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Leadership 2.0

Slide deck for the Leadership 2.0 session / conversation at EduCon 2.2 -- Jan. 30th, 2010. Science Leadership Academy

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Leadership 2.0

  1. Leadership 2.0 Who Do We Need Our Leaders To Be? Chris Lehmann Principal Science Leadership Academy
  2. Defining Our Terms:
  3. The Questions We Ask • What does this idea mean? • What does the idea mean for education? • How could this idea affect / change our communities? • How does this idea inform my personal practice?
  4. Inquiry
  5. Technology-Infused
  6. Communities of Care
  7. Leadership:
  8. Visioning: Developing Ideas
  9. Modeling: How can leaders publicly live these ideas?
  10. Servant Leadership: Top Down Support for Bottom Up Ideas
  11. Leading: How do we get everyone on board?
  12. Sustaining: How do we build systems and structures?