Inspirational teaching awards 2011


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Inspirational teaching awards 2011

  1. 1. 2011
  2. 2. Allen Goodwin Has a gift from making complex modules accessible, utilising teaching methods which not only capture the student’s desire to learn but makes them memorable too. Creates a learning environment in which students develop confidence and the ability to critically evaluate and question. Sessions are both fun and engaging but above all he makes research methods and statistics come to life!
  3. 3. Luke BeardonA quiet man of few words butwhose passion for the area ofautism speaks volumes.He promotes people with autismand Asperger’s syndrome byremoving typecasting andstereotypes; believing in capabilityrather than disability.Students say it is like a breath offresh air listening to Luke afteryears of negative words such asdisability, disorder, impairment.
  4. 4. Dr Edwyn Anderton known to go above and beyond the call of duty, sharing his passion for science and teaching with his students.  Someone students want to emulate in their future careers as primary teachers and will have a lasting impact through his tips and tricks shared with them. Created converts from reluctant students who were nervous about science and created a desire to learn more. For others, he has re- ignited interest in science and the teaching science
  5. 5. Conor OCallaghan  Makes learning a pleasure  Made students think  Developed a personal interest in students learning, giving them confidence in their abilities  Gives robust but fair criticism through sound and honest advice
  6. 6. Anne Michael Creates a supportive and inclusive environment in which to learn Is available outside the classroom, providing support and guidance above and beyond the call. Sets the bar for others to follow
  7. 7. Julie Myers  Inspires students to learn more, through her passion for the subject and making sessions enjoyable.  She “knows her stuff” and “knows how to deliver”.  Makes all the members of the group feel valued, developing confidence and self belief.
  8. 8. Mark Edwards “Goes beyond the call of duty to help”, taking a genuine interest in his students. “Lights a fire under your feet”, providing regular feedback which identifies weaknesses and how to improve. Breaks down complex information using skills which students can use outside university.
  9. 9. Chiara Orefice  Is someone who students look up to through her experience within the industry and subject knowledge  Her passion “fills you with an energy to learn”  She is approachable and will “go the extra mile”.
  10. 10. Daryl May Enthusiastic, sharing information and job opportunities with students Supports students outside the classroom with positive encouragement, will go the extra mile to give feedback He makes efforts to know students, a “GREAT asset to the University”
  11. 11. John McAuley  Enthusiasm for his subject and the breadth of his theoretical and practical knowledge, making it easy for students to immerse themselves in learning, yet creating an atmosphere which enables students to query and clarify understanding  Challenges students to achieve more
  12. 12. Mel Bull Enthusiasm, positive attitude and teaching style engages students to learn more. Makes everyone feel included and creates a “can do” atmosphere through her support. “A great ambassador for Uni” and “a credit to the University”
  13. 13. Philip Wibberley  Makes the subject interesting, fun and easy to remember.  Encourages students to push themselves to aim higher whilst being helpful and going the extra mile to make sure all students understand  Topics brought to life through real life examples and experience
  14. 14. Philo Holland “Makes time for every student and puts their needs first”. “Very genuine and honest about his profession” …”passionate about what he does” “Hearing someone who has real experience from his trade is inspiration enough, his teaching methods and lectures are innovative and interesting”.
  15. 15. John Walton  Enthusiastic about his subject and a “genuine willingness to help people to learn”.  Engages students in both face to face and distance learning environments making sessions enjoyable and ensuring attendance.  “Really amazed with the teaching style of John and his dedication towards teaching”.
  16. 16. Claire Craig Is a role model through her passion, enthusiasm and subject knowledge is infectious. Refreshing and interesting relating theory to her everyday practice and makes her topic real to the students. “… makes me realise there are still amazingly good people left in the world who really want to make a difference to the quality of care people receive from health professionals.”
  17. 17. Tony Cowell  “I wouldn’t have been able to complete my degree without his help and support”  “Passionately and enthusiastically shared his past teaching experience and other life experiences to equip and motivate me”  “Has an inspirational amount of enthusiasm, not only impressed myself and my peers, but also several placement mentors with his vision and ethos on excellent teaching”
  18. 18. Dave Eddy Encourages students through “positive and constructive comments”, professional yet approachable questioning and provoking students to respond. His commitment is outstanding, responding to emails and answering questions promptly, regularly updating the Blackboard site updating. “A valuable asset for Sheffield Hallam University”. “SHU can be really proud to have such committed members of staff!!!”
  19. 19. Claire Young  Understands the needs of students and creates a supportive environment in which to learn whilst making difficult subject understandable.  “Absolute passion for her subject”.  “Approachable and friendly”
  20. 20. Michaela Brown She makes “every seminar interesting”, “never a dull seminar with Michaela”. She shows a genuine interest in her students, taking time and listening to students. She is a role model.
  21. 21. Hilary Pengelly  Committed to her students, she is approachable and caring listening to students, “going the extra mile”.  “She is so enthusiastic when she is teaching it rubs off on us”  “Hilary’s energy and enthusiasm for the subject of social work is immense and she is an inspirational figure who I would hope to emulate”.
  22. 22. Val Keating “She has an innate ability to identify individuals strengths and weaknesses quickly and find ways to develop learning skills and knowledge in an appropriate manner .“ Inspires students who “are there because they had to” or “had been strong-armed into the course” to become “converted sceptics” willing and enthusiastic continuing their studies voluntarily “largely because of the enthusiasm that Val had injected into the whole group. It was quite contagious”.
  23. 23. Sue Franklin  She is “stubborn and strict and just what you need to get you going but also have a very human side and can see when you are struggling”. She is clear about what she expects .  Ensures students reach their full potential though encouragement and support.  She builds confidence and self-esteem through thought provoking teaching.
  24. 24. 2011
  25. 25. Gareth Morgan
  26. 26. Ros Garrick
  27. 27. Rachel Abbot
  28. 28. Martin Beer
  29. 29. ElizabethUruchurtu
  30. 30. Lisa Hopkins
  31. 31. Anthony Rosie
  32. 32. Exceptional award 2011
  33. 33. Claire Rayner She has kept me informed and has responded to any enquiries rapidly and in full. Always very helpful. She provided excellent support, encouragement, and help whenever I emailed or called. Her devotion to her students is truly inspirational. Claire - dedicated and efficient. Really excellent customer service given.