Apps: Create, Consume, Be cool...


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A presentation on the apps I use daily to create, consume and have fun. Also some updated statistics in the world of mobile and some thoughts on B2B mobile. Presented to the E3 Network at the 2011 E3 AGM in Budapest.

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  • Apps: Create, Consume, Be cool...

    1. 1. Apps: Create, Consume, Be cool...
    2. 2. A few stat updates to start...• ere are 5.3 billion mobile subscribers world wide. ats around 77% of theworlds population.• is year over 85% of new handsets worldwide will have mobile web access.• 1 in 5 people have access to fast mobile internet (3G or better)• Within the next 5 years mobile web access will overtake desktop web access. (by2015)• Expenditure on global moble marketing and advertising is expected to grow to US$ 38 billion by 2015. Was US$ 3.6 billion in 2009!• World’s most downloaded app is the Facebook app which is actually a mobile webapplication (downloaded over 100 million times).
    3. 3. Create:• Dropbox/DropDev; sharing and storing of files• Keynote, Pages; document creation and updating through WebDav• ioughtsHD/Sketchbook; mapping out an interactive strategy/ideas• Wunderlist; love working off a check list can be updates anywhere• Wordpress; keep my blog in order (keep a dra and send it)
    4. 4. Consume:• Twitter/Hoot Suite; updating, searching, news feeds, etc• Evernote; if I see a nice page during the day at work to read at night. Store at work read at home!• Flipboard; a beatiful social magazine• Kindle App; my preferred app for reading• iBooks; for storing PDF’s and reading from dropbox• iCabMobile - e best mobile web browser• Wikipedia• WeatherPro HD
    5. 5. Be Cool:• Games, fun, interesting.• Angry Birds and Paper Toss HD. Addictive time consumers• Real Racing HD• GarageBand - e band Gorillaz created an entire album using GarageBand for iPad• Dragon Dictation; ideas, updates , tweets a large cool factor• Zattoo HD - free television
    6. 6. Apps for B2B (Native, Web or Hybrid)A Forbes survey found that 53% of U.S. executives use sponsored B2B apps, and 52%have B2B apps they have paid to use. (professionals are a highly engaged mobileaudience)• Start with planning a mobile optimised website (reduced concise content)• An app to re-order a component or part.• Interactive sales tools for Tablet devices (Apple just implemented this store-wide)• Bar code scanning app for inventory systems etc.• Machine operation troubleshooting app• Enable greater personal productivity and connectivity• Dashboard tool to simplify soware processes
    7. 7. Shameless plug for
    8. 8. It’s a handheld future! Thank you