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Food truck ppt[1]


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Urban Rhetoric powerpoint

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Food truck ppt[1]

  1. 1. Chris PhanekhamChef Driven Food Truck Park
  2. 2. Identified Problem Many creative capitols in America, such as San Francisco, L.A. and Austin, have multiple dedicated locations for their respective food truck booms. The DFW metroplex has a rapidly expanding food truck industry but Fort Worth lacks a centralized location in an area with heavy foot traffic where these trucks can convene.
  3. 3. Proposed Solution I propose that we build a food truck park: a designated location where the various food trucks in the metroplex can meet in a centralized area that is appealing to even the most discerning eaters. The park would be nicely landscaped; it would have ergonomically placed sidewalks surrounded by green space that all meet in the center where a pavilion would be situated. This would increase the visual appeal of the park rather than just using a blank parking lot.
  4. 4. Site Overview
  5. 5. Proposed Changes - Demolition - Landscaping parking areas - Picnic tables - Covered dining areas - Landscaped prairie with Texas plants - Contoured sidewalks - Gazebo - Playground - Restrooms
  6. 6. Cost Projections Average cost for a block on the more populated end of Magnolia, including structures - $900,000 My plot has few buildings and is currently less trafficked. This could reduce the cost to around $500,000. Similar project in Dallas cost around $1.3 million. Mine would be nicer and have more amenities, but be cheaper to develop than a lot in Downtown Dallas, so the cost will be around the same. Total costs will be roughly $1.8 – 2 million. Costs can be offset by charging 15% of sales. If there are 12 trucks and they each make $1,000 in a day, the park could take in $1,800 (more if the site is popular). Additional revenue could come from alcohol if a liquor license is able to be acquired, and also from renting out the gazebo or charging for bands to play. Park could pay for initial costs in 3-4 years.
  7. 7. Dimensions of Urban Design One of the main factors is aesthetic appeal which is a visual dimension. It will promote openness and defined space through landscaped prairie areas and nice a nice view of the Fairmount district. It also touches on the perceptual dimension with its sense of place being very Texan.
  8. 8. Possible civic complaints Noise – This shouldn’t be a huge concern because there are very few houses in the close proximity of the park. Also, there would not be a concert every day, or even every week. Parking – Parking on the street is legal. There is ample street space, as well as a few free garages a few blocks down. Alcohol – This location will be no different than the other many bars and BYOB restaurants that line this street. It might even be safer because it will have to close earlier than the bars.
  9. 9. Conclusion My park falls under the “diversity and choice” aspect of urban, providing 3 different major functions for citizens.1- Communal gathering place (centered aroundcuisine)2 – Open space for walking and relaxing3 – Event area where concerts and public gatheringscan take place