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Meske Portfolio

  1. 1. p o r t f o l i o christine carmosino meske,asla,leed ap
  2. 2. Settlers Ridge Robinson Township, Pennsylvania CBL and Associates Properties, Inc. Located on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, Settlers Ridge is a jewel within a popular big-box shopping mecca. The center opened in October 2009 to offer its region a much needed upscale retail, dining and entertainment destination. During planning and design, however, the economic downturn impacted the tenant mix and construction costs. I responded every time with quick but creative sketch solutions that would allow the plan to adapt to the project's ever-changing needs. I also developed the hardscape design, likewise responding to budget constraints with a value-engineered plan that retained the project's elegance and functionality. settlers ridge settlers ridge
  3. 3. The Promenade Shops at Saucon Valley Upper Saucon Township, Pennsylvania Poag + McEwen Lifestyle Centers From feasibility study and site planning to construction documention and administration, I worked with the project team to make the client's vision for an upscale, outdoor regional shopping center a reality. Located near historic Lehigh Valley, the Promenade Shops features almost half a million square feet of retail, restaurants and entertainment in a 60-acre "town center." Adhering to the Township's exacting design guidelines, I produced a comprehensive set of site and landscape construction documents. Through diligent and frequent site visits during construction, the project was successfully completed in time for its October 2006 Grand Opening. shops at saucon valley the promenade shops at saucon valley
  4. 4. L.L.Bean Outdoor Sales Area Upper Saucon Township, Pennsylvania Poag + McEwen Lifestyle Centers Following completion of the Promenade Shops at Saucon Valley, one of the tenants had an unusual request. LLBean wanted to expand its sales area to the outdoors and use a nearby retention pond for fly-fishing lessons, kayak "test drives" and even climbing wall demonstrations. This concept plan showed how a previous service area could be converted into display space and the pond connected to the store with a series of well- landscaped sidewalks through the parking areas. Landscape material already slated for use as buffer plantings required by code was rearranged to defray costs and provide a scenic setting for the store's outdoor "demo" area. ean outdoor sales area l.l.bean outdoor sales area
  5. 5. The Plaza at Fayette Lexington, Kentucky CBL and Associates Properties, Inc. During the design of Fayette Mall's expansion and renovation, CBL acquired twenty-four acres of property adjacent to the mall site. Here, momentum generated by new tenants at the mall would serve to launch an outdoor shopping, dining and entertainment center. I worked with the client through the master planning process, attended public meetings during approvals and permitting, and developed the center's landscape and hardscape design, from concept through construction documentation. The Plaza opened in October 2006. the plaza at fayette the plaza at fayette
  6. 6. Barley Mill Plaza New Castle County, Delaware Stoltz Management Corporation Presently the declining campus of a technology company's former headquarters, the future of this site became the focus of heated debates and fodder for politcal platforms in this New England bedroom community. My team's charge was to create a plan to not only revitalize the site, but also create a "town center" that would bring the concept of live-work-play into one mixed-use development. Responding to the Township's own Comprehensive Plan and the site's context, we created detailed site plans that were presented at the many community meetings where citizens could voice their concerns and support for the project. barley mill plaza barley mill plaza
  7. 7. Dublin Green Columbus, Ohio Joseph Skilken & Company Located just west of the intersection of State Route 161 and US 33 in one of the most affluent and fastest growing areas of Central Ohio, Dublin Green will offer 400,000 square feet of shopping and dining on its 38 acres. I prepared the site plan, working closely with the client through several iterations of each concept before selecting a layout that will meet the project's development goals. dublin green dublin green
  8. 8. West Towne Outparcel Madison, Wisconsin CBL and Associates Properties, Inc. Following an expansion and renovation that brought new restaurants and retail to the existing West Towne Mall, the client looked to continue that growth by developing the outparcel at the mall's northeast corner. Though small, the 6,000 square foot retail building would serve as a "gateway" to this bustling commercial district in Madison, Wisconsin. I managed the project from initial concept through the final stage of city approvals, making several appearances before the city's Urban Design Commission. Meeting the UDC's demanding requirements while keeping the project's design within budget took a degree of tenacity unprecedented for a project of any size. west towne outparcel west towne outparcel
  9. 9. Avery Dennison NEO Facility Mentor, Ohio Duke Realty Corporation During design of the NEO Facility, our team was asked to prepare a preliminary landscape design that would demonstrate to the Planning Commission an effort to screen the project from the residents across Garfield Road. Guided by the most stringent screening requirements from the city's zoning ordinance, the plan won Avery Dennison approval to bring their new facility to this PUD district. Following the approval, I produced a full set of landscape construction documents based on the approved design and carried out construction administration services through final punch list. y dennison neo facility avery dennison neo facility
  10. 10. Quicken Loans Arena Cleveland, Ohio The Gund Foundation Following the September 11, 2001 terror attacks, Schmidt Copeland Parker Stevens was approached by the owners of the former Gund Arena to design and develop an attractive way to protect the building and its large assemblies. I participated in the design charettes that resulted in a sweeping series of terazzo spheres, arranged to respect the front plaza's existing hardscape design. I also produced this one-sheet construction drawing used for bidding and installation, which set critical spacing tolerances and included details and specifications. Photo credit: quicken loans arena quicken loans arena
  11. 11. Towpath Trail Extension Cleveland, Ohio Cuyahoga County Planning Commission This alignment study sought to extend the existing Towpath Trail from its terminus at old Harvard Avenue to Canal Basin Park, providing a recreational greenway through Cuyahoga County. With interpretive trailheads and neighborhood connectors, the project serves as an opportunity for environmental regeneration, encouraging improvement and restoration of the formerly industrial landscapes through which it reaches. I managed the production of the maps and plans for the project. I responded to input from key team members and Photo credit: Cuyahoga County Planning Commission prepared presentation materials for meetings with the Partnership Committee and community agencies and organizations. towpath trail extension owpath trail extension
  12. 12. The Park at Greif Bros. Delaware, Ohio Greif Bros. Corporation When Greif Bros. Corporation, maker of corrugated drum containers, sought to develop 150 acres of property adjacent to its recently opened headquarters, the agricultural site had to be rezoned to Planned-Office, a classification new to Delaware County. I wrote the covenants that became the development standards "manual" for prospective landowners in "The Park." The design standard set by the covenants assured the Regional Planning Commission that the site would be developed as a high-end corporate office park that would bring top companies and quality jobs to the region. I also prepared the illustrations and exhibits presented at the county meetings. The project was successfully Courtesy of the Delaware rezoned. Gazette the park at greif bros. the park at greif bros.
  13. 13. Graphics Various In an age of powerful computer-aided drafting and graphic design software applications, the need for a well- developed graphic hand may seem a thing of the past. On the contrary, it is crucial to be able to communicate with clients in a "quick and dirty" way that demonstrates the time was spent focusing on the design problem at hand and that the solution is a work in progress open for comment and discussion. I produced sometimes dozens of sketches per day, from bubble diagrams to large-scale master plans, often combining them with hard- lined base plans and background data. graphics graphics
  14. 14. Before edits: Proofreading / Editing Awards Submission The project was designed to last for ages. With the retail and residential environments, there will be amble activity. The durability of brick helps to A picture may be worth a thousand promote the goal of durability. The brick that was selected has a through- words, but no matter how detailed the body color so that any brick that may be damaged will still retain its aesthetic drawing, how flashy the graphics, it value until it can be replaced. cannot effectively communicate without a clear and concise verbal component. For nearly all of my past employers, I became the resident "poet After edits: laureate," charged with the task of Retail and residential environments bring a lot of activity, thus, the project was proofreading, editing and authoring the designed with durability in mind. The resilience of brick means the buildings written materials that represent the will stand up to wear and tear for years to come. However, making a selection company. I have provided a fresh pair based solely on the function of the material was not enough to bring life to the of eyes for countless proposals, project building. Aesthetics, too, are always a consideration and understanding the profiles, qualifications packages and possibilities of brick was vital to its selection. While each individual brick marketing pieces, each time amending represents only a very small portion of the building, together they become spelling and grammatical errors and more than the building itself. The mason and the architect used a palette of adding tone and a voice that is not only running courses along arches and sills, polychromatic coursing, panels of professional but interesting to read. herringbone, inlaid brick, and soldier and sailor courses to create a language that would communicate at a personal scale to those that visit the building. proofreading proofreading
  15. 15. Brochures Marketing Department As the marketing aspect of my career grew, I was asked to help develop brochures that would inform clients of the company's supporting services, such as site and land planning. Working with the company's graphic design consultant, I wrote copy, selected imagery and created mockups of layout concepts that later became mailers and handouts for existing and prospective clients. marketing brochure marketing brochures
  16. 16. Proposals Marketing Department In architecture and planning, a big part of doing work is getting the work. I was a member of several teams dedicated to preparing extensive proposal packages, often for projects in markets new to the company. I prepared project data sheets, wrote narratives and proofread these submittals for consistency, appearance and completion. proposals proposals
  17. 17. Ohio F110-330 Forms Marketing Department During the economic downtown of the Great Recession, my former employer explored the possibility of entering new markets. The promise of stability from stimulus dollars drew the company's focus towards the public sector. Seeking government work, however, meant going after projects in a way that was new to them. I helped the marketing department establish a streamlined approach to putting its best foot forward within the confines of the uninspired "330 form" qualifications package format. Selecting high-quality imagery, writing clear and interesting project descriptions and building strategic project teams were the keys that helped the company introduce itself to universities and government agencies across Ohio. ohio f110-330 forms ohio f110-330 forms
  18. 18. Charity Donations The Cleveland Foodbank Every year I donate a residential landscape design consultation to the Cleveland Foodbank's Taste of the NFL fundraiser. A certificate for the consultation is entered in the event's silent auction and typically raises over $300 for the Foodbank. I enjoy the opportunity not only to work with the generous winning bidder, but also help those less fortunate in a way that goes beyond simply writing a check. charity donations charity donations
  19. 19. The Jameson Residence Pat and Emily Jameson Cleveland Heights, Ohio After living in another city for three years, leaving their house vacant the entire time, the Jamesons were ready to refresh their property with new landscaping that would improve curb appeal and give them a place to entertain guests. Their home sits atop a steep hill, which required the addition of several low retaining walls to allow larger planting areas and provide more interest. A detailed plant list provided the information needed for these weekend warriors to install the landscape on their own. he jameson residence the jameson residence
  20. 20. The Woods Residence Amy and Steve Woods Concord, Ohio Situated on a three-acre corner property, the Woods were overwhelmed by the maintenance required of their new home's landscaping, formerly owned by a Master Gardner. The solution was to replace gradually the existing material with compact, low- maintenance shrubs and perennials at the foundation of the house and in the expansive gardens along the property's perimeter. In the back yard, the plan suggests improving access between a new deck and a scenic creek with a series of steps and gravel walkways. the woods residence the woods residence
  21. 21. The Bucurel Residence Nick and Andrea Bucurel Mentor-on-the-Lake, Ohio As they embarked on a massive renovation of their home, the Bucurels dreamed of Tuscany and decided to bring the style and colors to their new kitchen. Not stopping there, however, they asked for a landscape design that would extend the space to the outdoors, where they could host cookouts and dinner parties. The plan, inspired by my own research of the region, therefore called for a traditional Tuscan garden lined with a boxwood hedge. Skyrocket junipers selected to screen a shadowbox fence are reminiscent of the tall cypress trees that typify the Italian countryside. the bucurel residence the bucurel residence
  22. 22. christine carmosino meske,asla,leed ap 440.821.7704