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Slides from Creative Ideas, Insights & Trends: Innovation to Go. Session C103 @ Computers In Libraries (CILDC) conference, March 21, 2012. Washington, DC. Presented by Chris Olson, Chris Olson & Associates.

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  • How Companies Increase Innovation -
  • A marketing perspective Talk parameters– become Steve Jobs... ha. ha. how I define innovation – more than a bunch of ideas. It why I use marketing as a guide- because it covers all aspects of LIS operations– facilities, staffing, products, placements, Don’t forget that innovative ideas can come from the unmet customer needs and preferences. But it’s a catch22. Steve Jobs.... they don’t know what they want until they see it. They can’t always imagine how something could be different from what they already know. needs of customers. Get to know your customers better. Spend more time with them. Really get to understand their dreams so you can help fulfill those dreamsNOT talking about how to manage innovation. Categories for an LIS innovation pipeline Lots of perspectives but here are a few products - A product or service is merely a means to an end. The real deeper value lies in the storyattached. Customer journeys. An open letter that answers “how does it feel to be a customer of this library/lis?” services positioning (differenciation, competitive superiority) Customer experience. Product/service delivery
  • . Analytics is seen as the competitive differentiator — perhaps the only competitive differentiator — between companies competing in the new global realm.IBM’s Watson defeated two reigning Jeopardy! champions, demonstrating that artificial intelligence has matured to a point where it can address queries in areas relating to business intelligence, medicine, engineering, and more. Expect to see more systems capable of responding to natural-language queries supporting decision-making across a variety of disciplines and industry areas.The New York Times’ Tom Friedman described it as the emerging DIY economy, made possible through “the mass diffusion of low-cost, high-powered innovation technologies — from hand-held computers to Web sites that offer any imaginable service — plus cheap connectivity. They are transforming how business is done.” It’s all about self-service, and the ability to start, fund and staff businesses through online resources.4. massive data center power for businesses.Crowdsourcers. turning to online resources for new ideas or to solve tough business problems. From digitizing library collections to prediction markets, online resources and collective talent will be brought to bear on many areas. One example is prediction markets — there are external markets, but organizations will be increasing applying their own internal markets to help drive decision making.  Internally, organizations may have thousands of employees and petabytes worth of information — prediction markets and crowdsourced competitions may help capture that knowledge efficiently.6) Smartphones. disruptive technology... cameras, portable music players, video games, GPS devices, PCs, watches, remote controls, alarm clocks,7. 7) 3D printers. Greater efficiencies through IT, combined with eEmerging developments such as 3D printing brings more production back to North America.  Research by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) suggests that production of transportation goods such as vehicles and auto parts, electrical equipment including household appliances, and furniture will soon return to US shores. The most promising new concept with the greatest implications for manufacturing and production, however, is “desktop manufacturing,” made possible by 3D printing. If 3D printing takes hold, mass production within the US could be far cheaper than producing and shipping products from overseas.8 ) Games. Gartner predicts that 50% of organizations that manage innovation processes will gamify those processes by 2015,9.Not enought talent.... new priorities now occupy the business leaders’ agendas: driving innovation, and finding the right talent to drive that innovation. A majority of business leaders say looming skills shortages is a big issue: Two-thirds say they face a “limited supply of candidates with the right skills,” However, organizations have been stingy with support for training — which would close a lot of the skills gaps now being experienced.10) Social responsibility. Companies are far more transparent now, thanks to information technology and social media. This calls for a new type of relationship with the world.
  • If the animation on this slide didn’t work for you, go to the very last slides in this deck and you’ll see separate slides for this stacked one.
  • SmartPlanet (CBS interactive.... CBS news)At SmartPlanet, you will find thought-provoking progressive ideas on diverse topics that intersect with technology, business, and life, and matter to the world at large. Whether you are making technology decisions for your business, or eco-conscious decisions for your home, SmartPlanet will give you the 360° coverage you need to feel informed and connected to the news and information that matters to you. Our content, and that from our partners, will help you stay ahead of the curve and recognize innovative and practical opportunities for your lives and your businesses.
  • TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design. Since then its scope has become ever broader. Along with two annual conferences -- the TED Conference in Long Beach and Palm Springs each spring, and the TEDGlobal conference in Edinburgh UK each summer -- TED includes the award-winning TEDTalks video site, the Open Translation Project and TED Conversations, the inspiring TED Fellows and TEDx programs, and the annual TED Prize.Innosight is a global innovation and strategy consulting firm.We are the leading authority on disruptive innovation. We collaborate with companies to devise growth strategies, build innovation capabilities, and create products and services that improve people’s lives.
  • Doesn’t seem to stray too far from the comfort zone.
  • QR codes are just the beginning.
  • A lot of hype but samples show good trend caching.
  • Imagination is the more important than knowledge. Albert Einstein. YEAH!
  • If a designer presented this for your logo design, what would you do? Honestly. And you want to think outside the box? This is your first step.
  • Look what this library has done!
  • Think Tank.
  • Ping is a garment that connects to your Facebook account wirelessly and from anywhere. It allows you to stay connected to your friends and groups of friends simply by performing natural gestures that are built into the mechanics of the garments we wear. Lift up a hood, tie a bow, zip, button, and simply move, bend and swing to ping your friends naturally and automatically. No phone, no laptop, no hardware. Simply go about your day, look good and stay connected.very cool. I can see e-fabric being using as wallpaper. Put a library on your ceiling and read in bed.
  • This is book looks to answer the question, "Can Innovation really be routine?" This book not only answers that questions but actually gets into the details of "How". The title of the book is "How Breakthroughs Happen" and Hargadon definitely successfully explains the `How'. He doesn't proclaim that it is easy, but he does give a road map of how to achieve innovation through technology brokering, he even explains the different paths that apply to different types of companies. This book is ambitious since it is going to go in the face of popular belief that innovation is the sole province of geniuses. But it also isn't just another create an "innovative work space" through giving break/games rooms, adding free soda machines and providing all employees with Herman Miller chairs! This isn't a superficial answer to innovation; you can't just throw money at this and hope that innovation will just happen! But follow his rules and strategies you should be able to create an environment where recombinant ideas can flourish.The central thesis of the book is that Innovation can be achieved through some best practices but first companies need to overcome the romantic preconception that innovation is the sole province of lone geniuses. Hargadon is a social scientist that has been researching innovation for the past decade. He explores the concept of technology brokering and creating Innovation factories a subject he first wrote about in a Harvard Business Review article - Building an Innovation Factory.(Building the Innovation Factory (email to request a copy)With R. I. Sutton (2000), Harvard Business Review, May-June. )
  • Good questions! Tough to answer honestly.
  • Happy Innovating!
  • Included as separate files just incase the animation doesn’t work for you.
  • Included as separate files just incase the animation doesn’t work for you.
  • Chris Olson Innovation2Go CIL2012 Conf Preso

    1. 1. Creative Ideas, Insights, & Trends: Innovationto Go Session C103: March 21, 1:30 – 2:30 pm Computers In Libraries 2012 Presented by Chris Olson, MLS, MAS, FSLA Chris Olson & Associates
    2. 2. Overview  LIS innovation pipelines  Sources, sandboxes & radar screens  The innovation edge: Trends  Imagination  When all else fails...2© 2012 Chris Olson & Associates
    3. 3. © 2012 Chris Olson & Associates 3
    4. 4. In Search of Innovation  Those ideas, however, don‟t really come from nowhere. Instead, they are typically at theedge of a company’s radar screen, and sometimes a bit beyond: trends in peripheral industries...  ...To be truly innovative, companies sometimes have to change their frames of reference, extend their search space. New ways of thinking and organization can be required as well. In Search of Innovation When companies try to come up with new ideas, they too often look only where they always look. That won’t get them anywhere. JUNE 22, 2009 INNOVATION4© 2012 Chris Olson & Associates
    5. 5. LIS Innovation Pipelines  Customers  Competitors  Products  Services  Delivery  Marketplace position (differenciation, competitive superiority)5© 2012 Chris Olson & Associates
    6. 6. Smart Planet/Business Brains (Blog) “10 game-changing business innovations for 2012” 1. Analytics competitor differentiator 2. Watsons IBM 3. Do-it-yourselfers... DIY Economy 4. Cloud 5. Crowdsourcers 6. Smartphones 7. 3D printers... desktop manufacturing .mass production 8. Games 9. Talent (not enough of it)... human capital 10. Social responsibility 10 game-changing business innovations for 2012 By Joe McKendrick | December 20, 2011.6© 2012 Chris Olson & Associates
    7. 7. The Top Six Innovation Ideas of 2011  Contestification  Open up to innovators  Keep Touching Me and Ill Screen!  Thats Quite A Coup, Onward Group!  eCoupons  From Farmville to Pharmville: We Got Game in Business  A Beautifully Designed Lobby  WWWabs  (IdeaScale) HBR Blog Network7 MICHAEL SCHRAGE, December 16, 2010© 2012 Chris Olson & Associates
    8. 8. Innovation Sandbox http://ideascale.com8© 2012 Chris Olson & Associates
    9. 9. Scouting Innovation Lists© 2012 Chris Olson & Associates
    10. 10. Fast Company Innovation10© 2012 Chris Olson & Associates
    11. 11. Smart Planet http://www.smartplanet.com11© 2012 Chris Olson & Associates
    12. 12. Other Radar Screens  TED   Ideas worth Spreading  1984 Technology, Entertainment, Design  Innosight  e.htm  Strategy & Innovation articles  Collaborative innovation. Joining forces.12© 2012 Chris Olson & Associates
    13. 13. Journal of Library Innovation Yawn....13© 2012 Chris Olson & Associates
    14. 14. Trends for the Innovation Edge   Free monthly briefing14© 2012 Chris Olson & Associates
    15. 15. Trends for the Innovation Edge   TrendReport sample ( see my Slideshare)  CROWDSOURCED-- ideas from 95,876 trend spotters in 190 countries  Get past the snakeoil15© 2012 Chris Olson & Associates
    16. 16. 16© 2012 Chris Olson & Associates
    17. 17. Wait...!  Is innovation an “innovation opportunity” for LIS?  There‟s a “big global „idea machine‟ that is revolutionizing opportunities for innovative thinking.” whats-to-come-in-the-year-to-come/#.T2Z8kMz9NVU17© 2012 Chris Olson & Associates
    18. 18. “ Imagination is more important than knowledge. ... For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.” Albert Einstein  Is this the next LIS service frontier?18© 2012 Chris Olson & Associates
    19. 19. 19© 2012 Chris Olson & Associates
    20. 20. Anythink Libraries, Colorado© 2012 Chris Olson & Associates
    21. 21. Anythink Libraries, Colorado21© 2012 Chris Olson & Associates
    22. 22. When All Else Fails ... Google  2012....Google alerts  select your industry  pick other industries  Safe... Information delivery services: e- news, e-publishers, technology, education  Out there... food & beverage, lodging, car rentals, entertainment, auto, fashion... fabric  2012 Innovations in... fabric  smart fabric– wearable electronic fabric (eFabric)  Social networking garment. Ping© 2012 Chris Olson & Associates
    23. 23. Classic Read How Breakthroughs Happen: The Surprising Truth About How Companies Innovate Harvard Business School Press, 2003. ”...Can Innovation really be routine?" This book not only answers that question but actually gets into the details of "How”... ... creating Innovation factories a subject he first wrote about in a Harvard Business Review article - Building an Innovation Factory.© 2012 Chris Olson & Associates
    24. 24. Question Your Assumptions  Ask questions that challenge. Evaluation what you do, how you do it, and who you do it for.  What situation do you know will never happen to your library?  What situation is so outside the realm of possibility that there is no need to prepare for it on any level?  What would be the effect on your business if it did happen?  How would you respond and what would you do? Beyond the Obvious: Killer Questions That Spark Game-Changing24 Innovation.Phil McKinney. Hyperion. February 7, 2012© 2012 Chris Olson & Associates
    25. 25. Chris Olson Pinterest: Look for the CIL 2012 board Twitter: @COAnote Facebook: ChrisOlsonAssoc Slideshare: • 410.827.5642 • Grasonville, Maryland 2163825© 2012 Chris Olson & Associates
    26. 26. Fast Company Innovation26© 2012 Chris Olson & Associates
    27. 27. Fast Company Innovation27© 2012 Chris Olson & Associates