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Office 365 - developer decisions tips and tricks (Chris O'Brien)


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Covers some advanced development techniques for SharePoint Online, which our team uses for efficient delivery of team-based Office 365 projects. Covers key decisions such as how to deal with test environments, our approach for multiple Office 365 tenancies, choices for development environments, and guidance on how to interpret Microsoft's guidance on the sandbox being deprecated.

A key focus of the presentation is automation of development tasks in Office 365 (e.g. deploying Managed Metadata taxonomy, uploading/activating WSPs to the Solution Gallery etc.)

Published in: Technology
  • Apologies - I've now changed the settings, the presentation can now be downloaded. Sorry about that!

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  • Thanks Chrish for the excellent tips and tricks. Every developer like me should learn powershell scripting quickly.
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  • Hi Chris,

    Would it be possible to enable the 'Save' feature for this presentation so that I (and others) can view this off-line.


    Yogesh Sharma
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Office 365 - developer decisions tips and tricks (Chris O'Brien)

  1. 1. @ChrisO_Brien chrisobrienmvp
  2. 2. Decisions • Test environments? • Multiple tenancies? • Developer laptops? • Sandbox/sandbox code? Tips and tricks • • • • Provisioning Managed Metadata and taxonomy fields Managed properties/search schema import Scripted deployments to Office 365 Continuous Integration
  3. 3. 100% onpremises/no cloud aspirations “Cloudfriendly” “Cloud-compatible”
  5. 5. Client 1 Dev Test Client 2 Dev Test
  6. 6. Client 1 Client 2 Dev (P2) Test (E3) Dev (P2) Test (E3)
  7. 7. 528,728
  8. 8. YES!
  9. 9. Disposable, flexible
  10. 10. “The sandbox is deprecated!” “SharePoint Sandbox isn't Dead...UserCode is”
  11. 11. Our decision: NO - AVOID WHERE POSSIBLE (but sandbox WSP with just XML is OK) Alternatives to server-side sandbox code: JavaScript code (JSOM/REST) Remote Event Receivers PowerShell + CSOM
  13. 13. Term Set Term Store NOT PRACTICAL!
  14. 14. can control IDs can be used in field definitions
  15. 15. with known GUIDs
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Title Page title Job title Project title
  18. 18. PS cmdlets 900 800 700 SharePoint Online 600 500 774 400 300 200 100 0 Poweshell cmdlets On-premises SharePoint Online 30
  19. 19. Importing/exporting taxonomy terms Importing/exporting search schema Recreating site collections Sandbox solution deployment – no API for this! Activating web templates Create publishing pages Uploading files
  20. 20. Office 365 is less limiting than you think And you don’t need to sacrifice engineering practices.. Get comfortable with apps and client-side techniques Key techniques: Provisioning Managed Metadata/fields Importing search schema PS + CSOM deployment scripts Incl. automated WSP deployment
  21. 21. Luis Mañez blog:
  22. 22. THANK YOU! @ChrisO_Brien