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Shu ita corp

  1. 1. Inspirational Teaching Awards 2012
  2. 2. Claire Craig• Fantastic enthusiasm with an infectious delight for the subject.• Demonstrates how research can make a genuine difference to real peoples lives.• She is a shining example to all the students.
  3. 3. Colin Beard• He showed me that I could achieve what I want out of life if I set my mind to it.• Encouraged me to believe in myself.• Made things VERY clear in the workload and what is expected - inspired me to work harder.
  4. 4. Douglas Fraser• Made learning very interesting.• He has a way of making everything more fun than it should be.• Inspires me to learn more and helps me believe that it is possible to get a job in my desired industry.
  5. 5. Edwyn Anderton• Always has a trick up his sleeve.• Inspires students to imbue their own pupils with an awe and wonder of the world.• He made me even more determined to become an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and diverse teacher just by being himself.
  6. 6. Gabriel Tang• Always smiling and telling us not to be scared to give things a go.• Makes you smile by seeing his enthusiasm even when you are shattered and overworked.• Always there for you, always motivating and positive.
  7. 7. Hazel Horobin• Changed my perspective about life and knowledge in the good way.• She is too cool.• Made me understand that life is a learning process and always have a never give up attitude.
  8. 8. James Turner• Thinks outside the box and willing to make the learning experience extra special.• Has a real desire for charity work and getting us all involved.• Make what we study relevant to practice
  9. 9. Jane Foggin• She puts complex topics over in a simple way.• Interested in how students think the course is going and eager to make improvements for the better.• Put heart and soul into their teaching.
  10. 10. Jane Gurman• Makes interesting material even more interesting, and adds a good chunk of humour into the mix too.• Improved my confidence in my ability to do my degree.• Allowing you the freedom to reach your full potential whilst also keeping a watchful eye over all.
  11. 11. John Joyce• Taught discipline and professionalism to students when many of us come to university thinking it would be an easy ride.• He pushes you to be better.• Transformed my way of learning.
  12. 12. Jonathan Jeffery• He inspires me with his personal skills as well as his academic skills.• Inspires me by his dedication to helping student get the most out their studies.• Always professional.
  13. 13. Liz Erett• She delivers her lectures in a methodical style that is both thought provoking and yet easy to follow and understand.• She is passionate about what she teaches.• Really upbeat and positive attitude towards the topic that makes you enjoy the learning experience.
  14. 14. Mark Edwards• Is clear and easy to understand when presenting challenging topics.• He really pushes students to be the best that they can be.• Set clear boundaries from the very beginning, yet allows seminars to be fun and interactive.
  15. 15. Osman Beg• They have revolutionized my perception of the field of Aerospace Engineering and I aspire to achieve the greatness they have achieved.• Inspired me to take my education seriously and to widen my view of my course without limitations.• His grasp of the subject and ease of explaining complex issues was a massive help to me.
  16. 16. Paula Hamilton• Has encouraged me, and has offered guidance to help me achieve the best possible mark that I can.• Very supportive during my 1st degree, (recognised me after 5 years) and welcomed me onto the Masters.• Goes the extra mile to make sure you understand something.
  17. 17. Philo HollandPushes me to do well.Helpful and willing to assist his studentsoutside of class hours in order to create atop classresult of coursework and classwork withcomplete friendly professionalism.Keeps the class interested in the subjectmatter.
  18. 18. Simon Clark• We talked at one of the open days and he has been nothing but supportive since.• Making a potentially tedious subject interesting enough to make me want to go to the lecture.• Kept me motivated and been an inspiration to me to go on and find things out for myself instead of waiting for them to happen.
  19. 19. Stephen Riley• Motivator and but for him I may have left the course mid way through the first year.• Appears to prioritise both students wellbeing as well as students understanding of course content.• Inspirational teacher with modern concepts yet traditional values that motivate you to achieve your potential.
  20. 20. Tim Williams• He always goes the extra mile to make sure everyone in the class is trying their hardest and understands the issues.• Helped to encourage me to get on with doing my CV and placement.• Extremely understanding, student focused and very supportive which meant I felt confident with asking any
  21. 21. Paul Johnston• Makes seminars fun and engages in meaningful debates/discussions.• He wants to know HOW we want to learn, and tries to accommodate this to suit everybody.• He regularly made me think about broader subjects outside my course and inspired me to put my all into assignments.
  22. 22. David Smith• His teaching methods put subjects like quantum mechanics in NMR, molecular biotechnology totally into perspective; not only making them comprehendible but also how we can apply this knowledge for situations.• THE BOSS of Beta 2 M, and Mass spectrometry.• An excellent and enthusiastic teacher, who is always happy to help.
  23. 23. Outstanding Student Support 2012
  24. 24. Claire Rayner• Very professional, helpful, sweet, SUPER!• Very helpful, efficient, sorts things out right away. Id have given up on this course without Claires help.• She is always helpful, prompt and thorough.
  25. 25. Jo Pepper• Helped me through some very difficult times in the last 3 years and enabled me to get the most out of my studies.• She is very supportive and exudes confidence and calm.• She makes you feel like your problems are not the end of the world and shows you how to get through them.
  26. 26. Andrew Bromley• He definitely made our life in UK better by providing guidance and supports for questions and doubts!• Is a helpful and approachable person, he would do his best in solving any problem or question that Ive encountered.• Gave me positive images help a lot.
  27. 27. Laura McLaughlin• Was the only reason I did as well as I did in my final project.• Made my time at Sheffield Hallam University lots easier and very pleasant to talk to.• Not only have they made a big difference in my education but they have helped everyone at some point out of a sticky situation.
  28. 28. Inspirational Research Supervisors 2012
  29. 29. Inspirational Research Supervisors 2012 Jenny BlainMurray Clark Luke Beardon Sharon Kivland