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#140Edu Keynote - 7/31/12

Slides from my keynote address at the #140Edu conference on July 31st, 2012 at the 92nd St. Y.

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#140Edu Keynote - 7/31/12

  1. It was the best of times....
  2. It was the worst of times...
  4. It was a confusing time...
  5. Tw ols it ter Scho LayC harter offs MO nol ogy OTech Cs Rub rics Kh an Ac ven ade Dri ata- ons my D De cisi Hig hS Tes tak ts es eform Ed- R
  6. Is School Relevant? (am I relevant?)
  7. It Doesn’t Have to Be That Way.
  8. School Can Teach Us How To Learn.
  9. School Can Help Us Learn to Live.
  10. And This Matters (to everyone.)
  11. Citizens > Workers
  12. School was designed for this:
  13. But We Can’t Replace It With This...
  14. Because It Belongs To This.
  15. How?
  16. Care For, Not About. (We Teach Kids, Not Subjects)
  17. Ask Questions.(That we didn’t know the answers to.)
  18. Seek Out Answers. (Complexity is good.)
  19. Talk and Listen.(Turns Out We Learn That Way.)
  20. Dream Bigger.This isn’t personalized.
  21. Unlock Passion. (High School Is Real Life)
  22. Build Real Stuff. (School Has To Matter.)
  23. Share. (We are all important voices.)
  24. Change the World.