Gwella - ELESIG Symposium Exeter


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Gwella - ELESIG Symposium Exeter

  1. 1. Gwella/ELESIG
  2. 2. The use of technology in higher education in Wales isintended to lead to - “the enhancement of learning, teaching, assessment, the curriculum and core processes and the optimum learning experience, with an established threshold, based on robust technology, including encouraging developments at the forefront of this provision” Enhancing Learning & Teaching Through Technology A Strategy for Higher Education in Wales.
  3. 3. sustainable
  4. 4. 250 years ago? 14 th March 1761?
  5. 5. Fenwick Weavers SocietyFirst commercial co-operative?
  6. 6. No leadership……
  7. 7. Wenger……. work the spaces
  8. 8. ‘When youre dealing with someone who only has a pair of underpants on,if you take his underpants off, he has nothing left - hes naked.Youre better off trying to find him a pair of trousers to complementhim rather than change him.’ Arsene Wenger