Conviface at OAUG -11i to R12


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Conviface at OAUG -
11i to R12 One Click

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Conviface at OAUG -11i to R12

  1. 1. Oracle E-Business Suitefrom 11i to R12<br />Integration & Data Migration <br />Do it yourself<br />FLOAUG Annual Tech Event September 17-18<br />Copyright ©2009 by Facesys<br />
  2. 2. Agenda<br />Main Challenges<br />Business Objectives<br />Technical Improvements<br />The Solution: Conviface<br />Videos<br />Q&A<br />Copyright ©2009 by Facesys<br />
  3. 3. Main Challenges<br />R12 Upgrade vs. Reimplementation ?<br />R12 Upgrade is not 100% automatic<br />Cost & Time<br />Limitations with Current Processes<br />Data migration is complex<br />New regulations (SOX, HIPAA, others)<br />Copyright ©2009 by Facesys<br />
  4. 4. Business Objectives<br />Reduce the time and efforts for Upgrades Reimplementation<br />Reduce iterations and Mapping Effort for Data Conversions<br />Enable rapid and secure integration with other systems <br />Give full control over the Conversions & Interfaces to the business users <br />History and audit trial over data changes (SOX , HIPAA Compliance) <br />Decentralize the Interfaces and Data Maintenance<br />Approval Management with Web Option (Workflow) <br />Copyright ©2009 by Facesys<br />
  5. 5. Business Objectives<br />Alert Notification with intuitive e-mails (out-of-the-box) <br /> Improve data integrity<br /> Process Integration (one place) <br /> To save management time and costs: <br />Flexibility on Data and Mapping Maintenance <br />Reduce training requirements<br />Adequate error handling and correction <br />Total control over the Transfer Flow <br />Capacity to manage changes in Batch, Manually or Automatically<br />Copyright ©2009 by Facesys<br />
  6. 6. Technical Improvements<br />Reduce user support needs <br />Minimize technical issues <br />Provide greater control over the data to the business users, analysts or BA’s<br />Avoid to install unnecessary tools like: FTP, SQL Loader or other tools in the user PC’s<br />Look for: Pre-built Templates, Adapters, API’s and Programs<br />Define a strong Conversion Strategy<br />Simple and secure Data fixes (Minimizing risks) <br />Eliminate additional learning time on new development languages or tools<br />Copyright ©2009 by Facesys<br />
  7. 7. Technical Improvements<br />Adopt Development “Best Practices”: <br />More setup or predefine logic instead of development <br />Generic: Programs, Validations, Forms and API’s <br />Build interfaces without development <br />Use of Metadata to reduce development<br />Interface Standardization:<br />Generic Programs, Adapters and API’s<br />Generic Set of Tables, Forms and Reports<br />Generic Objects to: Upload, Validate, Mapping, Transfer, Error Handle, Alert..<br />Copyright ©2009 by Facesys<br />
  8. 8. The Solution: Conviface<br />Copyright ©2009 by Facesys<br />
  9. 9. The Solution: Conviface<br />Conversion & Interface System that maximize your investment in Oracle E-Business Suite<br />Reduces dramatically time, effort & costs for:<br /> System implementation, System integration<br /> Upgrade to R12<br /> Reimplementation of Oracle APPS to R12<br /> Staging data for your regression testing process<br /> Minimum end-user training<br /> Full-compliance with Oracle On Demand standards<br />Copyright ©2009 by Facesys<br />
  10. 10. The Solution: Conviface<br />More that 40 Adapters for common Interfaces & Conversions<br />100% Traceable, Audit/Approval enabled, SOX and HIPAA compliance<br />100% Integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite<br />No Additional Hardware or new technology are required<br />Multi-Languages & UTF8 Enabled <br />Enable for high volume data processing<br />Copyright ©2009 by Facesys<br />
  11. 11. Videos<br /><ul><li>INV Item Master: (Manual Interface)
  12. 12. Templates and Adapters
  13. 13. Manual Upload
  14. 14. Monitor, Details, Errors, Multi-Stages
  15. 15. WF Approval & WAF (Web Approval)
  16. 16. Alerts, Events and E-mails
  17. 17. INV Transactions: (Automatic Interface)
  18. 18. Execute Interface & Schedule
  19. 19. Automatic Transfer / Logs (SOX)
  20. 20. Automatic Upload
  21. 21. Mapping, Fix Values = “Traceability”
  22. 22. Generic Insert/Update</li></ul>Copyright ©2009 by Facesys<br />
  23. 23. <ul><li>FND Concurrent Programs: (Outbound)
  24. 24. Execute Interface & Schedule
  25. 25. Get Data from DB (view or table)
  26. 26. Monitor, Details, Errors, All Errors
  27. 27. Generate Data File
  28. 28. Automatic Transfer / Logs (SOX)</li></ul>Demo Videos<br />Copyright ©2009 by Facesys<br />
  29. 29. Q&A<br />Presented by:<br />Nicolas Sulla / Facesys<br /><br />Victor Nenclares / Facesys<br /><br />More information:<br /> or <br /><br />Copyright ©2009 by Facesys<br />