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Ppai Beach Bottoms Final Pressv2


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Beach Bottoms - The Ultimate Beach Blanket. Maximize your brand on the beach and outdoor venues.

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Ppai Beach Bottoms Final Pressv2

  1. 1. TM BEACH BOTTOMS is the first ever, under towel beach blanket specifically designed for maximum branding opportunities. With an unprecedented 8 imprint areas as well as edge-to-edge printing, BEACH BOTTOMS is available with up to 4 color imprints or 4 color process. Made from durable, lightweight stretch fabric, BEACH BOTTOMS stretches to over 85" x 65", yet folds back into small 8" x 10" self-attached branded pouch. • wind, water & sand resistant (sand spikes included) • 2 zippered storage pockets with iPod cord access • integrated inflatable head rest • ideal on sand or grass • ideal for corporate events, executive retreats, event room gifts BEACH BOTTOMS Inc. 900-429 Lenox Avenue, Miami Beach, FL, 33139 Tel: 305.537.3763 email: web: BEACH BOTTOMS is PATENT PENDING