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SP2013 for Developers - Chris O'Brien


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Presentation at SharePoint User Group UK, December 2012. Discusses SP2013 developer investments by order of potential impact (my view!), tooling enhancements (e.g. list/content type designer), apps, Display Templates (aka JSLink, aka Client Side Rendering), managed navigation, cross-site publishing etc.

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SP2013 for Developers - Chris O'Brien

  1. 1. Microsoft:The most important guidance we can give you isto develop an app for SharePoint rather than aclassic solution whenever you can.
  2. 2. SharePoint-hostedCloud app
  3. 3. Are we going to allow apps?Are we going to allow ANY app from the SharePointStore to be installed?Will our own customisations be developed as apps?
  4. 4. Web partsItems in a SharePoint listSearch resultsContent Search Web PartAdding/editing a list itemViews on a listSpecific fields on a list
  5. 5. Web partSpecifies the query and templates to useTriggers templates when search results are availableControl Template (Begins)Determines how to lay the items out on the pageRendered once per web part on the pageItem TemplateDetermines how each item should lookRendered sequentially, once per search result itemControl Template (Ends)After all items rendered, control template finishesrendering
  6. 6. AppsGreater prevalence of ‘classic’ web dev technologiesSeveral end-user and dev constraints removed
  7. 7. @ChrisO_Brien