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capabilities brochure for industrial construction company

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Mci Corp Final

  1. 1. MC Industrial. Where industry goes to get built. PROVEN safEty succEss ExPERiENcE PlaNNiNg PaRtN ERsh iP PERfORmaNcE cOmmitmENt sERVicEs
  2. 2. PROVEN rove safEty succEss Proven ExPERiENcE MC Industrial, Inc., an independent McCarthy company, was established in 2005 to serve the specialized construction needs of the industrial market nationwide. We’ve built our reputation on decades of proven McCarthy experience in the automotive, food and beverage, aviation/aerospace, manufacturing and power markets. And, if your project includes new “shade and shelter” and you need it fast, MC Industrial is an authorized distributor/builder of a variety of pre-engineered metal buildings. PlaNNiNg Synergy We haven’t forgotten where we came from. Our procedures and resources are genuine McCarthy. Our industrial focus, however, assures our clients the right services, thoughtfully planned and executed, at the right time and price. PaRtN ERsh iP Even though we’re MC Industrial, our core values are those that have energized McCarthy for more than a century. Old-fashioned principles such as taking responsibility for your actions, integrity, respect for the individual, and the importance of relationships drive our business. And given the fact that every MC Industrial salaried employee is also an employee owner (of the McCarthy parent company), you can count on each of us to deliver above and beyond your expectations. PERfORmaNcE You’ll know us by the company we keep ... MC Industrial is making a name for itself in industrial construction. Just ask any of our clients. Here’s a partial list. AmerenUE Centocor Biologics MEMC Electronic Materials cOmmitmENt Anheuser-Busch ConocoPhillips MOST, Inc. Solutia Inc. DaimlerChrysler Pfizer Big River Zinc General Motors Sigma Aldrich Bodine Aluminum GKN Aerospace The Boeing Company Center Ethanol Holcim (US) Toyota Motors Manufacturing North America sERVicEs
  3. 3. sERVicEs cOmmitmENt safety PERfORmaNcE When you contract with MC Industrial, you are hiring one of the safest contractors in the nation. We are committed to sending everyone home safely every day. Proven procedures and training have paid off for us in safety rates that are significantly better than the industry average. PaRtN ERsh iP For us safety is not just a priority, it’s a core value. Often, the best Safety advocates are the Meet a true Safety convert…a worker at our oil PlaNNiNg converts…workers who learned in one way company project. He didn’t wear fall protection or another they weren’t invincible. and was given three days off. When he returned to the job, the first thing he did was put on his When a project achieves more than 1 million harness. Now, when he sees workers attempt man hours and can boast ZERO lost time to get off the ground more than six-feet without ExPERiENcE incidents, we know our program is working. protection, he gives them a very valuable piece We also know our tradespeople have learned of his experience. by example…and those “examples” become the greatest Safety preachers. What’s the moral of the story? MC Industrial projects are safe because the men and women who work for us know we care about their welfare. succEss We owe it to our people and their families to send everyone home at the end of the day the same way safety they came in to work…whole and healthy. safEty PROVEN
  4. 4. PROVEN safEty succEss success ExPERiENcE What is your definition of a successful project? Is it one that gets your assembly line up and running faster? Or, is it a smoothly run outage project that results in better service to your customers? Maybe it’s the project that’s completed without interrupting your on-going operations. Or, is it all of these? PlaNNiNg Whatever your definition, success is far more complex than the proverbial “on-time, on-budget” answer most often heard in our industry. Whether your project is large or small, tough and complex, or just a simple fix, MC Industrial delivers success on your terms. PaRtN ERsh iP When you’re trusted with the single largest body Success depended on expert logistics, material shop equipment installation project ever given to handling and managing last minute changes. one contractor by this automotive manufacturer, Equipment deliveries were sequenced so every move you make must be efficient and installation could take place directly from PERfORmaNcE perfectly executed…especially when you only have the truck to the required area in the body shop. 9 weeks to install 300 robots, conveyor equipment, MC Industrial crews unloaded and installed control panels, and welding and stamping more than 50 containers of equipment each success equipment so trucks can begin to roll off the line week. All 54 bays were installed and powered and be shipped to dealerships around the country. on in just under 9 weeks. This labor-intensive project required close How do you measure success? One happy cOmmitmENt coordination with all subs. In fact, MC Industrial client at a time. produced an hour-by-hour schedule, and conducted two scheduling meetings a day to ensure the just-in-time transfer of more than 450 containers of equipment from the seaport to the job site for installation. sERVicEs
  5. 5. experience sERVicEs cOmmitmENt solid Experience PERfORmaNcE There’s not much in industrial construction that intimidates us. We’ve faced the tough customer who wants to compress a 14-month power plant project down to 8 months… and left him pleased with our performance. PaRtN ERsh iP We’ve expertly phased automotive manufacturing projects to fit into the industry’s notoriously tight shut down schedules and watched as the cars rolled off the production line ahead of the client’s schedule. We’ve installed new packaging lines and ensured they were up and running so the client’s production schedules… and revenues…didn’t suffer. PlaNNiNg If you’re planning on 14 months to complete Self performance was our ace-in-the-hole. installation of two 450,000-pound turbines We took on the pile driving, concrete, millwright ExPERiENcE along with their 350,000-pound generators work, ironworker and boilermaker work to help on an existing fossil-fuel power plant, shaving control the schedule. time off the schedule unexpectedly can knock Teams worked two 10-hour shifts a day, 6-days a project team off balance pretty quickly. a week through November. With an eye on the But, in this case, we’re not talking about budget, we scheduled overtime judiciously. just any project team. succEss At peak, 200 tradesmen converged on the site The project start was delayed three months. to get the job done. Then, the Owner moved up the completion date Finally, right on schedule and just in time for the another three months. The result? What was blazing Midwest heat, the team fired up the first once a 14 month project, was now whittled safEty turbine on the scheduled day. Thirteen days later, the down to eight. switch was flipped on the second unit. Both units Tight schedules are pretty much the norm in the started up with no construction-related problems. industrial world and MC Industrial is used to PROVEN In the end, we pleased the client. And we earned constructing during two week shutdowns and the distinction of pulling off a job some thought outages. So, our team came up with a plan impossible! to meet the new schedule.
  6. 6. PROVEN safEty succEss Planning ExPERiENcE Industrial construction requires intense planning. Labor, materials, equipment, contingency plans for unexpected problems, must all be taken into account before work can begin. MC Industrial’s ability to plan and execute at this level of detail is an essential skill for any project we undertake, whether PlaNNiNg planning constructing in the power industry, setting equipment in car plants, or in manufacturing facilities where mistakes can mean lost time and revenue for the owner. PaRtN ERsh iP It was barely daylight and already more than goes into assembling the slip deck. Staff has 20 concrete trucks were lined up at the cement to know that every needed component is at the plant site ready to pour. Tradesmen and women ready…man power access, on-deck lay down were ready too. Standing on the decks of the first requirements, crane needs. Back-up plans two silos to be built, their 12-hour shift was are in place if problems arise. Everything PERfORmaNcE about to begin. has to be right. Mistakes will ultimately affect the outcome. Slip-forming requires perpetual motion. Concrete is poured around the clock while workers set and MC Industrial’s ability to plan and execute to this tie rebar. It is the only way to build a monolithic level of detail transfers into many of our industrial structure so there are no cold joints…a weak projects…shut-downs at power plants and car spot where either product can leak out or water plants, or any manufacturing facility where there’s cOmmitmENt can seep in. a narrow window in which to complete a project. Planning for a project that can’t stop is intense. Whatever the project, MC Industrial expertly Detailed plans are checked and double checked plans the work then works the plan so your before work begins. Weeks of planning and thought outcome is exactly what you envisioned. sERVicEs
  7. 7. partnership sERVicEs cOmmitmENt Partnership PERfORmaNcE What criteria do you use when forming partnerships? Trust? Know-How? Dependability? Tenacity? Partnerships form the basis of our business. They are integral to our success and to our reputation with clients. Partners have common goals. They understand what the outcome needs to look like. They communicate constantly so there are no surprises. They look out for one another. PaRtN ERsh i P From start to finish, your project is our priority. As your partner, the value we deliver in preconstruction services and value analysis increases the quality of the end result and saves you money. We take a scientific approach to preconstruction. The benefit for you is detailed, accurate and complete data up front so you can make informed decisions throughout the project, resulting in greater cost control and schedule adherence. PlaNNiNg Our goal is to maximize the effect of every project dollar you spend. ExPERiENcE Creating win/win situations is the stuff Aside from closely watching the project budget, of good partnerships. Such is the case between MC Industrial developed state-of-the-art MC Industrial and a long time client in the commissioning programs that ensured smooth, aerospace industry. expedited turnover of all facilities. The program included extensive training for personnel When this high-profile company needed to build who would be maintaining the building once succEss a 36-acre flight ramp facility on its campus, they it was occupied. turned to a company they could trust…one that would look out for their best interests. The reward for maintaining a true partnership is trust…and trust begets more opportunity… Good partnerships bring out the best in both safEty for the client and for MC Industrial. parties. This one was no different. Although MC Industrial was not responsible for the project’s design, we always reviewed and offered PROVEN a multitude of potential cost-saving ideas. A log was kept of all ideas presented and the status of each. One idea saved the client nearly $900,000.
  8. 8. performance PROVEN safEty succEss self Performance ExPERiENcE MC Industrial is a builder—not a paper pusher. Our ability to self perform with our own crews gives us full custody and ownership of the work from start to finish so your project won’t experience delays from stalled mobilizations or suffer inefficiencies from improper man-loading. PlaNNiNg How do you build two, 60-foot in diameter, Next on the list…two 150-foot in diameter, PaRtN ERsh iP 275-foot-tall, monolithic concrete structures 207-foot tall clinker silos said to be the largest in just 17 days? You use your own labor force. in the world. By the time the first clinker was finished, the 220 tradesmen logged 34,600 Just outside a small Midwest town, a behemoth manhours and used 2,500 tons of rebar. is being built…the world’s largest, single-line cement plant. Thirteen silos of varying dimensions Over 18 months, MC Industrial placed more are needed to accommodate raw and finished than 90,000-cubic-yards of concrete to complete PERfORmaNcE materials storage. MC Industrial started the all 13 silos. At peak, the project employed first two blend silos in the dead of winter. 700 tradespeople who worked round the clock on 12-hour shifts. The technique used to build these silos is called slip forming. Essentially, what slip forming means The silo project, at the time, ended up being the to the tradesmen is 24-7, non-stop work to place largest self perform contract ever executed by and finish the continuous flow of concrete. The MC Industrial with more than 700,000 manhours. cOmmitmENt blend silos took 170 MC Industrial tradespeople Pulling it off successfully required intense detailed (85 on each 12-hour shift), 2,125 manhours each planning. Every component was on hand and there day to pour and finish 6,015-yards of concrete was a good backup plan in place if problems arose. to complete. But, these two silos were just Managing and directing large amounts of a prelude to bigger things. manpower allows us to control rather than sERVicEs just document the job as some large CM-only firms may do.
  9. 9. commitment sERVicEs cOmmitmENt commitment PERfORmaNcE Our commitment to you is to deliver a quality project that will exceed your expectations on all levels. What is commitment? MC Industrials believes Finally, the opportunity arrived. The client would PaRtN ERsh iP it’s doing “whatever it takes” to get the job test our mettle. We won $8.8 million worth of work done well. Sometimes our commitment is revealed on 8 hard bid projects. It was our time to shine. to an Owner long before a project is awarded and And shine, we did. crews begin to mobilize on the job site. It begins At the end of those 8 projects, a major project laid in the proving grounds…early in the relationship. waiting. We had already paved the way. The client It had been 10 years since MC Industrial knew what to expect. PlaNNiNg last worked on a project for the aerospace We approached the next job with the same manufacturer and we wanted to work with problem-solving mind set and dedication as all them again. Giving up wasn’t part of the deal. the others. And, despite scheduling complexities To prove just how serious our desire to work for and logistical challenges, we wowed the client this client was, we submitted bids on 26 projects ExPERiENcE with results far beyond their expectations. ranging in size from $50,000 to $2 million in the span of three years. succEss safEty PROVEN
  10. 10. sERVicEs cOmmitmENt services PERfORmaNcE MC Industrial provides a broad array of construction and construction-related services nationwide. Project delivery methods include: Construction Management, Design-Build, Negotiated Contract, Hard Bid, Engineer/Procure/Construct PaRtN ERsh iP From comprehensive, value-added preconstruction services to conceptual estimating and scheduling to project closeout, MC Industrial uses sophisticated management systems to control every aspect of your project. The tools we use ensure that key project team members spend far less time completing paperwork for your project and more time out on the job site contributing to a quality project that exceeds your expectations. PlaNNiNg ExPERiENcE St. Louis Office Atlanta Office succEss 3117 Big Bend Blvd. 2100 RiverEdge Parkway, Suite 1010 St. Louis, MO 63143 Atlanta, GA 30328 ph: 314.646.4100 ph: 770.980.8183 fx: 314.646.4101 fx: 770.980.8363 safEty PROVEN
  11. 11. mc industrial 3117 Big Bend Blvd. st. louis, mO 63143 ph: 314.646.4100 fx: 314.646.4101