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Channel 4 - Enlightening or Exploitative? As Media Studies


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Are channel 4 documentaries enlightening or exploitative?

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Channel 4 - Enlightening or Exploitative? As Media Studies

  1. 1. Channel 4- Documentaries Enlightening or Exploitive?
  2. 2. Big fat gypsy weddings This show broadcasts of different gypsy weddings across the country. Firstly, the show has thought to have caused a lot more hate towards the gypsy community after a lot of viewers are exposed to their private lives and not agreeing with the way in which they live and avoid tax. However, the show is thought to educate about the gypsy culture and how they live to help people create an understanding of why they live on the road. Overall, I believe the show is exploitative as it is creating more hate towards the gypsy culture.
  3. 3. The Undateables  The undateables is thought to be very exploitative as its revealing the struggles disabled people face trying to find a partner. However, reviews of the show consist of a lot reviews claiming the shows where ‘funny’ which isn’t the intentions of channel 4. This creates a laugh at the casts expense which could leave to later bullying once they have left the show which broadcasts embarrassing moments the people on the show have endured. On the other hand, it can make viewers realize that disabled people are not all that different to people without disabilities.  Overall, I believe this show is more exploitative opposed to enlightening as its potential for later bullying
  4. 4. Cure me I’m gay? The documentary “cure me I’m gay” pushes the boundaries of many religious and un-religious beliefs that homosexuality is wrong and should be cured. In the program it talks about how the show enlightens people into realizing homophobia is the issue and not homosexuality. 2544546/Cure-Im-gay-Embarrassing- Bodies-Dr-Christian-Jessen-tests-anti-homosexual- therapies-new-Channel-4- documentary.html 7FHrA
  5. 5. The cruel cut  This documentary is about ‘FGM’ also known as ‘female genital mutilation’ and the brutal religious ritual that girls as young as 5 have to go through and bringing to peoples attention so it can be stopped. After watching it myself I felt really enlightened afterwards as before I never even knew this went on in my own country. This documentary has raised a lot of awareness and a lot more action is now being taken to protect this from happening to any young girls in the future. GMYps
  6. 6.  Overall some Channel 4 documentaries are enlightening but some also exploit the people on the show for viewers entertainment and profit which is seen as very morally wrong.