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Advance Inspections


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Advance Inspections

  1. 1. Advance Inspections, LLC Inspected Once, Inspected Right Larry Treadway Certified Home Inspector Lic#845
  2. 2. Who Gets an Inspection?  Buyers= 95%  Seller Inspections have increased by 27% Why let the buyer have the advantage?  Owners 5%
  3. 3. Who should have an Inspection?  Seller The greatest benefit can be achieved by the seller having an inspection prior to the listing. A thorough inspection and follow up repairs can prevent costly renegotiations and last minute delays.  Buyer/Investor A benefit of a thorough inspection will reveal the true nature of the condition of the property. A thorough inspection can be considered “Full Disclosure”.  Owner(Absent) Owners can benefit from knowing the true condition of the property
  4. 4. Why should the Seller pay for an Inspection?
  5. 5. Pre-listing inspections  Sell your house faster  Sell your house for more money  Sell your house with less hassle
  6. 6. Seller Inspections are a Win-Win-Win-Win
  7. 7. Home Inspection Licensing Act