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People Pipeline


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Our Methodology.

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People Pipeline

  1. 1. PEOPLE PIPELINE SERVICES INTRODUCTION Introducing PeoplePipeline by Forget everything you know about traditional recruiting services . It’s time to be innovative. ProvatoHR’s People Pipeline service was created to support the overall recruiting needs of growth-oriented federal contractors. Whether you need to make an immediate hire, need resumes to support a proposal effort, or want to convince incumbent candidates to work with you, ProvatoHR can help. ProvatoHR is not a staffing agency. We act as your internal recruiting department, giving your company the residual value of the efforts made and the pipelines built. Because our support is delivered on a managed T&M basis, rather than on a per-placement basis, you can use the candidates we find for the purpose that best suits your business needs, such as for proposals or future hires. Federal Contractor Recruiting Cycle If people are your product, do you have a consistent supply chain? Winning business is a numbers game and the more proposals you bid on, the more Bids & Service Proposals Delivery opportunities you will have to win business. Realizing revenue & profit opportunities will determine your ability to grow – or even stay in business. Meeting performance objectives Past Revenue & Performance Profit determines whether you will keep the current contract and win the next one. Managing this cycle requires a consistent capacity to recruit qualified people. People Pipeline offers a cost-effective, high-value solution to this cycle.
  2. 2. PEOPLE PIPELINE SERVICE COMPONENTS PeoplePipeline integrates candidate sourcing resources, technology, and professional recruiting with an efficient methodology that produces continual, predictable results. People Pipeline Service Components Dedicated Recruiting Teams Our Recruiting Consultants work on-site with you as a member of your staff, so they understand what it takes to find the right candidates for each organization. They are supported by an off-site team of sourcing analysts who drive the labor-intensive legwork of sourcing and social network development. Together, the team ensures that every stone is turned to build your candidate pipeline. Cutting-Edge Tools and Technology Our team utilizes a combination of integrated tools and technology to produce results efficiently and professionally. While some tools work behind the scenes to manage information and workflow, our clients are also given hosted access to a premium recruitment management system, which is integrated to easily complement the workflow of hiring managers. Diverse Candidate Sourcing Methodology We use virtually every method possible to find candidates (job boards, job fairs, advertising, referral networks, passive candidate scraping, social networking, employee referrals, etc.) because relying on one or two sources is a recipe for mediocrity. Our primary concern is that you hire the right candidate, regardless of the source. Employment Branding Expertise What convinces someone to work for you instead of your competition? You! But, if your candidates don’t know your story, they don’t know you. We help you build relationships with your potential candidate pools, so when the time comes for them to choose between your company and your competition, you win. Recruiting Performance Maximization & Compliance Consulting While we recruit for you, we also help build processes that ensure compliance and maximize your recruiting performance. We offer a range of services that make you efficient and competitive.
  3. 3. Sales-Oriented Pipeline Recruiting. SOURCING & SCREENING METHODOLOGY Over 90% of the positions for which we recruit require a valid security clearance, and most of those are IT-related, so we understand the competitive nature of recruiting as a federal contractor. That is why our methodology is based on a sales-oriented pipeline management practice. We utilize multiple, diverse resources to continually meet new people, then help our clients build relationships with those people so they are familiar with each other as opportunities arise. The best hires are based on solid relationships, and those aren’t built by searching a job board. Efficient Applicant Screening Process. We utilize a multi-tiered screening process to qualify candidates and respectfully re-direct candidates Phone screen by who may be better fits for other ProvatoHR Sourcing positions. We start by having a team of Analyst Sourcing Analysts contact large numbers of people who may be qualified, or Applicant completes know someone qualified, for the open job-specific skills position. Those deemed to meet initial evaluation qualifications are invited to complete a web-based evaluation that screens their Qualified applicants background for specific requirements of interviewed by the position. Qualified applicants are ProvatoHR Recruiter then interviewed by a ProvatoHR recruiter. If recommended for a direct client interview, approved applicants are Applicable processed through any required background checks conducted background checks prior to the interview. This process saves time, money, and wasted efforts for our client.
  4. 4. ProvatoHR responds to the Examples of Recent Positions RECRUITING CAPABILITIES unique recruiting needs of Information Technology Enterprise Architect services-based federal Systems Engineer contractors – whatever they Network Engineer are, wherever they are. Software Engineer Functional Analyst IV&V Tester We understand broad specialties. Standards Engineer The government is so unique and varied SAS Software Engineer in its needs and we work hard to ensure Technical Writer that we can support you, regardless of Cyber Security the position you need or the location. Information Assurance Most of our efforts focus on IT or IT- Java/SAP/Oracle/PeopleSoft related business, but we can shift gears Helpdesk Support to pursue the opportunities that come Finance & Accounting your way. Controller/CFO Financial Analyst We respond to all recruiting needs: Staff Accountant • Contingent candidates to support Acquisition & Logistics proposals; Contract Specialist (1102) Budget Analyst • Open, immediate-fill positions; Procurement Analyst • Quick-turnaround needs for task orders Human Capital Analyst or opportunities; Supply Chain Management •Proactive business development efforts. Subject Matter Experts Program Management 90% of our positions require Program/Project Manager security-cleared professionals. Program Element Monitor We understand the nuances and care General Corporate necessary to recruit candidates with Executive Assistant security clearances and we build our Sales/Business Development clients’ presence in their subgroup of the Proposal Manager cleared community. Human Resources Contract/Subcontract Admin We represent you to candidates. Counter-Proliferation WMD Policy Analyst We recruit for your company, so we use Nuclear Policy Analyst your company name and email address Information Warfare Analyst to reach out to candidates. Candidate Intelligence Analyst response is much lower when the are Biometrics Specialist contacted by a staffing agency.