, ideas are still ideas
    54. @OgilvyCT
    55. @OgilvyCTThanks@ChrisRawlinson / @Gallarelli@MrChristiffa / @OgilvyCT