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Bob Dylan on Creativity


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Assorted things Bob Dylan has said about the creative process. Made as a way to mess around with design, including free fonts and images.

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Bob Dylan on Creativity

  1. when i paint my MASTERPIECE: bob dylan on creativity a slide set by Chris Landry
  2. On his great blog PREZENTATION ZEN, Garr Reynolds has written many times about what jazz, and jazz musicians, can teach us about the creative process. That got me wondering what Bob Dylan could contribute to this discussion. Here are some things he’s said about creativity in interviews over the years.
  3. on meaning Tenough dsongs. t Unlessanysomeone'ssongs. come salong he worl don' need more gonna There' withdifaferent stheart and has something to say. That's a pure ory.
  4. on perspective TJusts' anotla kihner twaysomebody tinthgat aaisong,there. course. hat t g o of wri n't of That's the best way. That's the truest way.
  5. on a place to write Timheportenvntir.onmenthasto towribringthesomethingis out remelme that te song ext in y ato be brought out. It's a contemplative, It wantesctive thing. refl
  6. on getting out of the way CreativityIti'ss not likheinga thfreighas ttroainbegoicaressed ande ht ng down th ttrracks.ed with asomet dealat of respect. . You've got to eat your brain not to think too much. program great
  7. on time of day Awentlot down.theAndsongs likwerestorms,t eIn aftkil eertothestaysunup of I e wri during a storm.
  8. on structure Once thdonearchitanctuendleisss inamountce,ofa ways. can be e in e re pla song
  9. on listening Somettiomday,I'I'l mgogoioutg and wrisay, down alel vethre ellisnees es n to te quot;What Ithatdoseem interesting to me. Either that I think of or that I overhear.quot;
  10. on being an artist Tthhere say,say? ylThaatn 'snevnoter tthaelks'reason antheartihelts l isis in ey to 'D . What front of people.
  11. on writing Writingf any fromd offriebook and afamiol nelyl ytothfiinng.d tYouat cut kin nds is yoursel loffquiet place in your mind. h necessari y
  12. on what comes out TAndsih iwho'how thIe feel?thatWhyfeeldos tIhis feel likeI tcoul?dn't s s me way? hat tel you that, either.
  13. on artistic risk Itaybecomes, irif sky. Ire mean,g youin ritshke yourht pl music you' doin it rig e
  14. on intention Let'rse faceng it,or you'rere einotht erseriousousabout what you're seri about what you'ng. And you can't mix the two. And life is short. doi you' doi
  15. on learning from others If you like tsomeone'shinwork,thattheperson has tbeen is to be exposed.ot o everyt g important hing exposed
  16. on inspiration Itv'es s likyou atheghost is and tinitg goessong like Youht at.don'Itt know e song wri a away. gi it means. Except the ghost picked me to write whatsong. the
  17. on performing Somedelivsongs iareturmoilt.erOthtersn iarepeace andt equiet bet wri e n best wri n andturmoilered ndelivered in a peaceful, quiet way. in and
  18. free images via URBAN TEXTURE PACK free fonts via GRUNGE SERIFIA JELLYKA, ESTRYA’S HANDWRITING interview credits available at CHRISTOPHERLANDRY.COM/BLOG
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