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4.9.08 Polynomial Models3

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4.9.08 Polynomial Models3

  1. 1. Polynomial Models As in the textbook, a box (with no top) is to be made from a sheet of cardboard by cutting squares from the corners and folding up the sides: Write and simplify an equation for the volume of the box in terms of x : 50 cm 30 cm x
  2. 2. is a polynomial in the third degree. What is the degree of a polynomial? The maximum number of variables being multiplied. The standard form for a polynomial (in one variable) of degree n is Write the expression for the volume of our cardboard box in standard form:
  3. 3. What if there is more than one variable? Look at (x+y) 4 : What is the degree of this polynomial? From your textbook, try problems 4, 5, and 8 on p. 560