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Expansion Slot


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A basic description of the expansi

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Expansion Slot

  1. 1. Expansion Slot• Socket on the motherboard that can hold an adapter card
  2. 2. Adapter Card• Expansion Card• Circuit board that enhances functions of a component of the system unit and provideos connections to peripherals
  3. 3. Peripheral• Device that connect to the system unit• Controlled by processor in the computer• Eg: Modems, disk drivers, printers , scanner, keyboard
  4. 4. Sound Card• Enhance the sound generating capabilities• By allowing sound to be input through a microphone and output through external speaker and headphones
  5. 5. Video card• Called a graphics card• Converts computer output into a video signal• Travel through cable to monitor,display the image on the screen
  6. 6. Removable Flash Memory• Hot plugging• Insert and remove the removable flash memory while computer is running• Eg: Memory cards, USB flash drive, PC Cards, ExpressCard module
  7. 7. Memory Card• Removable flash memory device• Insert and remove from a slot in a personal computer, game console, mobile device, card reader• smart phones, digital cameras ,portable media player
  8. 8. USB flash drive• Plug in a USB port on a computer or mobile device
  9. 9. PC Card Slot/Expansion Card Slot• Hold a PC Card or an ExpressCard module
  10. 10. PC Card• Thin, credit card-sized removable flash memory device• Enable traditional notebook computers and Tablet PCs to access the Internet wirelessly
  11. 11. ExpressCard module• Adds memory, communications, multimedia, and security capabilities to computer
  12. 12. THEEND