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Modern middle east with Dr. Chris Lee


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Intro to the Modern Middle East w/ Dr. Chris Lee

Published in: News & Politics, Business
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Modern middle east with Dr. Chris Lee

  1. 1. Welcome to theModern Middle East!
  2. 2. American Missionaries in the Middle East
  3. 3. America’s Rising Influence The Moroccan Crisis
  4. 4. Balfour Declaration
  5. 5. The Fall of the Ottoman Empire World War I and the Armenian Genocide
  6. 6. British Influence in Iraq
  7. 7. Cold War & the Modern Middle East Map posted by the Univ ofMinnesota History Department
  8. 8. The Creation of Israel
  9. 9. The Suez Crisis
  10. 10. The Long history of the Middle East Central Oregon Comm College
  11. 11. Your Instructor• Chris Lee, Ph.D. in History, 2001• 23 years in the military• 2005 – present: National Geospatial- Intelligence Agency (NGA)• Ten years with Peru State College People say I look like Ben Franklin.