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How to Prevent Chargeback


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Chargeback may not be the wanted transaction for online merchant owner, because it's not only causing lost to business revenue, but affecting the reputation of your business.

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How to Prevent Chargeback

  1. 1. How to
  2. 2. www.fraudlabs.comWhat is Chargeback? Chargeback is a transaction initiated by customer to return the money from merchant account to a customer due to fraud case.
  3. 3. www.fraudlabs.comWhy Chargeback? Customers claim that they do not issue the purchase. The purchase item did not arrive as per agreeable shipping date. Defective found upon item arrival, and dispute occurred. The delivered solutions varies from what it has promised. And, so on.
  4. 4. www.fraudlabs.comConsequence of Chargeback You will incur chargeback cost. You may lose your payment gateway account if high number of chargeback observed. You will incur item cost, shall the chargeback occurred after item shipped. Your brand creditability may be at risk.
  5. 5. www.fraudlabs.comHow to prevent Chargeback? Make sure to deliver the solution as according to the information marketed. Double check the item and packing prior to dispatch. Choose the reputable dispatcher to ensure on time delivery. Implement Fraud Detection Solution, e.g, FraudLabs, to filter out potential fraud case.
  6. 6. www.fraudlabs.comWhat is Fraud DetectionSolution Uncover a suspicious buyer to prevent fraudulence case, therefore prevent chargeback. Proven algorithm over the years in filtering malicious transaction. Using various combination of measures in detecting the fraudulence case:  Address Validation  Email Validation  Proxy Validation  Credit Card Bin Info Validation  High Risk Country Validation Fraud Score return allowing you to decide whether to accept the sale transaction. For more information, please visit