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Pixt deck 5 21 13-PPT

  1. 1. Your content, live andshared where you want it.Mobile, tablet, web and TV
  2. 2. Touch, drag &arrange photosand videosEmbed PixtWalls on yoursite or blogClick photosand videos tozoom them upContent can besourced &moved betweenFacebook, Flickr, Picasa, YouTube etc.Pixt users create Pixt Walls. Live, collaborative, with a real world feel, these photo and video walls areviewable simultaneously on web, mobile, tablet and connected TV by everyone who has the wall open.Example: Coachella http://alpha.pixt.com/coachella2013Example: Maker Fair 2013 http://makerfaire.com/bayarea-2013/pixt/Example: Thumbs Up! http://alpha.pixt.com/thumbs-up_1Example: a brand wall for Marin Speed Shop http://alpha.pixt.com/mss
  3. 3. Our mission is to make digital photos and videos fun again by bringing them together intotouch based, social walls, easy to sort, to share and practical to manage.Photos connect us, and Pixt furthers that by focusing on collaboration around life’s events.Pixt is scalable so that life events can be highly personal, like your childs birthdayparty, mid sized like a wedding, and massively social like concerts, and sporting events.Pixt provides a solution for quickly creating walls collaboratively for all of these.By letting groups post together Pixt creates an unparalleled sharing platform. One personcan start a wall that others add to and view the real-time pulse of the web.Pixt was build as an integrated platform. This infrastructure allows content to be pulledfrom various cloud and social photo services and viewed in Pixt Walls. This allows Pixt tosimultaneously provide a unique front end experience, a social sharing platform and aphoto host.Pixt Walls simultaneously exist and be in interacted with on the Pixt site, embedded onsites and blogs across the web, on mobile (Android and Apple) and tablets creatingubiquitous access and distribution of content.
  4. 4. Pixt was established in 2011. Currently the company has 4 employees and a strong pool ofcontract help. It has offices on Kearney st. in San Francisco and in Marin.Pixt is a registered Delaware C-corpPixt has raised $500,000 of angel funding.Pixt was built as a backend platform first• Q2 2012: Pixt web product Alpha launched• Q1 2013: Android mobile and tablet launched• Q1 2013: Ipad launched• Q1 2013: Iphone launched• Q1 2013: Pixt used by photographers and attendees at a major event (coachella)• http://alpha.pixt.com/coachella2013• Q2 2013: Pixt adopted by first major event (maker faire) for real-time and post eventcontent viewing• http://makerfaire.com/bayarea-2013/pixt/
  5. 5. • The Pixt website has 16,000 users• Pixt returning visitors average visit duration is 10 minutes (00:09:55)• the Pixt Facebook App is growing by 146% m/m with 8,247 Monthly Active Users• Pixt Android Mobile applicationlaunched in March 2013• 39,000 installs• Average rating of 4.43 stars out of 5• Pixt Iphone app launched 5 2013
  6. 6. Chris Schmidt, co-founder, ceo4th start up. Sold first (Zowie) to LEGO. LeapFrog- Manager Content Strategy. Method- Sr. StrategistRon Sheridan, co-founder, cbdoco-founder Oversee.netDavid Williams, lead developer (sun microsystems)Alexei Barnes, developer (royal college)David Levine, technical advisor (Oracle)InvestorsFred Hsu, Manage.com; co-founder Oversee.netTheorem Ventures, Andy Getsey, James Hannon; Founders Atomic PRBill Mushkin, Name.comAdvisorsJames Pomerantz, photo editor, The New YorkerGreg Johnson, Executive Creative Director, William Morris EndeavorBrayton Johnson, Founder and coo, find the best; CEO WP Associates
  7. 7. By 2015 over 80% of handsets will be smart phones9 out of 10 US consumers own a tablet, smartphone or cellphone300 million photos are added to Facebook every dayInstagram has 90 million active users2012 Mobile M&A increased $59%, totaling $20.1 billion2013 Mobile app revenues surpassed $30B, doubling since 2011Pinterest – valuation 2.5BInstagram – purchased by Facebook for $1BThislife – raised $2.5M on a $10M valuation. 6 months later acquired by shutterflyErly – Kleiner Perkins backed. Purchased by AirtimeAlbumatic – 6 months old, raised $4.5MPixable – purchased by SingTel for $26.5MTumblr – purchased by Yahoo for $1.2B
  8. 8. Q3 2013• User acquisition• SEO and deep analytics integration with GA and MobileAppTracking• Backend scaling• Product iteration, testing, development• Pixt Brand Account dashboard• Brand account acquisition• Community activation feature development• API development• Print integrationQ4 2013• Photo and video re-aggregation and cloud back up (platform and/or partnerships)• E-commerce integration (shopping engine integration & affiliate accounts)Q1 2014• Facebook specific friend browser• Twitter specific visual tweet viewer• Google+ specific activity viewer
  9. 9. • Brand Accounts• Embedded white label walls distributed on brand sites and blogs• On premise and online digital signage / community walls• Brand product walls with transaction links• Embedded Facebook walls• Live event walls with account registration and analytics• Affiliate Partnerships• Storage partners- Photo and video backups through Pixt to the cloud• DropBox, Box.net, Google drive, Amazon• Print partners- Café press, Shutterfly, Snapfish, SmugMug• Affiliate Commissions:• Amazon, Ebay, Overstock• Advertising – Contextual add insertion into sponsored walls• Premium User Accounts, feature setsAchieving scale takes time. Pinterest was in business for 4 years before they capturedthe public imagination.Pixt believes that by simultaneously targeting brand exposure, event exposure and enduser adoption we can solidly grow an engaged user base.
  10. 10. Brand Accounts: three year projectionsThese projections are a roll up ofBrand accounts for• White label Walls• On Premise Walls• Brand Product Walls• Facebook Walls• Event WallsAffiliate Revenue: three year projectionsThese projections are a roll up ofAffiliate revenue for• Storage partners• Print Partners• Affiliate commissions
  11. 11. Runway:• Ensure a 8 to 12 month growth phasePlatform:• Iterative platform development and testing• Launch the Pixt API• Launch Pixt Brand PlatformMarketing:• SEO, SEM, Mobile ads, Facebook ads• Earned Marketing: Scale the Pixt Event presence with free / low cost walls to driveexposure• PR, SponsorshipsTeam• Addition of 2 developers• Addition of 2 marketing reps
  12. 12. Scenario 1: Massive user growth leading to M & ABy bringing an intuitive interface to the organization, and collaboration around photos andvideos Pixt positions itself at the intersection of digital photo sites, cloud storage, socialnetworks.Consumer apps represented 20% of the total Mobile M & A transactions 2012M&A exits achieved an average return of 7.5XScenario 2: Q4 profitabilityBy offering brands the ability to connect with their customers through user generatedcontent and content sharing Pixt will be able to aggressively pursue brand accountswhere Pixt is embedded on brand and event sites.Pixt has trial marketed the concept with Diageo and Universal Technical Institute.
  13. 13. Pixt is offering a convertible note Seed roundRaise:$750,000 with the option to raise an additional $500,000 on the roundCap:$5,000,000Discount:A 20% discount will be offered to the first $350,000 investedA 10% discount will be offered to the remainder of the roundInterest:6% Annual rate
  14. 14. Pixt is an experience, not a deck, so please let us know a time that we can show you itsunique look, feel and features.Pixt is live on all platforms, in Alpha release and growing. Jump on, make a wall and havefun with your photos again.To follow up please contactchris@pixt.com415 847 5868