Cannespiration (Inspiration from Cannes Lions 2013)


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Lessons Learned and Inspiration from the 2013 Cannes Lions.

Ogilvy Cape Town's Chris Gotz and Chris Rawlinson share thought and lessons learned from Ad Lands biggest yearly get together, the Cannes Lions international festival of creativity.

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  • The legends of cannes were judging, speaking and holding forth
  • Some of the worlds most interesting people from outside ad land share their views (inc Martin Sorrell)
  • In the past Cannes was a big piss up, now it’s also “The other Cannes” - The big business deals going on in the backrooms, the constant rise of interesting/innovative workshops that help agency folk AND clients etc
  • Cars,tv, to the internet
  • Lee says this will be one of the redefining moments in advertising history
  • mark zuckerbergetc are leading the space in this new techy world, agencies, clients and creatives need to catch up, we are now not that far behnind.
  • Banners are just print ads,
  • In most western countries mobile only overtook desktop in 2011/2012
  • Worlds population is 7 billion, this video is fast approaching 2billion was thought out & targeted for an online audience
  • The best creative work nowadays uses tech, but not for techs sake, it tends to work best when the tech stays hidden (e.g. think of weather apps / v complicated back end, we just see a sun, cloud or rain icon though – simple)
  • Information used to be a commodity, now attention is
  • Roman numeral 1
  • We compete with a kid in a basement with a computer, or the girl in the street with a cellphone.
  • We need to try be able to work higher up the decision making chain with clients now, we are no longer just making ads.
  • Making techy things like apps & websites still need programmers, however this is getting easier for normal people to make themselves, this will open new doors. Look at mobile, most work is awful,its also mostly run by technical chaps, when creative people finally understand it/can make stuff easier, more great work will come.
  • When you interact with people that’s when real magic happens. Do things with and for people Interactivity creates trust and loyalty
  • The good ones already do.Having a higher purpose allows you to access better stories.(Maslow's hierarchy of needs)
  • Social platforms will help amplify your good deeds and good intentions.
  • Concentrating on the small things can have a hugely disproportionate results – In NY city the sharpest drop in crime came from cleaning the streets and tackling litter. Putting a fly on urinals reduced spills by 80% saving on cleaning.
  • People often say fail fast and learn – this comes from a bad place – humans from birth learn by play, lets play more and learn
  • As everything changes this remains the truth
  • Our brains make sense of stories, our brains are hardwired for it, we pay more attention, it helps us remember things much easier for recall later – think of reading an expense report vs a story.Most stories have a antagonist and a protagonist (hero and a villain) villain doesn’t need to be a person, it could be a pain point.In Intel the villain is the human condition, the finding of ones self
  • Things are getting shorter and longer
  • YouTube. Vine. Branded Content
  • Remember everything is going to be ok,
  • Cannespiration (Inspiration from Cannes Lions 2013)

    2. 2. @OgilvyCT
    3. 3. @OgilvyCT Dan Wieden Sir John Hegarty Marcello Serpa The legends were judging, speaking and holding forth
    4. 4. @OgilvyCT Cannes Fast Facts
    5. 5. @OgilvyCT 35600 pieces of work entered across 13 categories 12,000 delegates 5000 of those are marketers
    6. 6. @OgilvyCT “Cannes is the most important event for business creativity in the world right now.”
    7. 7. @OgilvyCT Some of the worlds most interesting people from outside ad land share their views
    8. 8. @OgilvyCT The “other” big business deals side of Cannes is also taking Shape. Cannes is a crucial barometer of where our industry is right now
    9. 9. @OgilvyCT “We live in the single most profound and accelerated period of change in human existence.” Rene Rechtmann, CEO, Goviral
    10. 10. @OgilvyCT The latest revolution is happening in our backyard Cars TV Internet
    11. 11. @OgilvyCT The biggest change - The internet of things - has hardly begun “5 billion separate objects will be connected to the internet by 2015” Wired Magazine
    12. 12. @OgilvyCT “We will look back at this time and we will see that we were in a great settling out period.” Lee Clow
    13. 13. @OgilvyCT The tech people are still leading the way. This will change. Agencies, Clients, and Creatives need to catch up. We are not far behind now.
    14. 14. @OgilvyCT Mobile vs Desktop browsing in South Africa (In most western countries mobile only overtook desktop in 2011/2012) 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012 2014 Desktop Mobile
    15. 15. @OgilvyCT From Funny Ha Ha to Funny Peculiar
    16. 16. @OgilvyCT This is the rise of the attention economy On demand content rather than push People are spending more time snacking content The tech will disappear (It will appear seamless )
    17. 17. @OgilvyCT Exponential growth in content
    18. 18. @OgilvyCT Whether we like it or not, we are now in the content business Entertainment Stuff
    19. 19. @OgilvyCT The need to provide genuine provocative, stimulating content. The Red Bull Stratos Jump. The Psy phenomenon. Dove “Real Beauty Sketches.” The rise of “branded content.”
    20. 20. @OgilvyCT We are not competing with the other ads anymore, we are competing with programming. On demand will replace the blanket 30”TV buy. The future is niche. People are just not that into us. Millennials most of all.
    21. 21. @OgilvyCT It might not be an ad. We might need an act or an app or an attitude. Marketers need to work higher up the decision making chain with clients Product development, software development, corporate culture shifts.
    22. 22. @OgilvyCT Integration will win. Collaboration and specialist skills will become crucial. The geek will not inherit the earth, but we will need him. (Programming / app / website builds are getting easier and will become the job of creatives. Big tech will be more niche)
    23. 23. @OgilvyCT Goodvertising is here to stay.
    24. 24. @OgilvyCT Brands will have to stand for something.
    25. 25. @OgilvyCT Authentic Voice. Authentic Stories. = The cynical masses are more likely to buy into you.
    26. 26. @OgilvyCT The little things might turn out to be the big things Small, brilliant ideas are magnified like nothing ever before. We need to be brave, to try things, to be noticed.
    27. 27. @OgilvyCT “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” George Bernard Shaw
    28. 28. @OgilvyCT The 10% of budget we devote to this can be a powerful multiplier for our brands.
    29. 29. @OgilvyCT Film is Still King 60% of all budgets are spent on film
    30. 30. @OgilvyCT Story telling is being lauded over more than ever
    31. 31. @OgilvyCT Film is no longer just a 30 second slot
    32. 32. @OgilvyCT The way people consume & create film has profoundly changed
    33. 33. @OgilvyCT
    34. 34. @OgilvyCT “We aren't in the technology business, we are in the fu*king creativity business.” George Lois. Cannes Lions 2013
    35. 35. @OgilvyCT Thanks from @OgilvyCT // @ChrisRawlinson // @MrChristiffa