Cape Town Kite Surfari


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Ten day kitesurfari trips starting from Cape Town. Epic Cape Town kitesurfing holidays. Sign up now!

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Cape Town Kite Surfari

  1. 1. AFRICAN KITE SAFARIS2.0 5 TRIPS 10 FULL DAYS EXTREME ADVENTURE THE REASON WHY DEPARTURE DATES LIMITED SPOTS There is such a large January 8, 2012 To keep the safaris variety of kite January 22, 2012 personal, only 7 beaches and wind February 5, 2012 spots are available conditions in the February 19, 2012 per safari. These region, that only March 4, 2012 spots WILL sell out. local knowledge can People are already get you wind almost booking spots NOW. everday of your kite holiday.
  2. 2. 2011/2012 THE KITE LIFE Definition: Experiencing wind, waves and kitesurfing vibe in WHICH AFRICAN PATH TO TAKE? AFRICAN KITESURFING SAFARIS2.O FROM CAPE TOWN Ten days of exploring 20+ kitesurfing spots starting from Cape Town...and to take it to the next level in excitement, you get to do the most exciting sports we could find around Cape Town. Cape Town is one of best kitesurfing other direction. In the evenings, you will staylocations in the world, and by far the best in a mix of beach front accommodations tokiteboarding location in South Africa. With local hostels, depending on the area we areover 20 kiting spots in this part of South in.Africa, there is a beach suitable for every Each morning, we pack up thetype of kiteboarder; from epic waves to Mercedes cruiser and head to our next kitebutter flat riding spots. Every year between beach. With wind blowing in your face weNovember and March the worlds will cruise down the famous South Africanprofessional kitesurfers flock to Cape Town highways feeling the kite life. Once we getto train. Cape Town is blessed with 5-6 to that spot of the day, you may join in ourdays of wind per week for kiteboarding. FREE 2 hour small group kiteboard lesson.Wind often starts around 11 am at 13-15 This is so you will advance as a kitesurferknots and steadily builds throughout the over your safari and go home with nothingday to around 35 knots, allowing for but big ass smiles on your face. After thewhatever type of wind you want for kiteboard lessons if you chose to partake, Adrenaline Boosterskiteboarding. you spend the rest of the day kitesurfing the To make your kiteboard vacation to fabulous Cape Town even more The safaris will focus on kitesurfing for waves or butter flat water, chilling, eating, memorable, we have createdintermediate and advanced kiters, but will kiteboarding, relaxing and hopefully Adrenaline Boosters. Including butalso have a mega-mix of Adrenaline kiteboarding some more. Driving home not limited to skydiving, abseiling,Boosters. afterwards, you will definitely fall asleep in shark cage-diving, a game You will use Cape Town as a base The Kite Life stylin’ Mercedes and when you reserve and a township experience for the morningscamp, but you will go out for 2 or 3 days to open your eyes, you will be back to have a before the wind starts. Allget the maximum amount of kitesurfing and few beers with our new found friends and included in the price.Adrenaline Boosters, then head out in the swap kiteboarding stories. Email: WANT TO SEE MORE TESTIMONIALS? CLICK HERE
  3. 3. You will explore the kiteable spots from Paternoster to Mossel Bay -indulging in culture and adventure sports to create great memories... 10 FULL days of kitesurfing a different spot each day along with shark cage diving, game reserve, township experience and other insane adventures for ONLY 1049 Euros SUNSET SESSION ON DAY 2 IN LANGEBAAN Email: WANT TO SEE MORE TESTIMONIALS? CLICK HERE
  4. 4. All the maps have been researched, all the accommodations have been booked, all the adrenaline boosting reservations have been only need to show up, leave reality behind and experience life as a professional athlete for 10 days...SAFARI ITINERARY DAY 1 DAY 2 DAY 3 DAY 4 8am - Tandem 10am Morning 8am Big-5 Game 8am Drive to skydiving near hike in nature Reserve Witsands. Cape Town reserve. 1pm:6pm - Kiting 12pm:6pm - 1pm:5pm - Get 1pm:5pm - More in scenic Kitesurf on the warmed up with fun kiting in mountain lakes flattest water you a flat water kite Langebaan. will ever see. session. Evening beers Drive back and and sleep in Sleep in Sleep in sleep in Table Table View. Witsands. Langebaan. View.SAFARI ITINERARY DAY 5 DAY 6 DAY 7 DAY 8 Sleep in...Spend 9am Drive to 9am Explore to 9am Shark cage the morning Cape Agulhas. the southern diving near enjoying the most point of Hermanus. beauty of 1pm:5pm - Kiting Africa. Witsands before the various 3pm: Cable park another beaches in the 1pm:5pm - Trek freestyle training afternoon of area. off-road to some or kiting in insane kiting. of the remote but Strand. Sleep in Cape windy lakes in Sleep in Agulhas. the area. Sleep in Table Witsands. View. Sleep in Cape Agulhas.SAFARI ITINERARY DAY 9 DAY 10 Testimonial 9am Abseiling 9am Township Cape Town with The Kite Life down stunning cultural which was an amazing Table Mountain. experience. experience! Gabe is a really good kite instructor, who gave me a lot 12pm:6pm - 12pm:6pm - of useful tips during the trip. We Kiting around Downwinder from also went to some great spots that Table View Dolphin Beach I would never have found myself, to Doodles bar and we had good accommodation Sleep in Table for some post all the places. So yeah, very View safari beers recommendable :-) Tobias Storm, Denmark We will try to adhere to this itinerary as much as possible, but ultimately we are all about finding the best wind Endorsement I got to meet with Gabe from The Kite Life and a couple of their guests when i was back in my home country South Africa for few weeks and was fortunate enough to tag along. I was super impressed with the professionalism and hospitable service that they gave making sure that your stay is as comfortable and stress free as possible, even the price is a bargain for what you get; definitely an all in one adventure where memories are priceless for what you pay. I highly recommend The Kite Life to my friends and anyone wanting an adventure of a life time. Clinton Bolton, professional kitesurfer Email: WANT TO SEE MORE TESTIMONIALS? CLICK HERE
  5. 5. DETAILS Price Standard Package = 1049 Euros. This price includes daily accommodations, complete transportation, full time coaching, a shark cage dive, a visit to a game reserve and a cultural tour of a township. Massive Air Package = 1149 Euros. -Standard Package PLUS Skydiving OR Abseiling. Insane Air Package = 1229 Euros. Standard Package PLUS Skydiving AND Abseiling - The ULTIMATE in adrenaline! Departure Dates January 8, 2012 January 22, 2012 February 5, 2012 February 19, 2012 March 4, 2012 Reservation You have two options to reserve your spot on an African Kite Safari: 1) Give a 10% (non-refundable) deposit payable by pay pal, credit card or wire transfer. 2) Email a copy of your confirmed flight reservation directly to The Kite Life. Payment Upon the start of the course, you have 36 hours to pay The Kite Life via PayPal, credit card or cash the remainder of your balance. This is so you can confirm we are a legitimate operation. Group discount Contact directly for details. Accommodations A mix of surf-lodges and guest houses for class and a social atmosphere. All accommodations will be double occupancy rooms. We will be staying at the following: Table View: Salty Crax Surf Lodge - Cape Agulhas: Cape Agulhuas Backpackers & Kite Lodge - Witsands: Barry’s Accommodations - Other accommodations at destinations where ever the wind takes us...Why version 2.0?The safaris are version 2.0 What is includedbecause in one kitesurfing Daily accommodations (based on double occupancy). daily transportationholiday, you get to go to a game from 08:00 Day 1 until 20:00 Day 10. Daily two hour group lesson. All dayreserve, shark cage dive and kite tips. Shark cage diving. Game reserve visit. Township culturalother adventure sports. All for experience. *PRIVATE ROOM UPGRADES AVAILABLE WITH PRIORjust 1049 Euros! Kiters have NOTICE. *ABSEILING & SKYDIVING UPGRADES AVAILABLE.already booked the first safari fulland are actively booking the What is NOT includedfollowing safaris...don’t wait until Flights. Meals. Accommodation on night of Day’s too late... Kite gear, although we will have gear for hire(rent) if needed. Email: WANT TO SEE MORE TESTIMONIALS? CLICK HERE
  6. 6. FlightsCape Town International Airport serves both domestic and internationalflights. It is the second-largest airport in South Africa and serves as a majorgateway for travelers to the Cape region. Cape Town has direct flights to mostcities in South Africa as well as a number of international destinations. Flyingtime is around 12 hours, but if you sleep on the overnight journey, you’ll bebright-eyed and without jet lag on arrival; as the time difference fromsomewhere like London is only 2 hours.VisaFor stays of up to 90 days, visitors from Europe and the USA require only apassport, which needs to be valid for at least another six months. Make surethat at least two to three pages are left blank for official stamps as you may By taking a safari with The Kiteotherwise be refused entry. A valid return ticket is required upon entry. If you Life, you join a select few whointend to stay longer than 90 days in South Africa, you can extend your Visa simply want the best out of life.up to another 90 days. You are not scared to chase yourSafety passion of life and kitesurfing. WeSouth Africas major cities have received much negative publicity about crime, have not set a rock bottom priceand while there is a high degree of media hype, it can still be a problem and on these safaris because we arewe would not be fulfilling our duty to make you aware of this. On the other not trying to get every singlehand, some people imply that to visit Cape Town will almost inevitably result in intermediate and advancedyou falling victim to crime. This is simply not true. According to the South kitesurfer to reserve a spot. ThisAfrican Police Service “Cape Towns crimes usually take place in suburban is an awesome product and we’lltownships rather than in the more upscale urban areas where tourists visit. be damned if we let anyone haveMost of the Cape Town area’s violent crimes happen between people who it who hasn’t got the passion andknow one another..." guts to run with it. We want doers, not buyers.Health issuesCape Town is clean and developed and you dont need to worry about You can reserve your Africancontracting rare African diseases here. The water is drinkable (from the taps) Kitesurf Safaris 2.0 spot for onlyand there is no risk of Malaria or similar diseases. It is not necessary to get 999 Euros. There are 25 spotsany special vaccinations. Medical services are of a relatively high standard available over the 5 departurecompared with other African cities. dates. You can reserve your spot at www.thekitelife.comLanguagesWhile the most commonly spoken language in Cape Town is Afrikaans,English is most commonly understood here. But, as English is only one ofSouth Africa’s 11 official languages, a strong vernacular has developed, andEnglish-speaking visitors might have a hard time recognizing some of the Withoutwords. But Cape Town is a friendly bunch of people, so if you’re totally passion you dontconfused, just ask and soon you’ll be speaking South African “now now”! have energy, without energy you haveSIM cards nothing.You can buy a sim card for your mobile phone at any supermarket or cell Donald Trumpphone shop for very cheap (one or two Euros). Almost every supermarket orpetrol station sells recharge vouchers to top up your phone.Kite repairCape Town has several top-notch kite repair businesses. You can also getparts and supplies for most major brands in Cape Town.What to bringValid passport. Camera with plenty of memory. Personal medications. Travelinsurance is optional. Light jacket as evenings can be cool. Electrical adapter.What NOT to bringUnnecessary jewelry, watches, expensive belongings, etc. Email: WANT TO SEE MORE TESTIMONIALS? CLICK HERE
  7. 7. WHO IS THE CREATOR OF THE KITE LIFE?This is the story of a businessman who sets out to kitesurf around the globe. Meet Gabe Webber, a hedgefund economist who replaced a neat office routine with a life of adventure and adrenaline.Dropping his safe job and home within only 3 weeks, Gabe is now living the dream many wish to reach – a lifedominated by wind and waves. Three years and four continents later, the IKO kiteboard instructor is living proof thatchasing your passion can be easy and highly rewarding.Throughout the years as a clever and versatile traveling IKO instructor, Gabe carefully examined the kitesurf industry.Using his economics background, he gathered research material and evaluated trends.With a rapidly growing group of intermediate and advanced kitesurfers around the globe, Gabe’s decision to cater tothis specific target group opens new opportunities in kitesurf travel. His recently created company, The Kite Life, offers alarge variety of kite safaris - always off the beaten track and always with that extra kick of adrenaline.The safaris are made for people who are, above all, interested in kiting unique spots with high caliber coaches, but whoalso crave for a more adventurous and cultural experience.Gabe Webber has gathered a large amount of expert kitesurf and travel knowledge, from cold big wave water in SouthAfrica to warm flat-water bays in the Caribbean.After many adventures seeking for new spots, he is now ready to share this knowledge with you. That is what The KiteLife is all about – joining the true kitesurf lifestyle and indulging in adrenaline and culture on a daily basis.(Written by Alma Buchli) Personifying THE KITE Embarrassing Kite Moment LIFE... One day I showed up to kite at my local beach on St.Croix in the Virgin Islands and there were several pro’s there to ride. I wanted to show off so bad that I tried a trick I had been working on and ripped my board shorts right down middle! Good thing the photographers weren’t snapping me that day. Me...Gabe Webber The Kite Life promise Favorite Kite Beaches Gabe Webber While on your kitesurfing safari with • Mancora, Peru 5694 Mission Center Road, #372 • St.Croix, Virgin Islands us, the Kite Life Crew and I San Diego, CA 90123 • The Gorge, Oregon personally promise to do • Cape Town, S.A. +1-561-922-6176 everything possible to exceed your Favorite Tricks expectations.  • Mega-kiteloops on windy days • Techinical transitions • Kiting waves that are way too big Testimonial Gabe is a truly excellent, knowledgeable and helpful instructor who I will always thank for properly introducing me to kiteboarding -- an adventure which started back in Costa Rica. Hes patient, chill, extremely well-traveled (with lots of stories and advice) and a great guy to have a drink with after a long day on the water. One and a half years later Ive kited on 5 continents! Eric Schute - New York City Email: WANT TO SEE MORE TESTIMONIALS? CLICK HERE