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Shine Communications Pr Week Forum Final Pdf

  1. 1. The integration of digital within PR & the impact of technology on consumer behaviour and media Chris McCafferty & Scott Williams Shine Communications September 2009 Contact: 020 7100 7100 /
  2. 2. Hello Chris McCafferty, Director Twitter: @chrismccaff Blog: via Former European Communications Director at MySpace, responsible for launching MySpace into 13 European countries. Previously on the management team at MSN UK as Head of PR and Corporate Affairs. 10 years PR agency experience Scott Williams, Creative Director & Head of Digital Twitter: @sadeagle Five years at Google and YouTube as Head of Media and Entertainment, advising many of the UK’s major media owners and content providers such as Universal Music, Channel 4, The Sun and The Daily Telegraph. 12 years in the digital industry including, and Popbitch
  3. 3. changing communications Attention & Traffic Blogs Press Media Brief Coverage Website Release Conversation Community Social Media Video New New New Platform Platform Platform
  4. 4. the power of digital; and the challenge for brands
  5. 5. Where is PR in 2009?
  6. 6. What the hell is going on?
  7. 7. Don’t ignore the channel... 92% of people must have 92% can live without a broadband within a microwave for a month month of moving
  8. 8. When did you last hear...  “...let’s build an iPhone app” – WHY?  “...let’s make a viral” – WHY?  “...we can seed that content for you” – how/why/who to?  “We can use buzz metrics to see what people are saying about you”  “We work with bloggers all the time and influencers”  “That piece of coverage online was worth over £20,000”  “We work out the average media value using our own formula”
  9. 9. Confused….technology, consumer empowerment, Long tail, wisdom of crowds, the demise of printed media business models, influencer mapping
  10. 10. The Challenges for PR Today – Medium is the Message The average consumer is exposed to ~3,500 marketing messages every day.
  11. 11. Technology doesn’t like existing business models 2020 2012 2015 15,000 songs. 500,000 songs. ANY song ever 25,000 photos. produced. song. ANY picture. 2,500,000 photos. 100,000,000 video. 150 hours of photos. ANY hours 8760 video. of video. 20 years of video. Moore’s law states that capacity doubles in size every 24 months
  12. 12. Digital Integration: How to use technology to amplify your comms
  13. 13. Shouting louder is not the answer
  14. 14. How does digital sit within comms? What is Digital PR? Community Coverage Distribution Assets Platforms Creative Ideas Insight & Brief
  15. 15. Build content that can be shared, discussed and enjoyed
  16. 16. What does the campaign look like in practice?
  17. 17. Measurement and tracking
  18. 18. Cost of engagement is low and returns are high
  19. 19. Hang on. You haven’t mentioned Social Media
  20. 20. The internet is a social media – we own it  80 billion emails a day  Zero to 1 billion people in 10 years  20 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute  1Billion + searches a day on Google  Social media platforms highlight the intrinsic benefits and the collaborative nature of the network of computers and servers – i.e.: The Internet  The social collective (Wisdom of Crowds) will determine whether something is popular/viral  The biggest online brands spend next to nothing on PR/Comms – Their brand is their user experience
  21. 21. Two conclusions
  22. 22. communication boundaries are blurring Driving sales PR Marketing Impartial Brand biased Product Web Master Driving consideration
  23. 23. The basics... Listen/ Understand Experiment Have Fun! Be honest Transparent
  24. 24. Thanks Chris McCafferty & Scott Williams Shine Communications September 2009 Contact: 020 7100 7100 /