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Marketing research plan project project bmgt 311

  1. 1. May 16, 2014 [BMGT 311: MARKETING RESEARCH GROUP PROJECT] Marketing Research Group Project Background Studentswill use ideas discussedinthe course to developa strategic marketing recommendationusingthe marketing research process we will learnthroughout the semester. The goal is to apply the Marketing Research Processto helpa real local non-profitachieve their short and longterm goals supported by marketingresearch. The average age of a donor is 50 – and the Cultural Trust is interestedinattracting a younger audience as participants and donors. The goal of this marketingresearch is to helpthem gain insighton how to do this. The goal of the marketingresearch project is to:  Help the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust target a youngerdemographic (Ages25-45)  Identifyinginterestlevelsingivingtothe Pittsburgh Cultural Trust by thisage group  How to get young professionalsexcitedaboutthe PittsburghCultural Trust  Testingconcepts to gauge interestinkey programs designedforyoung people: o Try before you buy program: small charge for eventswhere the charge isapplied towards membership o Pledgesthat can be made in up to twelve monthlyinstallments  Measure quantitativelythe interestinPittsburgh Cultural Trust Partner Membership benefits(Tohelpthe Trust focus theirmarketing to thisage group) o Discounts at participating Cultural District Restaurants ( o Invitationsto Cast Parties o Discount for CosmopolitanPittsburghTickets o One Year Subscriptionto PittsburghQuarterly Magazine o TrustOvations Donor NewsletterandTrust Event Catalog o Other (from brochures)
  2. 2. May 16, 2014 [BMGT 311: MARKETING RESEARCH GROUP PROJECT] Partner Company 2014 This semester,we have partneredwith The PittsburghCultural Trust. The PittsburghCultural Trust has transformed a downtrodden section of Downtown into a world-classCultural District that stands as a national model of urban revitalizationthroughthe arts. The bestof touring Broadway, contemporary dance, familyeventsand cutting-edge visual arts are among the varietyof arts and entertainmentthe Trust presentsand exhibits.Hundredsof artists, thousands of students,and millionsof people expandtheirhorizonsin our theaters,galleries,andpublicart environments. For over two decades,the Trust has ledthe cultural and economic developmentof Pittsburgh’s Cultural District by:  presentinghigh-qualityperformingartseventsand visual arts exhibitions  providingcomprehensive educationand communityengagementopportunities  supportingand collaboratingwith Cultural District residentcompaniesand hundreds of local arts organizations and artists  maintainingsuperiorvenuesfor residentcompanies,communityorganizations and promoters  attracting 2 millionpeople tothe Cultural District annuallyto over 2000 annual events and activities  managing over 1 millionsquare feetof real estate  creating and curating publicart parks and galleryspaces  and by cultivatingthe city’s largestarts neighborhood Lauded as “the single greatest creative force in Pittsburghbecause of its spiritof reinvention”by the PittsburghPost Gazette, the Trust is the catalyst behindPittsburgh’sthrivingCultural District that continuesto enrich the region’svibrancy and prosperity. Website:
  3. 3. May 16, 2014 [BMGT 311: MARKETING RESEARCH GROUP PROJECT] Target Market Part of this project will be to further define the PittsburghCultural Trust’s primary and secondary target markets for this effort. Studentswill use both demographic and psychographics toolsto refine the target market listedbelow:  Men and Women aged 25-45  Urban  Explorers(Like discoveryaspect of trying new things)  Recent Graduates Using public resourcesavailable (Census,AmericanCommunitySurvey) studentswill visually show the variousdemographic profilesof this demographic with a strategic recommendationon who to target. The demographicprofilesshouldinclude,but not be limitedto:  Populationsizesof target cohorts  Income  Race  Employmentstatistics  Povertystatistics  Education statistics This demographic profile of Pittsburghand surroundingneighborhoodsshouldaccompany a recommendationfrom your team on who to target and your POV as to why. Thought Starter: After your research, is there a certain neighborhoodor age cohort youwould target more than others? Where would youtarget these potential donorsand how?
  4. 4. May 16, 2014 [BMGT 311: MARKETING RESEARCH GROUP PROJECT] The overall goal is to recommend: The objective of this marketingresearch project is to provide The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust witha strategic go to market approach to attract a younger donor base. Studentswill use a varietyof secondary research to developthis go to market strategy usingmethods and resources discussedin class like the US, CensusBureau, Prizm PsychographicsProfiles,etc. The overall goal is to recommend:  A further definedtarget market based on secondary research  Demographic profiles,shownvisually,of the Pittsburgh market  Psychographics profilesandrecommendedtargets  Identifykeygeographic regionsto focus efforton based on opportunity gainedfrom secondary research  Identifyexperiential opportunities(mediaand non-media) toreach and educate the target market about The PittsburghCultural Trust based on your secondary research  Developmentanddeliveryof a quantitative survey(online) thatmeasuresage group specific(surveyshouldbe givento membersof target audience) interestincurrent or newmember benefits o Surveyshould be executedonline usingGoogle Docs, Polldaddy,or Survey Monkey o Resultsshouldbe shown visuallyinfinal presentationand research report (don’t simplylistresults) o Each group has a target sample error % of +/- 9.8% or lower (100 completed surveys– use social media and networkto distribute)
  5. 5. May 16, 2014 [BMGT 311: MARKETING RESEARCH GROUP PROJECT] Deliverables This project isa group project. This project will be presentedto the client – so professional attire and presentationswill be part of your final grade. This project shouldbe considereda key part of your Point Park Businessportfolio. Both the writtenreport and the presentationshouldbe deliveredina professional waythat showcases everythingyouhave learnedto date at PointPark University. Key Deliverables: • A 15 minute visual presentationof recommendationsdeliveredonsite to the client(Date TBD): • CREATIVE, CONCISE, ACCURATE, MEMORABLE • Savedvia Prezi or SlideShare for easy sharing withclient • A writtenreport that deliversonthe Marketing Research frameworkdiscussed in class: 1. Establishneedfor marketing research - why do you feel itneedsto be completedwhat questionswill itanswer? 2. Define the problem 3. Establishresearch objectives 4. Determine research design 5. Identifyinformationtypesand sources 6. Determine methodsof accessing data 7. Designdata collectionforms (Developquestionnaire) 8. Determine recommendedsample size 9. CollectData 10. Analyze data 11. Prepare and presentfinal research report along with recommendations
  6. 6. May 16, 2014 [BMGT 311: MARKETING RESEARCH GROUP PROJECT] Grading:  The Marketing Project is worth a total of 75 points o Presentation:25 points o Written Report: 25 points o Participation/peerassessments:25 points  The report shouldbe visual,withsupporting graphs and illustrations  The final plan shouldbe concise and professional, asa marketingconsultant would delivertoa real client  This plan and presentationwill helpyoumarket yourself as you enter a very demanding job market  Late projects not accepted  Late presentationwill receive a 0 grade – do not be late for class on presentationdate (Treat this as an interview –where latenesswouldnot be accepted)