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A presentation I put together with Luca Gallarelli and Jonathan Lang. The talk was from Ogilvy Cape Town on integrated advertising. The presentation was given at the 2012 Integrated Marketing Conference in Cape Town.

Look below the presentation for Slide Notes.

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  • So we need to be smarter – play on the consumers terms. Its not about us anymore – the paradign has shifted. Integration
  • This is an old quote but has never held truer than today. At Ogilvy we look to deliver remarkable experiences – literally “remarkable” – ones that people talk about online and offline. We have the experience of working globally on social media for 7 years and one way or another, we have been delivering remarkable experiences for more than 60 years….
  • Too much info
  • As a result we’re created filters to protect ourselves.Each of us has our own personal message shield formed by our friends, family and social connectionsThere are only 3 ways through the shield – Create the most relevant content you can and connect it to customers via advertising, earned media and owned content channelsMake sure that content is in search – where each of us goes to satisfy everyday ‘missions’Or earn their attention and advocacy via their social graph
  • Part of this fits into the old saying content is no longer King, Context is. But there is an even simpler layer to this, the What defines it
  • So one can say that consumers used to be dogs. Loyal to a fault.
  • Consumers are now cats -hard to grab attention in the Attention economy, started to shift in early 2000’s. Cats and dogs both want the same basic things. They both want love and attention, they want to be fed and given treats every now and then. But a dog is the consumer of the past and a cat is the consumer of the future. You can give a dog a bone and he’ll be happy; call him and he’ll come straight to you. A cat is different; they’ll come to you when they’re ready for attention, they’ll eat when they feel like it and sometimes just can’t be found
  • So we need to be smarter – play on the consumers terms. Its not about us anymore – the paradigm has shifted. Effective integration is our way in.
  • So we need to be smarter – play on the consumers terms. Its not about us anymore – the paradigm has shifted. Effective integration is our way in.
  • Owned media(like content) is great but has low reach (i.e. we live in an information economy so just making good content isn't enough anymore) this is very controlledPaid media helps with reach but can only get you so far online and starts to move the content out of our control (people talk – remix)Earned media (Word of mouth) is what we need to stimulate / create, its about prioritising the context not the content, its also the most cost effective. This is generally where the big idea lives.
  • This is no longer good enough. You cannot outspend your way into consumer consciousness, You cannot out shout your way into consumers consciousnessYou have to outsmart your way across.
  • Creating maximum value of full integration – the benefit of getting it right.
  • Integrated Marketing

    1. 1. But before we dive right in we need to understand some context
    2. 2. ”The consumer is not a moron,she’s your wife”
    3. 3. But how we consumemedia has changed.
    4. 4. “It’s not informationoverload we suffer from, it’s filter failure.” - Clay Shirky
    5. 5. Each of Us HasOur Own“PersonalMessage Filter”
    6. 6. “The time is ripe for the next generation of contextual branding- the art of sending the right message,to the right audience, at the right time” Martin Lindstrom
    7. 7. So to capture and hold their attention, we need to play smarter
    8. 8. What do we mean when we talk about“integrated communication”?
    9. 9. WE DEFINE IT AS: A single campaign thought thatleverages multiple communication channels
    10. 10. How do we categorizethese communication channels?
    11. 11. PaidOwnedEarned
    12. 12. Which of theseare in your control?
    13. 13. PaidOwned
    14. 14. Paid & Ownedis about the HOW
    15. 15. How do you bestinfluence that which is not in your control?
    16. 16. Earnedis about the WHAT
    17. 17. WHATis the idea
    18. 18. Is what you’re doing…..
    19. 19. Is the idea worthy enough
    20. 20. Lets think more about what we’re doing.
    21. 21. Are you brave enough?