How To Trace A Landline Number


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If you are being called from a landline number, there are several ways you can determine where it originated. This can be particularly helpful if you are being harassed by a caller. Unfortunately, the free reverse lookup services available on the Internet are only beneficial if you have the number. Without that, how to trace a landline number can be a bit more challenging.

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How To Trace A Landline Number

  1. 1. How to Trace a Landline Number<br />This may be especially beneficial if you are being stressed by a caller. Without that, how to trace a landline number could be a bit more difficult. When this occurs, you want to contact the telephone company. One choice they may suggest is known as a Trap. Without both parts of the method, the trap will not work. <br />You may use Call Trace, which is a service thru your telephone company. Essentially , when you get a call you must trace, you hang up then instantly dial *57. <br />This signal causes the last call to be traced mechanically. Which will also mean calls coming from cell telephones may not be traceable in such a fashion either. <br />Getting a new number is frequently the only real way to stop actually annoying and hectoring calls. <br />To swiftly perform a reverse phone search, all you have to do is Click Here.<br />