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Irish Social Enterprise Conference #isec14


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Irish Social Enterprise Conference with the Irish Social Enterprise Network February 10th, 2014 in Dublin, Ireland.

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Irish Social Enterprise Conference #isec14

  1. 1. Irish Social Enterprise Conference ‘Building on International Experience’ 10 th Febr uar y 2014 #ISEC14
  2. 2. #isec14 Irish Social Enterprise Conference Ann Horan DCU Ryan Academy @menteriontachnu @ryanacademy @ryhora
  3. 3. #isec14 Irish Social Enterprise Conference Chris Gordon Irish Social Enterprise Network @socentie @chrismmgordon
  4. 4. Coming Up Community Interest Companies – Sara Burgess Far & Wild - Lawrence McBride Break Scottish Social Enterprise Network – Fraser Kelly Irish Social Enterprises – 1014 Restaurant – Mary Maher Rothar – Anne Bedos Irish Social Enterprise Network – Stuart Fraser Lunch Innovation Hour – Frank Mullanney World Café Event – Have Your Say
  5. 5. #isec14 Irish Social Enterprise Conference Chris Gordon Irish Social Enterprise Network @socentie @chrismmgordon
  6. 6. #isec14 Irish Social Enterprise Conference Sara Burgess Community Interest Companies Regulator @teamcic @sarabur11119282
  7. 7. The CIC Bubble Regulation Regulation Legal Structure Flexible Form Statutory Clauses in Articles of Association Statutory Asset Lock Community Interest Test Annual Report Transparent Regulation Regulation
  8. 8. #isec14 Irish Social Enterprise Conference Lawrence McBride Far & Wild CIC @farandwild
  9. 9. Stories of Change
  10. 10. #isec14 Irish Social Enterprise Conference Sara Burgess @teamcic Lawrence McBride @farandwild CIC Regulator @sarabur11119282 Far & Wild CIC
  11. 11. Irish Social Enterprise Conference ‘Building on International Experience’ 10 th Febr uar y 2014 #ISEC14
  12. 12. #isec14 Irish Social Enterprise Conference Fraser Kelly Social Enterprise Scotland @socentscot
  13. 13. #isec14 Irish Social Enterprise Conference Mary Maher 1014 Restaurant @1014restaurant
  14. 14. C A S A (Caring and Sharing Association)
  15. 15. WHAT IS CASA? • Caring and Sharing Association (CASA) is a voluntary organisation, a registered charity, founded in 1981 • Volunteer based – local groups in Dublin, Cork, Longford, Kildare, Galway, Wicklow • Our aim: - to develop friendships - provide respite and social outlets for people with disabilities.
  16. 16. CASA - WHAT WE DO
  17. 17. CASA – OUR VALUE • People love coming to and look forward to CASA events • Break also for family and carers is invaluable • Carers know their loved one are well cared for at CASA events
  18. 18. CASA - WHAT WE DO • One to one. CASA members have a volunteer assigned to assist and support them at all our activities. • Friendship (being with rather than doing for) • Family type atmosphere in respite house • Respite breaks (teenagers, adults, children) • Volunteers in the house
  19. 19. CASA - WHAT WE DO • Each year approx. 150 people get a respite break • Each year approx. 200 people get to go on the CASA Weekend break • Each year 150 people, disabled or ill avail of our Lourdes pilgrimage • Local groups run monthly social afternoons (Sunday afternoons) where approx. 150 people enjoy an afternoon
  20. 20. HAVE YOU HEARD OF US? • In the media • Our CASA charity shops • Restaurant Ten Fourteen • The recent Brennan Brothers TV Christmas Special on RTE One • Know someone involved in CASA
  21. 21. HOW WE FUNDRAISE • Churchgate, supermarket collections • Running events such as concerts, raffles, golf classics etc. • Donations / direct debits • Mini-marathon, Camino de Santiago • Fashion show in conjunction with our shops • Our CASA charity shops • Restaurant Ten Fourteen, owned by CASA
  22. 22. CASA CHARITY SHOPS • Donations received of saleable good as new clothing, shoes, books, bric-a-brac, unwanted gifts, cd’s etc • Door to door collections • Organised collections • Shops in Dublin, Longford, Cork, Mullingar and Navan
  23. 23. RESTAURANT TEN FOURTEEN 324 Clontarf Road, Dublin 3 Tel: 01 805 4877
  24. 24. RESTAURANT TEN FOURTEEN • Since 2008, this neighbourhood restaurant has been an instant hit with both critics and customers alike. • Restaurant Ten Fourteen is a classic up market bistro serving fresh, quality produce in elegant surroundings. • Situated opposite the Wooden Bridge at 324 Clontarf Road, D.3
  25. 25. SHOPS AND RESTAURANT • Profits from the CASA Charity Shops and from Restaurant Ten Fourteen support CASA’s activities and respite programme • CASA’s website provides more information about CASA, our activities – • Carmichael Centre, Nth. Brunswick St., Dublin 7. Charity no. CHY 6758 •
  27. 27. THANK YOU
  28. 28. #isec14 Irish Social Enterprise Conference Anne Bedos Rothar @caferothar
  29. 29. ROTHAR – A social enterprise journey – Still in motion ●●
  30. 30. #isec14 Irish Social Enterprise Conference Fraser Kelly @SocEntScot Social Enterprise Scotland Mary Maher 1014 Restaurant @1014restaurant Anne Bedos @caferothar Rothar
  31. 31. ‘A Network for Change’
  32. 32. Mission The Irish Social Enterprise Network supports the aims of social enterprises that want to have a positive social impact. We share the value of having an open and collaborative approach to business, that is displayed throughout the social enterprise sector internationally
  33. 33. ‘Criteria to guide us’ Does your social enterprise have social and/or environmental objectives? Does your social enterprise combine income from a number of different sources and do you aspire to reduce your dependence on grants and increase your focus on contracts and commercial income? Does your social enterprise reinvest all surpluses in the pursuit of social and/or environmental objectives, and will it distribute its assets to like-minded organisations in the event of winding-up?
  34. 34. ‘Criteria to guide us’ In terms of its governance, is your social enterprise independent and free from state control? Is your social enterprise driven by ethical values, not just in its business objectives, but also in how it interacts with employees, suppliers, customers, other stakeholders and the environment? Does your social enterprise operate in the Republic of Ireland?
  35. 35. Why a Network Origins of the network Q. Is it easier to set up a social enterprise now rather than 3yrs ago 160 SE Networks globally We felt their needed to be a safe, inclusive space for people to talk about and get support for their ideas. We felt their needed to be a voice that represented social enterprises to feed into policy development
  36. 36. 1st Year Activity Formed as a company in Febuary 2013 Set up social media platforms March 2013 Launch the Network 23rd May 2013 New Office NorDubco / DCU Campus Submission Dail Committee on Jobs Enterprise and Innovation in Leinster House regarding CIC’s Developed strategy and took active role within Social Enterprise and Entreprenuership Task Force
  37. 37. This years activity Launch the diectory Develop an inclusive network and map social enterprises in Ireland Run 12 events with DCU/Ryan Academy Represent the voice of the membership to convey at task force and interdepartmental group Connect with networks globally
  38. 38. Future Supports & Campaigns Provide information and direction for people interested in Social Enterprise Develop an enterprise model for Social Enterprise start ups Link with academia to provide relevant literature and research on Social enterprise
  39. 39. Regulation/The Mark Develop a Social Enterprise Mark Verification and Certification Quality Standards Provides reassurance and sends out a coherent message about the sector
  40. 40. Buy Social Bring social enterprises into supply chains of private business as a CSRs Look to include social enterprises into public service procurement and community benefit clauses Raising awareness and support for social enterprises seeking business rate relief
  41. 41. Get Involved Get in Touch Sign up with the Network If you are a Social Enterprise and fit our criteria or working towards –sign up Get involved with social media platforms , Facebook and twitter Free advertising, marketing of events and services If you want to blog or write a piece on SE
  42. 42. Thank you Join the conversation you are very welcome to be part of the network !
  43. 43. Irish Social Enterprise Conference ‘Building on International Experience’ 10 th Febr uar y 2014 #ISEC14