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User Insight meets Branded Content - A Unilever / Cleanipedia case study


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Learn how to:

• Involve all stakeholders from the beginning so that both user needs and business requirements are met

• Create a multidisciplinary agile team that creates prototypes quickly

• Test content in realistic scenarios to learn more about how people use your product

Published in: Marketing
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User Insight meets Branded Content - A Unilever / Cleanipedia case study

  1. 1. @justuxdesign | 1 User Insight meets Branded Content A Cleanipedia case study
  2. 2. @justuxdesign | 2
  3. 3. @justuxdesign | 3
  4. 4. @justuxdesign | 4 2,000,000 Visitors every month. A page viewed Every Second.
  5. 5. @justuxdesign | 5
  6. 6. @justuxdesign | 6 The Opportunity… A better Experience More effective Advertising+
  7. 7. @justuxdesign | 7 Bringing in the right experts… Content Strategist UX Designer (me!) Marketing Manager Industry Experts Data Analyst Technical DirectorVisual & Brand Designer
  8. 8. @justuxdesign | 8 The brief… Mobile first redesign New content formats Ecommerce integration CRM & data capture New social strategy New Alexa skill
  9. 9. @justuxdesign | 9 We start with user insight…
  10. 10. @justuxdesign | 10 to understand who the user is…
  11. 11. @justuxdesign | 11 to understand what the user does…
  12. 12. @justuxdesign | 12 “You keep saying the same thing over and over again.”
  13. 13. @justuxdesign | 13 “I want to know HOW… Just get to the point! ”
  14. 14. @justuxdesign | 14 “I don’t buy what you’re selling here…”
  15. 15. @justuxdesign | 15 Going back to the drawing board (literally)
  16. 16. @justuxdesign | 16 [REPLACE PERSONA] Better user profiles
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  18. 18. @justuxdesign | 18 Providing better advertising More relevant… More appealing… More useful…
  19. 19. @justuxdesign | 19 Better experiences on the web Primary content Secondary content Product Promotion User Engagement
  20. 20. @justuxdesign | 20 …and other platforms, too. Alexa, Ask Cleanipedia…
  21. 21. @justuxdesign | 21 Recreate a stressful scenario… …and test content in a more realistic way. Putting it to the test
  22. 22. @justuxdesign | Before After
  23. 23. @justuxdesign | 23 1 Don’t wait to start involving your team. 3 Align your team to user insight.2 Test your ideas in realistic scenarios. Top tips
  24. 24. @justuxdesign | 24 Visit the site: Get the Alexa Skill: Find out more
  25. 25. @justuxdesign | 25 Thank you! @justuxdesign