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Developing Mobile Apps with Office365


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Enterprise mobility, with a call-to-arms on the mobile revolution, and a view of Microsoft offerings (Xamarin), and vendor products such as K2 and Sitrion...

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Developing Mobile Apps with Office365

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  3. 3. 1 Min Tablet Many Disruptions Get Notified Check it Take action Move on Desktop Personal Context Phone 7 Mins
  4. 4. Are enterprises ready ? Enterprise Mobility
  5. 5. Microsoft Enterprise Mobility
  6. 6. Azure Mobile Apps Enterprise Mobility
  7. 7. Xamarin Enterprise Mobility
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Microsoft PowerApps Enterprise Mobility
  10. 10. K2 SmartForms Enterprise Mobility
  11. 11. Sitrion ONE Enterprise Mobility
  12. 12. Sitrion AppBuilder for Visual Studio
  13. 13. • True native apps • Pre-built use cases • Enterprise integrations • Secure BYOD • Development tools • Cloud backbone
  14. 14. Leave Request App Rapidly configure and distribute a Leave Request App
  15. 15. • Connectors for • SAP ERP • Oracle • Microsoft SharePoint • Dynamics CRM • Microsoft SQL Server • Microsoft Exchange • Office 365 • Salesforce • REST / SOAP • and more…
  16. 16. Salesforce REST Office365 iOS REST Sharepoint SAP Android Windows Phone JSON/REST over HTTPS Hub API Call (RFC) The Hub uses Azure Service Bus to communicate with the cloud Sitrion ONE Cloud is Built on Azure SP Runtime Libraries .NET Cloud Hub (Azure) –> SaaS
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  18. 18. Sitrion ONE demo Enterprise Mobility
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  20. 20. Demo Enterprise Mobility
  21. 21. Use Cases Enterprise Mobility
  22. 22. Mobile News Ditribution Distribute key news in the Intranet and on personal smartphones without any extra step. Just share it via the SharePoint newslist and it automatically gets into the productivity stream of every employee. Mobile Interaction Complex administrative routines like benefits enrollment or business transformation events like M&A, strategy or leadership changes often generate a lot of unasked questions. Give them an easy way to ask a question or call someone for help - and see engagement thrive. Mobile Sharing Engage more employees and empower them to share news, pictures as well as questions in your Social Intranet.
  23. 23. Mobile Blog Channel Do you have great blog content but frustrated no one is reading it? Now you can push blogs to everyone’s mobile device allowing them to „read it wherever they are by making it stand out instead of getting lost in email and other communication channels.“ Mobile People Search Finding a phone number or an email of a colleague should be easy, right? What about trying to find an expert on a certain subject? Now you can access relevant data about your colleagues from your smartphone within seconds. Mobile Q&A As you prepare for your next company event allow employees to interact right from their mobile device. Solicit questions during your next company meeting and have them answered in real time. As you prepare for your next company event allow employees to interact right from their device. Solicit questions during your next company meeting and have them answered in real time
  24. 24. Mobile Notifications & Alerts Ensure that your employees never miss another important communication. Distribute your important news via text, graphs, links, document, and even videos. Mobile Ideation Innovation is proven to be a competitive differentiator but participation is always a challenge. Push new idea campaigns directly to your employees and let them share ideas immediately when the moment strikes..
  25. 25. Recap Enterprise Mobility
  26. 26. Questions… ?
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