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Strategic marketing plan project individual project bmgt 411


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bmgt_411 marketing management fall 2014 chris lovett

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Strategic marketing plan project individual project bmgt 411

  1. 1. June 17, 2014 [BMGT 411: MARKETING MANAGEMENT INDIVIDUAL PROJECT] Strategic Marketing Plan Project Individual Project Background Studentswill use ideas discussedinthe course to developa strategic marketing planrecommendation using the marketing concepts we will learnthroughout the semester. This marketing planwill be presentedto the partner company for possible implementationin2015. The marketing plan shouldfocus on key outcomesthe clientis focusedon moving forward:  Growing usage among college club sport teams: o Secondary targets: Youth Sports and High School Competitive  Identifyingkeytargetmarkets to increase youth sport adoption and usage o Partners o Viral users who can adopt and spread the word  Connect marketingto sales o Brand ambassadors who can spread the word about AltheteTrax  Developinganinteractive marketing strategy to helpdrive awarenessand newusers o Explorationof the followingchannelstodevelopan interactive marketingplan and budget  Google Adwords  Twitter PromotedTweets  Facebook Advertising(IncludingInstagram)  LiveIntent  Additional o Explorationtopics shouldinclude CPM (Cost per thousand analysis), Keywords,Content, and graphics  Marketing Research: to include what theircompetitorsare doingto reach their audiences (TeamSnap,Blue Sombrero and Bluefields)
  2. 2. June 17, 2014 [BMGT 411: MARKETING MANAGEMENT INDIVIDUAL PROJECT] Partner Company 2014 This semester,we have partneredwith AltheteTrax. AltheteTrax isa startup up SaaS (Software as a Service) that was introduced in2012. Led by founder Jon Halpern,the company has signedup over300 teams, who work withAltheteTrax to for a total team cloud basedmanagement solutionthat provides:  Team scheduling o Fullyintegratedpersonal calendar. o Unifiedleague/teamschedulingwithRSVP. o Automatic email remindersfor events. o To-do listmanagement withtext reminders.  Team Based Communication o Mass two-waytext messaging. o League,team, or individual outreach. o Auto and custom usergroups. o League and team message boards. o Direct messagingand instantnotifications.  Team Training and Improvement o Centralizedteamvideo. o Efficientworkouttracking. o 100% free fund-raisingsolution. o Exclusive memberdealson hotels.  Mobile and TabletFriendly o Two way text message interactions. o Fullyintegratedcalendar on the go. o Upload practice or game videoin real-time. o Post workout resultsfrom the gym.
  3. 3. June 17, 2014 [BMGT 411: MARKETING MANAGEMENT INDIVIDUAL PROJECT] The company has receiveda variety of press for their launch including:  arm/stories/201403200273    college-startups/?utm_source=Social&utm_medium=unpaid&utm_campaign=news Target Market Part of this project will be to further define AltheteTrax Primaryand Secondary target markets. This target market can be a wide range of individuals,butmostlikelyfall intothe followinggeneral categories:  College ClubSports (Men/Women Ages18-23) o Millenial targetmarket o Sports are not usuallya “Full-Time Job”– Volunteerslead o Both men and women o Oftenledby fraternities/sororities o Include collegesall over the US  Youth Sports (Kids6-14) o Fringe Gen X/Y o Time crunched o Working professionals o Most games on eveningsand weekends o Both Men and Women
  4. 4. June 17, 2014 [BMGT 411: MARKETING MANAGEMENT INDIVIDUAL PROJECT]  SanctionedYouth Sports (Kids14 – 18 High School) o Gen X – Baby Boomers o Coach as a jobvs. hobby o Harder to sell due to contracts/restrictions For your chosenTarget Market – clearlydefine the USP (Unique SellingProposition) overwhattheyare using today for team management. Thought Starter: would you focus on one sport to start or focus on them all? The overall goal is to recommend: 1. SWOT analysisfor AthleteTrax (Chapter2) 2. CRM Strategy and Recommendationfor CreatingLong-Term Customer Relationships(Chapter4) 3. Secondary Marketing Research – Use the Census.govsite to research chosen target markets  Identifykeygeographic regionsto focus efforton based on opportunity  Profile target markets (Age,Income,Race, etc)  Developa listof tactics that support your target market o How/whenwill you reach them? o If you didadvertise,what vehicleswouldyouuse? (Focus on interactive/Social)  CompetitorMarketing Research: TeamSnap, BlueSombrero and Bluefields (To determine how they target andcreateawareness) 4. DevelopBrand PositioningRecommendationforAltheteTrax to helpguide them in all Marketing Strategy as theycontinue to grow.  Use positioning guide outlinedin class: For (target audience/segment), AthleteTrax is the (Frame of Reference) that delivers(Key Points of Difference)
  5. 5. June 17, 2014 [BMGT 411: MARKETING MANAGEMENT INDIVIDUAL PROJECT] 5. Developa Tactical Marketing Plan for 2015 (Chapter 16, 17, Special Topics) • Include a listof all tactics and why you are recommendingthem  Focus should be on interactive:Google, Facebook,Twitter,Instagram, Live Intent,etc)  Budget for 2015: Your recommendedbudgetfor using these toolsto drive awareness (Simple budget)  Content ideasto be leveragedforeach channel • Include a detailed“Calendar”of 2015 activities • SOcial MObile Local – keepthis trend in mind • Include branding and GuerillaMarketing tactic ideas(How can AthleteTrax go viral) • Include your recommendationon how tactics will be measuredfor success
  6. 6. June 17, 2014 [BMGT 411: MARKETING MANAGEMENT INDIVIDUAL PROJECT] Deliverables This project isan individual project.Thisproject will be presentedto the client – so professional attire and presentationswill be part of your final grade. This is a lean startup, and students presented with above average work may be contacted by the client for future work including internships. In addition, the best project(s) may be leveraged for the partner company to use in their 2015 campaigns. This project shouldbe considereda key part of your Point Park Businessportfolio. Both the written report and the presentationshouldbe deliveredina professional waythat showcases everythingyou have learnedto date at PointPark University. Key Deliverables: • A 15 minute visual presentationof recommendationsdeliveredonsite to the client(Date TBD): • CREATIVE, CONCISE, ACCURATE, MEMORABLE • Savedvia Prezi or SlideShare foreasy sharing withclient • A writtenreport that deliversonthe Marketing objectivesdescribedabove framework discussedin class • A 2015 marketingeventcalendar for AltheteTrax to follow  Deliveredincalendarformat – Excel or PDF • A writtendocument that expandson concepts presentedinthe presentation,withsupportedfacts  (2) copies – one for clientand instructor to followalongduring presentation  Report shouldbe stapledor bound – in a professional format  The report shouldinclude referencesto all supporting data articles
  7. 7. June 17, 2014 [BMGT 411: MARKETING MANAGEMENT INDIVIDUAL PROJECT] Grading:  The Marketing Project is worth a total of 70 points o Presentation:35 points o Written Report: 35 points  The report shouldbe visual,withsupporting graphs and illustrations  The final plan shouldbe concise and professional,asa marketingconsultant would delivertoa real client  This plan and presentationwill helpyoumarket yourself as you enter a very demandingjob market  Late projects not accepted  Late presentationwill receive a 0 grade – do not be late for class on presentationdate (Treat this as an interview – where latenesswouldnot be accepted)