Brief Overview on ULIP Plans


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Get deep insights on ULIP Plans including what are ULIPs, multiple benefits associated with the ULIP policy and some important tips to remember before investing on ULIP plans. For more information visit -

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Brief Overview on ULIP Plans

  1. 1. -
  2. 2. What Are ULIPs?
  3. 3.  ULIPs stand for Unit Linked Insurance Plans. They are the combo package of insurance and investment portfolios. Normal insurance plans are only designed to protect our lives. They do not ensure savings for our future. To overcome this, ULIPs are introduced. Here, the premiums are invested in stock markets and this helps us by returning better income on the maturity period. The insurance company or the insurer subtracts charges towards life insurance, fund management, administrative charges and the remaining premium is used as investment in funds that in return invests money in stocks or some bonds. In short, ULIP Policies gives you insurance safety as well as wealth creation opportunities.
  4. 4. Multiple Benefits of ULIP Plans
  5. 5.  Protection and safety as in any insurance policy Investment Savings Flexibility Adjustable Life Cover Investment Options Transparency Death Benefits Disability Benefits over critical illnesses Surgeries Tax Benefits And More
  6. 6. Why ULIP Policies Work Best forPeople in The Age Group 25 – 40Years?
  7. 7.  After life insurance, it is a good investment option. They need an investment period of at least 10-15 years so that one can get maximum benefits. It combines basics of insurance policies and funds. One can easily switch to funds at lowest costs. We can withdraw some portion or complete corpus after a period of 3 years.
  8. 8. Tips for Investing in ULIP Plans
  9. 9.  Understand in brief about ULIPs – This is the most important step before investing in ULIPs.. This will help you take the most critical decision. Very easily. One can check online ULIP Plans in newspapers, websites of various financial companies. What is the best risk value are you willing to take? – Ones risk appetite is the best in determining which plan to choose. Check out the multiple ULIP policies available in the market – Compare the various products and parameters for every service. Will you get a minimum guarantee? – Always inquire if your ULIP plan is offering you a minimum guarantee and what is the cost inclined with this facility? Find out options to increase your premium money and free switches
  10. 10. Contact Details
  11. 11.  For more information on eligibility criteria and other health benefits: Call 1800 209 9090 SMS GUARANTEE to 56677 Centers spread across 118 cities in India.
  12. 12. Thank You