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Term Insurance - A Basic Overview


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In this presentation, find out all the basic information on the fundamentals of term insurance policy, why should one buy term insurance online, the multiple benefits associated with term insurance policy and use of term insurance premium calculator.

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Term Insurance - A Basic Overview

  1. 1. - A Brief Overview
  2. 2. What is Term Insurance? Term insurance is a form of life insurance. It is the most purest form of life insurance which provides you with immense mental satisfaction. In term insurance, the policy owner pays a premium for a fixed term of time. If the policy owner survives the time of the term insurance policy, the risk cover finally ceases down. However, if something unfortunate happens during the period of the term policy, the sum assured is paid to the policy owners dependents.
  3. 3. Tips to buy Term Insurance Analyze your budget Match whether the plan that you intend to buy actually fulfills your needs Calculate smartly Get free quote Decide the ideal term period Evaluate terms and conditions, company policy
  4. 4. Why should you buy term insurance plan? Less expensive Death benefit Best income replacement feature Tax benefits Maximum insurance coverage for minimum cost Term insurance policy can be bought at very early age of life Credit protection
  5. 5. Online Term Insurance Searching for term insurance online in India is a very convenient option because many term insurance providers or companies are now featuring their product online. Learning and comparing benefits and features across many companies becomes very easy. You can review the offers of term insurance policy online. Based on your needs and requirements, choosing a term insurance policy becomes quite easy.
  6. 6. Term Insurance Premium Calculator Term insurance calculator help you assess the premium amount on your own without the need to go to the insurance company office. Term insurance calculators calculate your figures easily and help you understand what would be your premium cost. You are only required to fill in necessary information which includes date of birth, gender, habits like smoking, drinking, coverage amount, premium payment period.
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