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How did you attract or address your audience (chris najjar)


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How did you attract or address your audience

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How did you attract or address your audience (chris najjar)

  1. 1. How did you attract/address your audience? BY CHRIS NAJJAR
  2. 2. In my media product, the two-minute opening to my thriller film, “Quinn”, I tried to appeal to a certain target audience, which is really important to do in the very opening of the film. To attract the audience, i had to make sure my key features were met. I aimed for a movie based on a target audience of upper class homosexual men, with a rating of 18 so the audience age is slightly restricted due to the nature of the narrative and i wanted to keep the category of age as 18-28 year olds. Once I had figured out the targeted audience I had to think of the different aspects that would attract this audience and how these would help to maintain the interest of the viewers.
  3. 3. Emphasis on Sexuality  Close ups of topless males  Put into a dating scenario between two males  Emphasis on homosexual main characters Reason behind this? Considered what different things attract homosexuals or what would happen in their common lives. I thought that the fact that homosexuals live a normal life like other traditional sexualities should be made clear so showing them going on dates like normal people is a great way to address homosexuals.
  4. 4. Sound  Use of piano  Music sets the the atmosphere, comes across as creepy and sinister  Piano playing is also associate address’s the upper class of my audience well as you mainly associate piano playing with wealth.  Silence is seen as one of the most effective tools, I used silence in the form of having no dialogue. This not only didn’t give to much away of the narrative to keep the audience engaged and attracted due to the mystery but it also shows the disturbing atmosphere of the sequence.
  5. 5. THE TWIST My film has a twist in it which is not shown in the first two minutes in the opening of the media product. I didn’t want to give away too much of the film so i kept the details to a bare minimum in the opening so that there would be many questions that the audience would ask themselves such as “what is wrong with Quinn?” and “why is he slightly off?” Throughout the film, these questions are unravelled and the answers become clear, but my audience needed to be attracted and drawn in at the very beginning of the film so that they would want to watch the rest of it despite not knowing the full story behind the film. When watching the first two minutes of a film, you expect your attention to be grabbed straight away or you tend not to be interested and you lose concentration. I didn’t want this with my film, so i made sure it was slightly confusing to the viewers so they would want to know what happens. I wanted my homosexual male audience to be drawn into my film straight away so i made the main character to be relatable to the audience. My main character is an normal and flirty man so the audience would instantly relate to him like we all do when we watch films, but the difference is, throughout the film, the audience will then realize that the man is not what she seems to be, the man is not just normal, he is psychotic too. This will affect the relationship between the audience and the character because he is not what she appears to be, which is like most characters in films.
  6. 6. Key moments that would attract my audience. The blood going down the drain - people who are into the goriness of a film would find this part interesting, also people who like films that hold mystery and suspense, as the audience doesn't know where the blood is coming from.
  7. 7. The topless man character – this medium shot would attract the homosexual male audience and probably the females if they where to watch it as both sides find this attractive and they would be drawn in.